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Teaching grammar is essential in ESL but is not always the most exciting for students. The TtMadrid team always has at least one trainer that is absolutely in love with grammar, but even they have found that trying to get their students to enjoy it as much as they do is no walk in the park. For us teachers, finding fun and engaging ways of teaching grammar can be difficult, because let’s be honest, no one enjoys endless drilling and worksheets. Here are top 5 ESL activities to teach grammar that will help you transform ‘’monotonous grammar’’ into ‘’enjoyable grammar’’.


Activities to teach grammarWe are living in the era of mobile phones so take advantage of the wide variety of apps and websites that are out there and introduce them in the classroom. Kahoot is an amazing app that can be adapted and changed depending on the topic, level and age of the students. It can easily be used for assessment, revisions or short quizzes and can be played either individually or in pairs/ groups.

The competitive aspect of the game will get the students really engaged and it is a great tool to easily increase the student talk time if the teacher decides to pair or group the students up. Kahoot is extremely helpful for both teachers and students as they can easily spot areas that need more revision.

This is their official website and here’s our example of a Kahoot quiz.

Musical chairs

Nothing increases energy in the ESL classroom better than music and dancing, and musical chairs is the perfect excuse to get your students out of their seats. Just arrange the seats in a circle, place cards on the seats depending on the grammar concept that you want to teach, play a song (this is a super funny one) and stop it whenever you want. The students have to sit down and follow the instructions given by the teacher.

You can use this for tense revision, placing cards with tenses on the chairs and having the students make a sentence using the tense they sat on, or even the other way around, having sentences on the chairs and getting the students to identify the tense they sat on.

It can also be used for modal verbs, having functions on the chairs and giving the students cards with modal verbs. They will have to sit down on the function that matches their modal verb and then make a sentence with it.

Songs and movies

Teaching English onlineAs we’ve already mentioned, everyone likes music It can set the mood in the ESL classroom and it also helps the students have a better understanding of the culture. Chose a song depending on what you want to teach, it can be vocabulary, grammar or even phonology and play a part of it in class. Your students’ energy will increase in seconds. There’s another popular activity that combines grammar and listening activities. Get a song’s lyrics and remove words that relate to your class’ topic. Play the song and make students fill in the blanks as they listen.

Same goes for movies. This is a great idea for homework as well, if you encourage your students to watch a movie or an episode over the weekend and then write a summary or even have a debate in class about it. It’s a great way to practice vocab, grammar and it also helps your students improve their pronunciation and listening skills.

Hot potato

This is a great activity to play in the ESL classroom, especially since students tend to like standing up and moving around. Have your students sit in a circle, set a category depending on what you want to teach and throw a ‘’hot potato’’ to one of them. The student will give the answer and then they will throw the ‘’hot potato’’ to another one and so on. This is great for a revision or even as a practice activity, so categories can go from past simple regular and irregular verbs to modal verbs or even perfect continuous tenses. You can also have the student use the words in a sentence and time the activity for higher levels.

Celebrity game

5 ESL activities to teach grammar

Everyone has at least one favorite actor, actress or singer so why not introduce them in the ESL classroom? This can be a writing activity, individually or in pairs, or even in speaking. Grammar concepts can be adjectives (comparatives and superlatives) or tenses such as past simple, present perfect or even a comparison of these two. You can have the students write a celebrity profile as a writing activity, act out a press conference or play a ‘‘who am I’’ type of game as speaking activities.

Going from worksheets and books to engaging activities is something that us ESL teachers should try to work on more, especially because this is something that students here in Spain absolutely love and are not very used to. The majority of the Spanish students simply want to be able to communicate in English, but we all know how important grammar is, so what better way to sneakily practice it and make ESL classes more interesting and fun?

Let us know if you have your own tips and tricks on how to teach grammar. Also follow us on Facebook and Instagram not to miss our next teaching blog!

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Teaching English in Madrid: 2020 and Coronavirus Wed, 26 Aug 2020 10:29:58 +0000 The post Teaching English in Madrid: 2020 and Coronavirus appeared first on TtMadrid.


In March 2020 the world changed in a heartbeat. COVID-19 went from being a faraway health emergency on the news to affecting each and every one of us directly in our day-to-day lives.

At TtMadrid, we’ve been the leading TEFL program in Spain for over 15 years now and lived through financial recessions, political upheaval and seen thousands of students come through our doors to live and work in Spain from other countries. None of this prepared us for 2020.

Here we give you a quick glimpse into what this period has been like for us and the current situation in the Spanish capital.

