Advantages of living abroad for a year

If you’re thinking about living abroad or studying abroad then you’re probably excited and nervous about what you might face. It’s a big decision and if you have just arrived to Spain or are planning on moving abroad soon, then this post is for you. We have put together 5 advantages of living abroad for […]

TEFL Changed my life – Spencer Ross

Teaching English as a foreign language is a great way of exploring the world, meeting new people and improving your language skills. Read about how TEFL changed Spencer’s life! Name: Spencer Ross Nationality: American Studies: Marketing/Advertising Years in Madrid: 2 TtMadrid Course: August 2016 I worked in sales in the USA and, after having studied abroad a couple of […]

TEFL Changed my life – Nicky Vonk

Are you the adventurous type? Sitting on a desk for 8h every day is definitely not for everyone. Read about how the  TEFL course helped Nicky achieve the quality of life she always wanted! Name: Nicky Nationality: Dutch Studies: Degree in Hotel – and Event management Years in Madrid: 2 years TtMadrid Course: January 2016 […]

TEFL Changed my life- Dianne

The TEFL course is changing the lives of people from all around the globe! Now, we have Dianne who experienced a total life change after deciding to come over to Madrid to do  the TEFL. Name: Dianne Nationality: Connecticut, but grew up in Maryland, USA Studies: BA in English and a BS in Sociology/Criminal Justice, […]

TEFL Changed my life- Rory

Have you always dreamed of learning another language? Rory tells us how TEFL helped him fulfill his dreams of becoming fluent in another language. The TEFL course apart from qualifying you to teach it will help you fulfil all your dreams! Name: Rory Nationality: British Studies: Sociology and Psychology Years in Madrid: 4 TtMadrid Course: […]

TEFL Changed my life- Hector

Name: Hector Nationality: Spanish (Tenerife) Studies: Degree in Translation and Interpreting English. Master’s in Teaching Spanish and other modern languages as a Foreign Language Years in Madrid: 4 years TtMadrid Course: Hector is Director of Studies for TtMadrid     I worked for several years as a Spanish teacher before I found TtMadrid and the […]

TEFL Changed my life – Alinas Story

Name: Alina Nationality: Romanian Studies: Degree in Philology, English and Arabic and Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication Years in Madrid: 3  TtMadrid Course: September 2015 I was already teaching back home in Romania and I really wanted to take things to the next level, travel and explore other cultures and languages. I knew some Spanish […]

Can I teach Business English?

Many ESL teachers are interested in expanding the types of classes they give but are quickly disheartened with the idea to teach Business English or Finance English as they don’t feel like they know enough about the topic. However, speaking from our vast experience in the English language sector in Madrid, we at TtMadrid can […]

5 Books to cause wanderlust

If you’re counting the days until your next trip or looking for some inspiration about where to travel next, here we give you a list of fantastic books to cause wanderlust.   The Alchemist: This classic by Paulo Coelho tells the story of an Andalusian shepherd who starts a journey that leads him to the […]

Summer cinemas in Madrid

Not everyone gets the chance to go to the beach during the summer. Fortunately, the capital city of Spain offers lots of plans during this season for those who are staying. In this blog post, we will tell you about summer cinemas in Madrid, a great after work or weekend plan. Check them out! Cine […]