TtMadrid Grad: “The perfect way to correct students’ errors”

TtMadrid’s method includes Error and Correction but in practice, after the course is over, do you sometimes find correction difficult to implement during classes? Do you feel like it can ruin the flow of conversation? Or simply don’t correct enough? Our grad, Christine Stallone, offers some top advice on the perfect way to correct students’ errors. […]

Five Fabulous ESL Websites to Help Inspire your Next Class

As an ESL teacher we spend a LOT of time scouring the web for resources. As many of you know, finding good (AND FREE) materials online is like finding a polar bear in a snow storm, ridiculously time consuming and nearly impossible. Personally I’ve wasted countless hours looking for worksheets, activities etc. only to come […]

How to Motivate Your Students to Write in English

It seems to be a common theme (especially teaching English in Spain) that students want to run before they can walk. Practically every student I have met always wanted to start speaking before learning how to read, write or listen in English. I can definitely understand the intention, but our students usually underestimate how much they really […]

Step Out of the ESL Classroom and Sneak Grammar into Your Off-site Class

Spring is here and your ESL students are thinking more about enjoying the good weather than that fill in the gap you spent ages preparing. This time of year is when you need to be more creative and keep the students engaged and motivated by switching it up and subtly sneaking grammar into some fun activities out of the classroom. Here […]

Eight Rock Solid Activities that Boost Comprehension

How often have you found yourself in class, feeling that both you and your students are getting a serious case of déjà vu from the repetition of the same old comprehension activities? Rather than always sticking to your one or two go-to exercises, in teaching it’s always the goal to keep your activities fresh and, […]

Bringing Theatre into the Classroom

So, you’ve been teaching your current students for nearly a year now. You’ve gone through board games, dice games, card games… and more dice games. As a teacher, you feel you’ve exhausted your fun activities and your students are a bit… shall we say, wise, to your bag of tricks. You want to finish off […]

How to Teach High Level ESL Students

It’s great when your students can maintain a conversation and talk about the same topic for hours but what do you think your students need when their level is so high? Download Your FREE Ultimate Guide to Teaching Business English Skills HERE Why is teaching high level ESL students challenging even for experienced teachers? The first challenge comes […]

Are You a Wondtacular Teacher?

Every so often that one special, ‘wondtacular’ teacher comes along. We all remember the person that motivated us to excel in even the most difficult of subjects.  These teachers go above and beyond the curriculum and textbooks to really engage their students and make a real difference. Think you’re one of them? Teaching English as […]

How to Prepare for Your First Day of Class

You’ve been hired as an ESL teacher (congrats!) and now the time has come to put your skills to the test. What will your new students be like and, more importantly, how are you going to prepare for your first day of class? Don’t fret! We have some solid advice to make sure you’re first day […]

Virtual tools to flip a classroom

In our latest post we spoke about how to flip a classroom . Here you will find some tools and examples to make this task easier and a lot of fun! Create Virtual Walls Padlet & Murally: Virtual walls that allow people to build up content on a common topic. It’s like an online canvas with […]