Most memorable experiences as Director Of Studies

Since becoming Director of Studies in October 2013, there have been so many fun, hilarious, crazy, incredibly satisfying and unforgettable moments. Although I deliver the same course every month, the different individuals who walk through our door on day 1 of every course ensure that no two courses ever feel identical. After almost 18 months […]

Who is waiting for you at TtMadrid?

Who is waiting for you at TtMadrid? 2014 was a year of growth here at TtMadrid in every single aspect of the word. Another year brings new objectives, more experience, new anecdotes and memories. You, as a trainee, see in TtMadrid the opportunity to broaden your horizons and become certified English teachers. In order to […]

Non-native and TEFL, yes!

How difficult could it be? What should you expect if you are a non-native English speaker doing a TEFL course at TtMadrid? Being the only person whose mother language is not English in a course  of 19 it was quite intimidating at first, but with all the support and encouragement from my TtMadrid trainers, I […]


I’m Helen, the TEFL Program Manager at TtMadrid. My job is to answer enquiries from people who are interested in teaching English in Madrid. Below is a list of the questions I most frequently get asked..I’ve kept it brief, though I could have written a book!  Working abroad is a big step and people tend […]

TtMadrid’s TEFL course: Days 17-20 (And DONE!!)

So excited to be almost done with the TEFL course!! Day 17 Lots of grammar review today, but I needed it because the accreditation company wants us to be able to not only identify verb tenses, but to give definitions of them. The definitions parts I’m having trouble with because some are really close. I […]

TtMadrid’s TEFL course: Days 14-16

I’m learning so much at TtMadrid!! Day 14 Today was the first class I had to teach without any prior materials given to me; it was all original stuff that I found and created for my lesson. Overall it went well but as soon as I started the listening I could see from my student’s […]

TtMadrid’s TEFL course: Days 11-13

I can’t believe we’re already on Week 3 od TtMadrid’s TEFL course! Day 11 I had my second teaching lesson today and taught a C1 class. It went really well and I’m happy with the feedback. I have two more teaching lessons this week, one of which has a rough outline and the other I […]

TtMadrid’s TEFL course: Days 9-10

Almost half way through TtMadrid’s TEFL course 🙂 Day 9 I wasn’t sure what to expect from Phonetics class, but it’s just clicking and I’m loving it! It’s like a puzzle…or using a different part of the brain…? Anyway, I don’t have it down after just two classes, but it’s so far been coming pretty […]

TtMadrid’s TEFL course: Days 4-6

The TEFL course continues… Day 4: Things are clicking into place. It´s becoming more obvious where my fellow students and I have strengths and weaknesses. I feel really comfortable with the grammar classes (well, so far. I shouldn´t get over-confident). We’re putting into practice the method (theory) by reviewing the classes we’ve just had and […]