Lockdown in Madrid

We had a TEFL course in full swing when Spain called a State of Emergency and locked the country down. In the week before the lockdown, we had become extremely concerned by the rising number of cases and deaths around Europe and, even though it was going to be extremely complicated, we knew that the safety of our students and staff was our first priority and that we wanted to restrict the face-to-face contact within the course as soon as possible. We took the course online and our students were amazing – they finished their four weeks of theory and teaching practices with big smiles and tons of patience. Being able to keep it going and having day-to-day contact with the students really made lockdown bearable in those first few weeks.

We started to plan our next courses online – luckily in the last 12 months we have been working on digitizing our accredited TEFL course to reduce our carbon footprint, so it was quite straight forward once we found the right online platform to be able to give teaching practices and inputs (our theoretical content taught by our experienced trainers) and offer the same face-to-face attention.

Our team was confined to their houses and spent hours working to make sure the course was polished and perfectly adapted to an online format, while keeping it very ‘TtMadrid’. The students were amazing, the staff were amazing and the course had its hallmark spark and extra bit of love.

We had a few tears as our graduation became an online Zoom party, our teaching practice support sessions were via email and phone and we desperately missed the celebratory hugs and glasses of Cava that we enjoy before our end of course dinner. We settled in for the long-haul online throughout the courses of Spring of 2020 and waited for news of when we’d be able to see everyone in person again.

Teaching English during Summer 2020

Teaching inglish in Madrid summer 2020We welcome most of our students over the summer and fall months and we were keen to make sure everything was safe and prepared for our Summer 2020 courses. Spain officially opened back up in June and we slowly brought the TEFL center back to life, with protocols in place to make sure our cleaning rituals were tip-top and we incorporated social distancing into our teaching practices and day-to-day activities.

We started welcoming our old students to come in and see us to organize their visa renewal paperwork. The school started to slowly feel like before.

Our course started in August and we have lots of safety protocols and adjustments we’ve made to the course. The TEFL theory previously covered online teaching and materials as part of the wider context of teaching but we’ve expanded and extended the content for teaching online, including specifically training our students in online classes for kids, one of the biggest markets for ESL teachers to work in right now. We also changed our teaching practices to include observed online teaching practices with real students, and included an option to complete teaching practices with kids online.

Museo de América

Life in Spain right now

Life in Spain hasn’t changed much from before. We are still able to sit and relax on one of Madrid’s many terraces, wander around the shady streets and watch dreamy sunsets. We are now required to wear masks everywhere in public, yes… and there’s hand sanitizer absolutely everywhere, but in general, life is pretty similar to what it was before.

The cultural offering of a capital city like Madrid continues to be second to none. Theatres are slowly finding ways to open up and museums are reducing capacity to allow social distancing to take place while you enjoy exhibitions.

New academic year 2020 – teaching English in Madrid

We’re seeing a lot of English academies that have been able to get through lockdown by doing classes online and with the reduction in the number of teachers staying in the English teaching market here in Madrid, we’re expecting our students to have tons of opportunities to work in the new academic year. With a recession thought to be on the way, English classes are a sure investment for Spanish people who are looking to use their time to skill up, so even though it seems like Spain might be about to head into an uncertain economic situation, we’ve found that English classes tend to buck a lot of these trends.
What happens if we have another lock down?

Obviously, nothing is certain right now! A nation-wide lock down is reported to be unlikely, and if there is a rise in cases it would affect Spain at a regional level. If any regions did go into lock down, it wouldn’t catch people by surprise, unlike in March, and most academies and schools are preparing to go online if lock downs do happen. Obviously, any lock down is not how you’d want to spend your time, but it shouldn’t be something that stops you from experiencing Spain in the longer term and isn’t expected to affect your ability to live and work here.

We’re back and excited to start the new academic year, so check out our course dates for 2020-2021 and start your adventure in Madrid and teach English.

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Madrid Summer Plans 2020 Thu, 13 Aug 2020 10:29:16 +0000 With Madrid getting a hang of the New Normal, there are a lot of activities happening in the city over...

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With Madrid getting a hang of the New Normal, there are a lot of activities happening in the city over the summer so that we can get back to enjoying what Madrid does best: culture. We’ve prepared some of the best so that you can make the best out of your Madrid Summer Plans!

Free activities

Las Perseidas, the most spectacular meteor shower

Although summer nights in Madrid will become special for the next two months with Las Perseidas, meteor shower, the key nights to see them will be August 11 to 13 right after the sun goes down, when up to 200 meteors can be seen per hour.

