At TtMadrid we are very supportive and you can count on us for whatever you need. To make your life easier we help you sort out several things when moving to Spain:

Accommodation in Madrid

Accommodation_in_MadridYou can choose to find your accommodation through our housing agent, through the Homestay Exchange Program, or just do it yourself. We welcome you to join our Facebook Housing group in which students are constantly advertising available rooms as well as links to further housing websites. For more information visit our accommodation in Madrid page.

Spanish Classes

Are you up for some Spanish classes? TtMadrid shares the school with La Aventura Española and we’ll organize the courses and classes you want to take. In our page you can find more information on our Spanish courses.

Insurance in Spain

Safety comes first! Visit our Insurance in Spain page and find out more about the insurance company we work with.

General information about Spain

In the General Information about Spain page you will find useful information about currency, time zone, voltage, transport . . . and some general info on politics too!

TtMadrid student card

Benefits of being a TtMadrid student

Being a student at TtMadrid has many advantages! One of them is that you will be able to enjoy plenty of discounts in stores, bars and restaurants around the neighborhood by showing the student card you will have access to once you start the course. Don’t forget to bring a passport sized photo!

Sponsored Children

TtMadrid sponsors an NGO called Earthed Project, which was launched in 2015. This NGO focuses on collecting educational supplies such as stationery and textbooks to donate to orphanages and schools in need. To learn more about Earthed Project visit our page.

Lauryn Simpson – Lifestyle Change Visa Member (USA)

I did the TtMadrid Lifestyle Package & Spanish and it was the best decision ever! If you are already TEFL certified, this is an excellent option for moving to Spain and teaching English especially for those who need a student visa. Not only does Tt help you with your visa and finding a job, they also help you with getting a NIE (the Spanish identity card), housing, banking, getting a cell phone, and they provide teaching materials. There are also seminars (OPD– Ongoing Professional Development courses) on different subjects to improve your teaching skills. From the first Skype conversation I had with TtMadrid, I knew I was in good hands. They answered all my questions and gave me information on things I hadn’t thought of. What’s more, I’ve met a lot of people through TtMadrid. I was nervous at first about meeting people because when I did TEFL two years before, I became so close to the people in my class. I thought it would be hard to make friends with other English teachers who I didn’t do the TEFL training with. I have been in Madrid now for almost 9 months, and I am very happy and at home here. I am so glad I did the visa program with TtMadrid–I would have been so lost without them!

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