TtMadrid’s TEFL course: Days 1-3

I’ve started the 4-week intensive TEFL course at TtMadrid and will be sharing my daily reflections. Feel free to ask any questions – or if you’ve completed the course, any advice! Day 1 So. Much. Information. I think it took about an hour for my head not to feel so numb. But, that normally happens […]

Meet Our TEFL Teacher, Jon!

Jon George, originally from San Francisco, U.S.A., is our newly graduated TEFL teacher from the course in August 2012, has found a special niche for himself in Madrid. His ‘Madrid’ story begins with his desire to create an adventure. After college the traditional 9 to 5 schedule was of little interest to him, he valued his […]

Meet Our TEFL Teacher of the Month, Carolina!

Meet our TEFL teacher Carolina! Carolina is originally from Canterbury Kent in England and she completed her TEFL certification August 2012 course after being inspired by her cousin, who came to Madrid to teach English and had an amazing experience.  She was looking for the opportunity she hadn’t taken advantage of in university, to live […]

Day 4 TEFL Course

Day 4 TEFL course is a great day as the trainees get their first UNL class.  The Unknown Natural Language element of the course is for the trainees to understand what it is like to be an absolute beginner, how it feels and to see the methodology in practice. When I do the interviews for […]

Day 3 – TEFL Course

Day 3 in the TEFL course and it was time to do my display in class.  Business English has always been my specialty but over the years I have gained extensive experience teaching elementary groups.   They are a really rewarding level to teach and you see real progress every class. The hardest part about teaching this level […]

Day 2 – TEFL Course

Day 2 is the day it dawns on our trainees that the ‘intensive’ bit we put in front of the name of our TEFL course, might actually mean ‘intensive’. The January group have really bonded and whilst there are only 2 guys on the course, they are certainly holding their own.  They go out for […]

TEFL Course

On day one of the TEFL course, we jump straight in.  We have only 4 short weeks and there isn’t a minute to lose. The Director of Studies kicks off the day with a fun warmer (2 truths and a lie) which gives you some very funny insights to your new classmates and help get […]