Discover the San Juan reservoir and enjoy Madrid’s beach this summer!

The temperatures in summer in Madrid can spiral to up over 100 degrees (40ºC), so it’s important to stay cool and find somewhere to get some shade or take a dip. Madrid may not be on the coast of Spain but there are plenty of places to escape the heat. San Juan  reservoir is located […]

How to go into your second year in Madrid like a boss

It comes as no surprise that the laid-back life of an English teacher in Madrid lures many people to want to stay for a second year. It’s even better the second time around: the nerves of being a new teacher, lesson planning, gaining rapport with your students and juggling teaching English while learning Spanish will […]

Four of the best restaurants in Chueca

Chueca is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Madrid, especially amongst the LBGT and LBGT-friendly community, and is renowned for its bars and clubs. World Pride Madrid 2017 starts on the June 23and will go on until the July 2. It will be a week filled with activities in which over 3 million people […]

Six things you can’t miss at Madrid’s World Pride Week 2017

The LGBT community is having its largest event of the year in Madrid: World Pride! World Pride 2017 will be celebrated in our city from June 23 to July 2 and is going to be a week to remember.  Below are 6 of the biggest events that you’ll not want to miss! Chueca Neighborhood We […]

Chueca: the heart of gay Madrid

Madrid welcomes World Pride 2017 this month, and right at the heart of this international fiesta will be the diverse neighborhood of Chueca. Here our trainer, Rory, shares his views of gay Madrid and recommends lots of places in Chueca to make any night out a memorable one! “I’ve had the luck of living in […]

The best bars in Chueca

On June 23, the World Pride festival kicks off in Madrid and since this neighborhood is the epicenter of gay-friendly Madrid, we’ve put together some of the best bars in Chueca you can find so that you celebrate in style. Room Mate Oscar Address: Plaza de Pedro Zerolo, 12 One of the trendiest and chic […]

A guide to the Camino de Santiago

You might have heard lots of people talking about doing the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Also known as St. James’s Way the ‘camino’ is the name of the routes that head towards the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. Many people follow the routes as a retreat for spiritual growth, but others do […]

BiciMAD: rates, how it works and everything else you need to know

Are you tired of taking the metro every day or being stuck in traffic? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! Have you ever heard of BiciMAD? Keep on reading to find out more! What is it? BiciMAD is a public transport system available in Madrid comprised of over 2000 electric bicycles. It is a […]

The best markets in Madrid

As the days get longer in Madrid, there’s nothing better than going for a walk in the city centre and visiting the markets that are scattered around the different neighborboods. Many of the markets in Madrid were traditional fresh food markets and have now been converted into swanky gastro markets. If you still haven’t visited […]

Where to go to get the best out of the Madrid Nightlife

Of all the cities that claim to never sleep, Madrid is up there among the best and most fiesta-driven of them. Madrid comes alive at night and has so many diverse “barrios” (neighborhoods) that it is sure to have something to cater to any and every taste! A classic heavy Spanish night out would consist […]