TEFL Changed my life- Dianne

The TEFL course is changing the lives of people from all around the globe! Now, we have Dianne who experienced a total life change after deciding to come over to Madrid to do  the TEFL. Name: Dianne Nationality: Connecticut, but grew up in Maryland, USA Studies: BA in English and a BS in Sociology/Criminal Justice, […]

TEFL Changed my life- Rory

Have you always dreamed of learning another language? Rory tells us how TEFL helped him fulfill his dreams of becoming fluent in another language. The TEFL course apart from qualifying you to teach it will help you fulfil all your dreams! Name: Rory Nationality: British Studies: Sociology and Psychology Years in Madrid: 4 TtMadrid Course: […]

TEFL Changed my life- Hector

Name: Hector Nationality: Spanish (Tenerife) Studies: Degree in Translation and Interpreting English. Master’s in Teaching Spanish and other modern languages as a Foreign Language Years in Madrid: 4 years TtMadrid Course: Hector is Director of Studies for TtMadrid     I worked for several years as a Spanish teacher before I found TtMadrid and the […]

TEFL Changed my life – Alinas Story

Name: Alina Nationality: Romanian Studies: Degree in Philology, English and Arabic and Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication Years in Madrid: 3  TtMadrid Course: September 2015 I was already teaching back home in Romania and I really wanted to take things to the next level, travel and explore other cultures and languages. I knew some Spanish […]

Five reasons to begin an adventure abroad in 2019

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to live an adventure and experience new things, then moving abroad could be the perfect solution! Is there anything better than getting to know other cultures? Travel? Meet new people? Learn new languages? In this blog post we’ll give you 5 reasons why 2019 should be the […]

How to be the top candidate for any ESL teacher position

What exactly are employers looking for in an ESL teacher? We asked our star trainer Rory, who has spent years teaching English in Madrid and has been head teacher of academies here in the capital, to give us an insider look at what employers are really looking for in an English teacher. Also, check out […]

How to write a resume that’ll guarantee you get the job!

Writing a resume/CV is never an easy task but it can be tough to know if you’re on the right track. Should I put this information? Should I take this out? What goes first? To help you write a resume we have come up with some tips that will make your life easier when it […]

TEFL Summer Camp Jobs in Spain

About 3 years ago I accepted a wonderful position as the head English Teacher at a sleep away summer camp for 8 weeks in the mountains outside of Burgos, Spain. It was a lot of hard work and long hours but the summer of fun, memories, adventures and a solid tan more than made up […]

Teach English as a non-native speaker

If you’re a non-native speaker of English looking for a career change or would like to travel and work anywhere in the world, a TEFL Certificate could be the answer. With a rise in the learning of English as a foreign language, the number of non-natives becoming qualified in TEFL has also risen. TtMadrid has […]

How to stand out from the crowd as a TEFL teacher

Are you ready to get more high-quality TEFL classes and start building a name for yourself? Most TEFL teachers want to know the best ways to increase their timetable and make it more efficient but just don’t know how. TtMadrid’s owner, Natasha Mason, has a few words for all those teachers looking to get ahead […]