The meteor shower will be visible from all over Spain. Experts recommend that in order to enjoy it in large towns, such as Madrid, you have to find a dimly lit place where you have a clear view of the night sky. Our personal favourite might be Dehesa de la Villa or the Siete Tetas park, in Vallecas (metro Buenos Aires or bus route 143 if you leave close to the school).

 If you would like to attend some activities to observe Las Perseidas and to learn to recognize the main stars and constellations of the Summer sky, take a look at what AstroAfición is planning.

Guided tours in Alcalá de Henares until September 27

Alcalá de Henares is a well-known tourism destination and is most famous for being the birth city of Cervantes. “El Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes” recreates the period when Miguel de Cervantes was born.

This guided tours, courtesy of the Ayuntamiento de Alcalá de Henares, will take place from Tuesday to Sunday and will last for one hour. You’ll be able to choose from different routes. Get more information and reserve your spot in advance.

Aperitivos Thyssen 2020 until September 26

If you love concerts, these free open-air concerts are a great opportunity to enjoy them on the emblematic summer terrace of the Thyssen Museum. The entrance will be free until full capacity is reached and will take place on Saturdays at 1.00 pm. with doors opening from 12.00 pm. Check the schedules, dates and more detailed information here.


If all previous free entry activities were not enough… Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some of Madrid’s historical heritage and enjoy free entrance until August 31! We do advise to check the museums’ safety protocols just in case.

Museo de América

The collection consists of more than 25,000 artistic, archaeological and ethnographic objects from the whole Americas, ranging from the Paleolithic period to the present day.   You can visit from Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 to 15.00, Thursdays from 9.30 to 19.00 and Sunday and holidays from 10.00 to 15.00. Get your free tickets here until August 31!

Museo Sorolla

Museo SorollaThe Museo Sorolla is an incredible opportunity to see not only the paintings of the Valencian artist, Joanquín Sorolla, but also his house, garden and workshop, as the beautiful building was originally the artist’s house. An immersion in the daily life of an artist like Sorolla is definitely one not to miss. The timings are Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 to 20.00, and Sundays from 10.00 to 15.00. Get your free tickets here until August 30!

Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Museo ArqueológicoThis museum is definitely a must! It contains one of the most important antique collections in the world and the best part is that you can easily reach it from our school because it is located in the same neighbourhood. The museum opens Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 to 20.00 and on Sunday and public holidays from 9.30 to 15.00. Get your free tickets here until August 30!

Pro Tip: The museum has its own app where you can download free audio guides with pre-arranged routes.

Museo Cerralbo

Museo CerralboGo back in time visiting the Cerralbo Museum in Madrid. Paintings of historical figures, beautiful jewellery and decor recreate what it would have been like during the 19th-century, specifically how the aristocracy lived. You can visit from Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 to 15.00, Thursday from 17.00 to 20.00, Sunday and holidays from 10.00 to 15.00. Get your free tickets here until August 31!

Follow this link to get more information about museums in Madrid!

Paid entry activities

Tutankhamón exposition: The tomb and its treasures at Madrid IFEMA until November 2th

Tutankamón Exposition IFEMAThis exposition offers the opportunity to find out about the world of the archaeology of classical Egypt in the XXI century. You’ll see more than 1000 pieces demonstrating the great wealth, like gold masks, models, coffins, and much more. The exposition is open on Thursday and Friday from 11 to 14.40 and from 16.20 to 20.00. Saturday, Sunday and holidays schedule is from 10.00 to 14.30 and from 16.00 to 21.30. Get your tickets for €16.50 here.

Madriz Summer Fest from August 15 to September 15

One of the only large-scale music events happening in Madrid this summer, it will be held at the WiZink Center and 17 artists and groups will participate. Get more information about the artists and your tickets starting from €18.00 here.

The Felipe II Train: Touristic train that connects Madrid and El Escorial

If you consider yourself a huge fan of historical reenactments, this tour will blow your mind with a memorable experience full of culture and spirit. You’ll fill like you’re being transported back in time and reliving historical moments.

The setting of its carriages is unique and onboard you will find staff dressed as old court figures from the time of Felipe II. They will introduce you to the environment of the empire where the sun never set. All aboard!

The train is active every weekend and holidays at 10.20 and comes back from El Escorial Station at 16.52 and 18.24. You can choose from different packages from €20 here.

Do you want to recommend us more Madrid Summer plans? Get in touch with us at or leave a comment on our Facebook or Instagram.

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How TtMadrid will set you up to teach English online Thu, 06 Aug 2020 11:26:46 +0000 Online learning has positively changed the TEFL market post COVID 19 and it seems like this trend is here to...

