TtMadrid Academic Director

My name is Héctor, and I am the Academic Director at TtMadrid. Together with the rest of the team, I’ll help guide you through the steps into becoming a fully fledged TEFL teacher!

As we have already mentioned, our course is very intensive so the team and I will be there to share the highs and lows, the laughter and the occasional tears as we work through each of the four weeks of the course. I appreciate that you’ll strive to do your best and at times feel overwhelmed with much of the information, particularly in the first week but your team of TEFL trainers, led by myself, are 100% committed to helping you succeed and carve out a life and a new career here in Madrid.

As a trainee on our TEFL program, you’ll get all the support you need both during the course and after. Your six teaching practices will be invaluable in allowing you to practice, reflect and grow as a teacher, ensuring that when you finish the course you feel confident and prepared. You will also receive unlimited support as we tackle the grammar sessions head on and get a good grasp on the present perfect and other grammatical terminology!!!

Apart from being academically challenging, the change of career, culture, and country all adds to the experience that you’ll get during and after the course. This is a hugely important and, for many of us life-changing experience, one that can test you, challenge you, but above all enlighten you, whether you’re an experienced teacher or entirely new to the world of ESL teaching in Madrid.

I look forward to meeting you on the course and watching you develop into a great teacher.

Héctor Martín Sampedro
Academic Director

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