• Whether you are planning to look for a TEFL/ESL job in Spain, return home, or go to another country to teach English, we will help you work out the best career path for you. We will spend time with you to work out the next stage to ensure your teaching career gets off to a flying start. If you are planning on working in Spain, we will give you all the information you need from housing, taxes and finding a doctor to helping you get your NIE appointment, bank account and mobile phone.
  • ttmadrid_161We also have fantastic contacts with some of the best-paying teaching agencies in Madrid. We will help you tailor your CV to the teaching market and send it to over 350 schools, academies and agencies in Madrid. If you are planning to go to work in other countries, we have a wide range of information, resources and contacts.
    We also offer full support after the course and you can come back with any queries, questions or just to tell us how you’re doing. We are always pleased to keep in contact with our former trainees and offer them whatever guidance and support they may need.
  • Many TEFL courses in Madrid and beyond also employ you as they run their own in-company classes. Whilst we know this seems like a plus, TtMadrid specifically chose not to have its own English classes from day one. We chose to do this because, for us, it is simple: we are a teacher training organization and we put all our focus into this. We also knew that you can only offer some of your graduates some hours, so what happens to the rest? You then need to find them jobs with your competitors, which is never easy.
  • TtMadrid works with so many schools, academies and agencies because we do not compete with them–so they play nicely with us. We generally receive about 20 job offers a week from them and work with quite a few agencies that like to interview you before the course is even finished so they can employ you with an empty schedule.
  • ALL our graduates get good quality work straight after the course because we are well-connected and are relentless in our support to ensure you get what you came here for.