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Online learning has positively changed the TEFL market post COVID 19 and it seems like this trend is here to stay.  Online learning is convenient for students and gives teachers the ability to access to students from across the world and they can literally teach from anywhere! Many teachers first begin teaching English precisely because they are interested in traveling. Often, this also means you´ll be able to set your schedule and the type of classes you want to teach. Of course, there are major differences between online learning and face-to-face learning; however, our TEFL course has considered all of this in order to make sure teachers who graduate from our program are fully prepared and confident to teach both ways.


Real World Experience

Without a doubt, the best and most important part of the course is the 6 teaching practices trainees are required to complete. These lessons are 55 minutes each and are taught to real language learners; young learners or adults, general or business English, one to one or group classes, it all depends on your preferences and interests.

We prepare you to create and execute your own dynamic materials– from textbooks, by providing topics, and finally, based on whatever most interests you. We encourage you to teach a grammar class, a vocabulary class, and even a phonetics class within your 6 lessons so that you have as much experience as possible at applying all types of learning content online.

You also get the chance to observe an additional 6 classes of teaching practices. This means that you´ll learn from your peers (and them from you) as you encounter new challenges together. This is an essential aspect of the teaching practices as it leaves you with an even better understanding of how classes will be.

We know from experience that the first class is always the hardest one, but we are always here and ready to make the lives of our trainees easier. Before you start teaching your own classes we always want to make sure that you are ready and feeling confident using online platforms, this is why we schedule a 15 minutes individual session with all trainees, play around with all the features and practice sharing screens and materials, getting the students connected, mic on/off and camera on/off.


Teaching Kids

With schools closed around the world and limited access to camps and other activities, we realize that a significant portion of the market for teaching online is dedicated towards young learners.  We´ve broken down our kids classes to best reflect the market, offering the option to teach Teens (13-18), Upper Primary (8-12) and Little Kids (5-8).

We´ve also made sure that each of the inputs we cover includes all the necessary changes for a young learners class. This includes learning about exams for young learners, classroom management, teaching skills, soft skills, example lessons with kids and teens in addition to our lessons, which are entirely dedicated to kids.

Adapted Material

We are constantly making sure that the content of our course is as reflective of the current teaching world as possible and that it is effective when it comes to preparing our trainees for both in-person and online English classes. This is why we constantly adapt it and update it. We provide a complete digital library for our students to use and take into consideration all types of circumstances you might be put into while teaching and how best to address them. We also prepare you for interviews online, including CV revision and preparation for how the job application process goes with major companies.


Keeping it Fun

Finally, what has always been extremely important to us is making sure that any type of learning experience you have at our school is positive, engaging and fun. We believe that when our teachers have an amazing experience during the course, they are more likely to be excellent as teachers. This is why we are constantly trying to bring smiles and fun to the class. Availability and support is also an extremely important aspect of the course, this is why we are available for support sessions every day, before or after class starts. Our goal is to make sure you are having the best journey into the ESL market ever and we are constantly giving our best to help you become the best teacher you can be.

If you want to chat about the current TEFL job market and your options, get in touch with our TEFL Program Manager Helen ( She’s our own know-it-all about all things TEFL and will be able to help you decide if the course or just teaching English, in general, is for you.

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The New Normal in Madrid Thu, 23 Jul 2020 10:27:57 +0000 At long last, Madrid has re-opened and what we now call “La Nueva Normalidad” (the New Normal) has taken full...

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At long last, Madrid has re-opened and what we now call “La Nueva Normalidad” (the New Normal) has taken full effect in Spain’s capital city.  But how does the so-called new normal in Madrid compare to the… old normal? Let’s take a look.

Going Out

It’s been said that Madrid has an overall buzz which can be enjoyed by anyone who cares to take to the streets and soak up the city, not associated with any particular world famous monument, castle or palace (though of course we also have all of these things). Though perhaps difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of such energy, certainly the first searching ground would be anywhere at all with nice food, nice wine and people having a great time with family and friends – i.e in the bars, restaurants and numerous terraces which populate every neighborhood. Luckily we have enjoyed the return of all of these places and once again can clink glasses with amigos in cleaner and more spaced out versions of all our favorite establishments.

To the untrained eye, and certainly to those unfamiliar with Madrid and the typical layout of Spanish bars, it would almost seem like nothing has changed. However important precautions have been taken into consideration.  For instance, gone are the days when throngs of strangers push so closely together that their beers spill on each other and the tiny space next to you has been inhabited by a family of five.  Instead, people are spaced out and between tables, you must maintain the minimum distance and wear a mask whenever you’re moving around.  Moreover, outdoor options and additional alternative seating have grown in popularity, which honestly we’re a huge fan of a quite happy that our favourite bars now have even more outside space!  Finally, the food items, formerly perched, exposed and unidentified atop uncovered bar space are no longer permanent fixtures, but rather are guarded away safe and sound to be consumed upon order.

