Anneka’s Story

Anneka Graduate StoryI’ve wanted to move to Spain for as long as I could remember, but in London I had the dream job and an even dreamier boyfriend. When the dream crumbled, instead of crying and feeling all “woe is me”, I took it as the perfect opportunity to finally make the move and live the life I had always dreamed of. But with limited Spanish vocabulary and no real idea how I would fund all the wild nights I had planned (Madrid is famed for its nightlife and I was eager to explore every bar and dance floor) I turned to TtMadrid.

I admit it, when I signed up for the coursejust weeks before the start dateI saw it as a means to an end. Get a TEFL certificate, teach the minimum amount of hours needed to cover the cost of rent and general enjoyment . . . Happy days! Little did I know that the course would have me gripped, and I discovered (thanks to TtMadrid’s amazing TEFL techniques and teaching philosophies) that I possessed an unlimited passion for teaching English. I now approach my lesson plans with as much determination as I do the bar, and display the same zeal and enthusiasm for my classes as I do the dance floor. I have found my calling!

As for Madrid, my city of choice, I couldn’t have picked a better place. Unlimited nightlife, beautiful people, delightfully stifling sunshine, and some of the best food I have ever tried in my life! Don’t get me started on the Kobe beef and gourmet tapas and croquetas!! Anneka TEFL Graduate StoryI feel like I’ve reclaimed the years I’d so bitterly misplaced back in miserable London and doing my TEFL at TtMadrid played a HUGE part in my brand new life.

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