TEFL Changed my life- Hector

Name: Hector Nationality: Spanish (Tenerife) Studies: Degree in Translation and Interpreting English. Master’s in Teaching Spanish and other modern languages as a Foreign Language Years in Madrid: 4 years TtMadrid Course: Hector is Director of Studies for TtMadrid     I worked for several years as a Spanish teacher before I found TtMadrid and the […]

Can I teach Business English?

Many ESL teachers are interested in expanding the types of classes they give but are quickly disheartened with the idea to teach Business English or Finance English as they don’t feel like they know enough about the topic. However, speaking from our vast experience in the English language sector in Madrid, we at TtMadrid can […]

How to Prepare your ESL Students for the Cambridge Exams

Preparing your students for the English exam is becoming a common request among the TEFL circles in Spain and elsewhere. It seems like there are tons of exams, for all ages and levels and learning how to prepare ESL Students for the Cambridge Exams can be quite daunting. Whether it’s First Certificate, Young Learners or […]

The challenges of teaching English as a foreign language

Teaching English is certainly a challenging and thoroughly rewarding experience, and one in which personal development takes place inside and outside of the classroom. From interpersonal skills through to organizational abilities, TEFL teaching requires so much more than just being able to speak English. Here we discuss some of the difficult elements of teaching English […]

Playing ESL games in serious business settings

Teaching English as a foreign language at the highest level of business is often a daunting experience, especially when it comes to taking serious business professionals out of their comfort zone. You may have never stepped foot into a business environment in your life. The first class often includes hurrying into a stuffy business room […]

ESL Teacher Starter Kit

Have you recently started working as an ESL teacher or planning on getting started soon? Don’t worry! We are here to make sure you have everything you need to start off on the right foot! Download Your FREE Ultimate Guide to Teaching Business English Skills HERE A watch: it is very important to keep track […]

Impromptu Games for the ESL Classroom

We have all been in the situation as an ESL teacher where your perfectly planned material seems to run out quicker than expected. So what do we do when we have extra time in the ESL classroom? Whether it is 10 minutes or 60, these impromptu games are sure to get your students talking and […]

Ongoing Professional Development is a Must for ESL Teachers!

While your TEFL course is excellent preparation when starting your career as an English teacher, many of the concepts you were introduced to during your program will require further study and practice before you fully master them. While you may think it’s enough to be getting first-hand experience teaching classes, ongoing professional development is necessary […]

Phrasal verbs: help your students PICK them UP quickly!

One of the most dreaded topics for English learners is phrasal verbs. Why are they so afraid of them if we use them so much in our daily life? The answer is simple, their meaning isn’t always literal. For example, with verbs like ‘get up’, you can guess the direction and the type of the […]

Requirements for a student visa in Spain

If you plan on studying abroad, you need to make sure that the visa you choose is the correct one. This blog is aimed at Americans looking to study in Spain, and the visa that most fits this profile is the student visa. The student visa is for foreigners undertaking studies, research, training, student mobility, […]