Cultural Activities 

Beyond the beckon of sunlit terraces and cañas, the best of Madrid summers are its cultural offerings.  Madrid is a city that, even in its “darkest” winter months (spoiler: there aren’t really dark days or winter months here), Madrid has a social calendar of art, music, theater and cinema so extensive that no mere mortal could think to attend it all.  But in summer, the list of organized events and activities is enough to leave you wondering why anyone would prefer to be at the beach.

Once again, in the “new normal” these exciting events look very much the same as before, offering all the same quality options with minimal, but important changes to keep them safe.  Most summer events during typical summers are held outside in Madrid to maximise time enjoying the cooler summer evenings so the summer plans here in the capital have been able to open as usual (except with some extra safety protocols and compulsory use of face coverings) – for example, the outdoor cinemas have started again with gusto.

The biggest indoor attraction, rain or shine, remains Madrid’s unending list of museums and specialist exhibitions. Now might be the best time to visit as most of the museums are free at least until August.  Beyond the call of unlimited air conditioning, Madrid’s museums are home to some of the world’s most treasured art pieces. Usually, a tourist looking to visit any one of the top three Golden Triangle museums is looking to pay a fairly steep entrance fee, and/or wait in an undesirably long line to get in.  However, now that forum capacities have been reduced and the necessity to reserve tickets online in advance, most of the city’s museums are offering entrance at reduced prices, or even completely free of charge.  Great news! Of course, masks are required inside and social distancing is observed not just within the museum but in each individual room to prevent crowding and ensure safety.

And Finally, Parks!

Retiro Park in The New Normal in MadridNeed I say more?  Madrid has the largest amount of park space of any city in Europe, and dang, it shows.  There has arguably never been a better time to spend your day stretched across a picnic blanket reading a book and enjoying a “bocadillo” (small sandwich). Did someone say BYOB in the Spanish sun?!

The parks in Madrid are not only numerous, but they are generally also enormous.  Meaning that even with the continued popularity of biking, jogging, outdoor yoga and of course, the aforementioned sprawling on blankets, there is plenty of room for everyone who wants to comfortably enjoy.  Masks are worn approaching the park, and of course can be kept on as preferred but aren’t really needed as people are so easily able to keep their distance.  The bathrooms and various food stands remain open and are cleaner than ever.


Learning and Growing 

The COVID crisis was felt all over the world, and it’s impossible not to recognize that the on-going effects will continue to impact our lives into the foreseeable future. We’ve seen Madrid come back to life bigger and better (and far cleaner!) than ever. While it’s crucial for us to keep socially distancing and following guidelines for wearing masks, we are able to live and breathe the energy that makes Madrid such a special place.

TtMadrid and COVID-19 – our protocols

After moving our course online during the peak of the crisis here in Spain, we’re back with our in-person courses at our centre in Madrid. We’re following strict protocols to ensure that our staff and students are protected and are safe at all times.

On entering the school:

  • Avoid using the elevator in the building
  • Avoid using the handrails
  • Wear a face covering at all times in the public areas and upon entering the school
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided on entering the school

While at the school:

  • Wear a face covering at all times in communal areas
  • Maintain the minimum safety distance between you and other students and staff
  • Avoid sitting in communal areas; if you do, maintain the minimum safety distance
  • Use the signals on the floor to move around the school safely
  • Only use the kitchen for hot or cold water and use hand sanitizer or wash your hands before touching any surfaces
  • Bring your own bottle or cup to use while at the school
  • Bathrooms are to be used only in cases of emergencies
  • Before entering the classroom, please use hand sanitizer

In the classroom:

  • Face coverings are mandatory in the classroom
  • TtMadrid has provided the recommended safety distance between students, and for the teacher to be able to move around the board
  • Students should not move around the classroom once the class has started
  • Students should not move their chairs or desks once seated
  • Students should not share materials with classmates

Do you have any questions about the New Normal in Madrid? Let us know on our Facebook page where you can also see the latest updates on life in Madrid.

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Is the future of teaching English online? Tue, 05 May 2020 13:05:05 +0000 In a lot of countries, quarantine has been going on for about a month and we’re not exactly sure if...

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In a lot of countries, quarantine has been going on for about a month and we’re not exactly sure if it ends in a few weeks or we’ll have to stay put for longer. At the same time, life doesn’t stop and a lot of schools and universities have already transferred all their activity online.

