Who takes a TEFL course?

If you’re interested in completing a TEFL course to be able to travel abroad to teach English as a second language, you might be wondering ‘Who takes a TEFL course?‘ All kinds of people, is the short answer. We’ve seen a huge range of people walk in through our doors. This includes people anywhere from 18 to 72 […]

7 Tips for nailing a TEFL Interview

Attending an interview for a teaching job in the TEFL market is often a shock to graduates who have recently completed their TEFL certificate course. In many countries where the market is very buoyant, you can often wonder when the TEFL interview is going to start and they are already offering you hours. This was […]

How to sell yourself

How to sell yourself as a TEFL teacher in Spain Have you ever wondered how to get more high quality TEFL classes and start building a name for yourself? I think we’ve all been there; thinking and thinking some more about what to do to increase our timetable and fill in those gaps that sometimes […]

I’m already TEFL certified and want to teach in Madrid… BUT HOW?

I’m already TEFL certified and want to teach in Madrid… BUT HOW? Many get TEFL or CELTA certified outside the country they would like to teach/live in. This is NO problem! If you do not carry an EU passport you are still able to teach, live and travel in Spain. Can I get a work […]

Tips for a Successful TEFL interview

On the last day of the course you’ll go through a mock TEFL interview to get you ready for the real world as a newly certified English teacher. Woohoo! The interview lasts about 7 minutes and to help you improve you’ll get immediate feedback. The interview is part of your final grade. These are 3 […]