Accommodation in Madrid

Information About Accommodation in Madrid

  • Housing with TtMadrid

    Accommodation in MadridWe take the headache out of finding accommodation in Madrid. We offer a limited amount of housing through TtMadrid and can also advise you on the best places to live and how to search for an apartment in the perfect area for you.

    We usually recommend finding some housing for the first two months of your stay – at least covering your time doing your TEFL course. Here’s why:

    1. – You don’t know Madrid—the different barrios around Madrid all have their own personality and you won’t know what you like until you experience them.
    2. – You probably don’t know anyone so you don’t know where your future best friend will live, or whether you could get a flat together!
    3. – You don’t know where you’ll be working. If you get a job in a school or company in the north of Madrid and your apartment is in the south, then your mornings will suck. Once you have your jobs in place, you can plan your ideal location accordingly.
    4. – You don’t want to move during the course. The four weeks are very intensive without moving house in the middle!

    How to find accommodation with TtMadrid

    Once you sign up for your TEFL course, Helen will put you in touch with our accommodation advisor who will send you all of our options.

  • Finding accommodation online

    For those who want to come here and find somewhere completely by themselves, we suggest the following websites:


    TtMadrid provides its own housing so we aren’t responsible for accommodation found through any of these sites. We are always here to support you with housing and have a housing advisor ( on hand to help guide you through your move – if you are not sure about what you have been offered then send it over and we can look into it for you!

    There are lots of scams around housing so please do follow our suggestions:

    • Never send money directly to bank accounts when using these websites, or in most cases before you see a flat, especially with Airbnb, which has become very popular with people arriving in Madrid.
    • Never send money to a bank account outside of Spain and also request identification if you are sending money to someone you have not met in person, or have met online.
    • If you’re booking through Airbnb, please ensure you pay through its online system and do not click links that you receive via email.

TtMadrid Housing Options

Host Families

We work with Spanish families that offer a room in their house for students to let (including half-board options). Your accommodation is basic but our students love the experience and are able to practice their Spanish and get to see how Spanish families really live!

You will be at our TEFL center all day and will have extensive homework so often having meals prepared during  the course helps to lighten the load a little. It’s not for everyone, however. If you are particular about having your own space and the kinds of food you can eat then you might be best looking at a shared flat option.

Host family accommodation (half board with breakfast and dinner included, as well as all bills) starts from €210 per week for a single bedroom.

Shared Flats

Our shared flats are near to the school and have been inspected by our housing advisor to ensure that it’s comfortable and suitable for our students.

They are perfect if you’re looking to live with your other classmates and are looking for a little more freedom.

Shared flats (all bills are included but no meals are included) start from €154 per week for a single room.

To find out more about our housing options and TEFL course, contact us.


Please note: For all external housing providers, TtMadrid is in no way responsible for any of the websites or programs listed herein and is not liable to cover any monies paid for accommodation with external providers, mentioned here or otherwise.