Online education in a world that’s shying away from physical contact and in-person classroom-based learning is, without a doubt, going to boom in the next few months. This might be the ideal moment to start teaching English online and here’s why:

  • Demand for English Teachers is still as high as ever and during times of financial crisis, learning a language is something people find real value in.
  • With high-quality online classes, the benefits of the courses in-person will no longer outweigh the convenience of their online counterparts. As students are thrust into online learning, they’ll begin to get used to it and see that it does have its advantages. If some other changes in our lifestyles probably won’t last longer than quarantine, it’s widely thought that online education will now become something that’s here to stay
  • Tons of schools will have to stagger students starting back at school, or even reduce the hours students will be at school in general, this means that there will be tons of work for tutors for school support of subjects like English as a foreign language.
  • Many companies will invest heavily in creating online courses during the self-isolation period, with most continuing to offer them even once the in-person classes start again.
  • During the self-isolation period, parents will get an opportunity to see that well-developed online education (especially in the foreign language sector) is on the same level in many ways as presential classes. This will cause the growth of online courses for kids and an increase in demand for online teachers. Younger students usually have more variety to their schedules, so it is easier for teachers to fill in their hours with online classes during the day.
  • If you have experience teaching online or, even better, got your initial training and teaching practices online, receiving feedback from professionals, you’ll be miles ahead in the teaching market!

At TtMadrid, we’ve always valued teaching practices as being key when learning how to teach ESL classes. In our Accredited Virtual TEFL course, we make sure that you get practical experience so you can start teaching online immediately after graduation. This will give you a leg up when looking for a job, even compared to experienced teachers who’ve never taught online.

Teaching English online

Getting qualified to teach English as a foreign language is a great way to make the most of your time while the world waits to re-open. Our new Virtual TEFL Course is wholly focused on teaching online and is a perfect mix of practical and theoretical content, with trainers walking you through the course in real-time. This is no ‘online TEFL’ and will see you in just six-week become a confident teacher, both online and in-person.

If you want to chat about the current TEFL job market and your options, get in touch with our TEFL Program Manager Helen ( She’s our own know-it-all about all things TEFL and will be able to help you decide if the course or just teaching English, in general, is for you.


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Coronavirus: Now could be the perfect time to get your TEFL Certificate Fri, 17 Apr 2020 17:50:52 +0000 The COVID-19 pandemic has changed pretty much everything about our lives and travel has become a dream that’s currently just...

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed pretty much everything about our lives and travel has become a dream that’s currently just out of reach. If you’ve been planning on getting your TEFL certificate but have never found the right time or been putting off changing your career and working remotely even, then it might be that destiny is knocking on your door.

The rules have changed for work, education and travel in the last few weeks and the teaching English industry has got on board and is moving fast to make the most of any opportunities that come from such a universal change in our day-to-day.

Work from home, teach students all over the world, have a recession-proof way of earning a living that works with any schedule – a career in teaching English as a Foreign language has so many benefits. Here are just some of the reasons why this is the perfect time to get into the TEFL industry:

People will always invest in education

Online TEFL

The demand for qualified teachers has always been high and when spending gets tight, education continues to be something that people invest in. No matter the economical situation in the world, education has always been and will always be prioritized as investment into the future. It has become even truer in the last few years when investing in material things stopped being so popular and we saw a philosophy of investing money and time in adventures and education increasing.

Earn extra money and add to your CV!

You can use your TEFL certificate to teach English in your spare time if you’re looking to get some extra income and it’s a great addition to your CV, given the transferrable skills involved in teaching English to adults or children.

Getting cabin fever? You’ll be set to travel for as long as you want!

Teaching English abroad has always provided a great opportunity to travel, see the world, meet new people and just experience life. That being said, most teachers stay abroad for a year-two and go back to their home countries opening TEFL job market for the next generations. This means that there always will be need for language teachers online or abroad.

Flexible professional lifestyle

Thinking of travelling or having to move to a remote place where there are less professional opportunities? Add these to the PRO column for getting your TEFL certificate. You can teach online and look for work anywhere you go while travelling. In Madrid, there is tons of work teaching English! There are also plenty of opportunities teaching online!

In just a few weeks you’ll be ready to start working

  • In just six weeks only you can get a certificate that allows you to start a new career
  • You’ll be able to work online or anywhere in the world
  • You’ll get a chance to meet people from all over the world #stayingsafe and #staying home.
  • Invest your time while there’s no travel in your future

That’s why it’s so important to choose your TEFL course right thinking about the future. TtMadrid offers its grads lifetime job support regardless of where they are or how long has it been since they’ve done the course, be it in normal situation or in the midst of pandemic.
Our Virtual TEFL Course is perfect as it can be completed in real-time from anywhere in the world. Our trainers based in Madrid are experienced in giving online training and will walk you through the whole course so you become confident teaching online. Once you’ve received your Virtual TEFL Certificate, you’ll also be able to move to Spain at a later date through our visa programs, minus the cost of your Virtual TEFL Course.

If you want to chat about the current TEFL job market and your options, get in touch with our TEFL Program Manager Helen ( She’s our own know-it-all about all things TEFL and will be able to help you decide if the course is for you.

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Best Halloween parties in Madrid Tue, 22 Oct 2019 13:39:10 +0000 Halloween is becoming a big event in Madrid and staying at home is not an option. We’ve scoured the city...

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Halloween is becoming a big event in Madrid and staying at home is not an option. We’ve scoured the city to get you all the info on what to do on the spookiest day of the year so keep reading and start sorting your Halloween plan! Here are the best Halloween parties in Madrid:

Halloween parties in clubs

Madrid has one of the most buzzing party scenes and you can party until 8am this Halloween! We’ve picked some of the most well-known places for you to get dressed up and scare the hell out of the night.

Clubs such as Joy Eslava, La Nuit, Rococo, Teatro Barceló, Penelope, Velvet, Kapital, New Garamond, La Riviera or Serrano 41 host parties to enjoy the most terrifying night of the year. Many of them invite attendees to dress up to make the experience much more complete while dancing with the latest hits  If you are looking to spend a Halloween night with your friends get your tickets as soon as possible, as they sell out quickly.

Want to know more about how to have fun in Madrid? Check this blog  with some sneak peeks at what fun you can have!

Fun Town Party at Las Ventas

You can party Halloween away inside the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas. Prepare your most terrifying costume to have the scariest time while listening to a great music line up for €15 entrance fee.

If you love live music, check our blog with Best live music in Madrid and don’t miss anything.

Panic Bus

The Madrid Party Bus transforms for one night only into your worst nightmare! The ‘Panic Bus’ will take you for a ride around the city. Three challenges will be presented by actors and you and your friends will need to solve them! Everything will be fine because whether you win or lose you will end up at a nightclub …  Get your tickets here.

Horrorween at FABRIK

Do you want to experience a night out in one of the biggest clubs in Madrid? On Saturday October 26 from 5:00 p.m. elrow arrives to Fabrik‼ One of the best known theme parties worldwide returns for one of the best Halloween celebrations in Madrid.

Elrow Halloween special edition: Horrorween will feature some of the most acclaimed DJs in the electronic music scene in general and techno in particular. Names like Tiga, Erick Morillo or César Almena will be playing the best techno hits to enjoy this special night. Get your ticket here.

Other Halloween events in Madrid

ENIGMATIUM restaurant

This show combines a strange restaurant with mystery, magic and enigmas. You can eat dinner, while enjoying this spooky spectacular show. The food is delicious so it’s the perfect way to practice your Spanish and celebrate Halloween. Get your tickets here.

Joker, the movie

If you don’t feel like partying, another option is to go to the movies with your friends. There are plenty of cinemas in Madrid and the Joker movie is terrifyingly good. Who’s scarier than the Joker? Here you can get tickets to watch the movie in English.

Halloween at Parque de Atracciones

If you think that roller coasters are scary, you can get doubly spooked at the Halloween day at Madrid’s Theme Park. Get your ticket in this link.


La Caja del Terror offers an autumn full of mystery with two theater premieres around the terror genre: La Presencia (The Presence) and Entre espíritus (Among Spirits). In addition, two theatrical room escapes: The Funeral, an interactive Cluedo and The Creature, inspired by Lovecraftian myths. This will be for sure one of the best Halloween parties in Madrid.

Find more information here!

Skalloween Mad Fest

On October 31, Skalloween Mad Fest hits the city. A Ska festival in Grotto Room 77 Madrid. The new edition of the festival will be the most terrifying of all the festivals and you can also dress up to even have more fun. Tickets will be on sale for around € 10, check everything at their Facebook page.

Ethernal: Te invito a mi boda

This Halloween party is a little further from Madrid but is super terrifying. Get to experience the first terrific wedding of the year. You will be able to attend a different event themed with the scariest characters a mansion and a terror passage where it will be difficult to escape… You can check the location here.

La Casa del Enterrador

Same as with Ethernal, La Casa del Enterrador is an event hosted in Toledo. The House of the Burial is a restaurant with an escape game unique in the world. The restaurant has two rooms and both have a capacity for 18 people. You will have lunch or dinner, escape games, actors, drinks during lunch or dinner, entrance to the Dam Mansion and Disco.

If you want to discover other rural escapes close to Madrid check our blog.

Stay up to date with our Facebook and Instagram regularly, where we talk about enjoying Madrid, improving your Spanish and teaching English through the leading TEFL course in Spain.




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Tips for online teaching Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:24:17 +0000 Teaching online has become so popular over the last few years as it gives teachers flexibility and is great if...

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Teaching online has become so popular over the last few years as it gives teachers flexibility and is great if you’re living abroad or moving around a lot. It’s also great for ESL students as they don’t have to travel and can fit a class into their day-to-day life. Here at TtMadrid, we’re experts at teaching online and have tons of experience offering classes and helping our trainees prepare for their teaching career. We’ve put together our top 8 tips for online teaching

Tips for online teaching 1. A welcome email is a great way to engage with your student, even before meeting each other. Send them a welcome email a couple of days before the class, telling them a couple of things about you so by the time you start the class they’ll feel like you’re already acquainted. You can also include in the email a couple of funny questions that they have to prepare and answer at the beginning of the first class.

Is a TEFL course legit?

2. Invest in a high-quality headset with microphone, choose a quiet room for your classes and always check the audio before starting the class as you don’t want to waste time and look unprofessional. Same goes for the video: double check the video before you start the class and try to find a good light and angle so you can be seen clearly and are looking straight ahead into the camera.

42 best Madrid blogs3. Send your student an email at least 24 hours before your class so the student can read through the activities you’ll be doing during your class. Make sure the instructions are clear and that the activities are not too long.



Teaching and studying abroad4. Feedback is extremely important so remember to always send a feedback email no more than 10 min after the class finishes. You can take notes in a draft email during the class and then just add more information after the class. As you will probably have other classes afterwards, sending the feedback email right after you finish will help you stay organized and on top of admin.


How to Teach High Level ESL Students
5. Use a specific subject for each email so both you and the student avoid any confusion. The activity email can be called ‘’Your next online class’’ and the feedback email can be called ‘’Your online class feedback’’.


non native and TEFL
6.  Avoid mixing up emails and organize your inbox with a folder for each student so you have a register of everything you do and everything you send.



Dates & prices of the tefl courses7. Send all the documents either in Word or in PDF so they can be opened on most systems but check beforehand what they’ll be working on. Pro Tip: Sending the activities in Word means that your students can work on them during the class.



Use your TEFL in a New Way - Exam prep8. Always remember to include short quizzes from time to time. Students don’t necessarily have to receive a grade on them and they’re a great way to evaluate progress. You can include either the results or comments on the quiz in your email summary at the end of your class so your student feels like they’re being constantly challenged.


 Here are some great tips for teaching online. Do you have any more? Let us know on our Facebook page and check out our TEFL resources here.

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Best bank accounts – living and working in Madrid Tue, 08 Oct 2019 08:32:27 +0000 It may seem a laborious task, however opening up a bank account in a foreign country is easier than you...

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It may seem a laborious task, however opening up a bank account in a foreign country is easier than you think! If you just started your adventure in the Spanish capital and are wondering about the process please don’t stress. There are plenty of banks to open an account with and we’ll explain you the best back accounts while you’re living in Madrid.

Anybody can set up a bank account in Spain. All you need is your passport and usually about 30€ to put into the account to activate it. Non-residents are usually charged a small fee for the bank account. There are many good banks that have excellent online banking in English (very important when dealing with money!). Many branches also have English-speaking staff that will make signing up much easier.


Open your account easily using just your passport! On our TtMadrid course, the staff at our local Sabadell bank come in to talk through options and you can open an account on the spot.


One of the most popular banks in Madrid. They have a basic bank account that includes a free visa debit card as standard. With Bankia, you can send or receive money from friends using the Bizum system, and you can also use Bankia Wallet to pay directly with your mobile phone.


They developed a new service known as ‘Santander One Pay FX’ that makes it possible for customers to complete international transfers on the same day in many cases or by the next day


N26 is an international, online bank that has been growing consistently over the last few years. It offers free international withdrawalsand also has an inbuilt feature on its app to make international transfers with Transferwise.

If you don’t want to open a bank account in Madrid with a Spanish bank, Barclays  is one of the most renowned international banks to choose from.

Remember that you can open an account before your arrival, but it is easier to do it once you are here in Madrid.  We can give you all the advice you need! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more info about moving to Madrid and share with us your experiences!

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