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Earthed_ProjectEarthed Project (www.earthedproject.org) is an NGO based in Madrid, Spain that focuses on collecting educational supplies such as stationery and textbooks to donate to orphanages and schools in need. The first recipient schools and orphanages are located in some of the poorest European nations (Moldova, Ukraine, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and eventually the campaign would like to expand to be able to reach out to other countries and continents.

Earthed Project’s job is to raise awareness and to encourage people to donate to or help the cause by spreading information, collecting material at their workplace, or providing any connections that will help us achieve our objectives.

Sponsored Children MadridThe original idea was initiated by Stacey Quick, an Englishman living in Spain, and together with La Aventura Española Kids, a Spanish school for children (www.laekids.com), we decided to support it. Through this collabroation we are now working together in order to achieve the objectives of the NGO’s mission.

The first recollection campaign was a huge success and so far two shipments have been successfully delivered to an orphanage in Moldova. There are plenty of schools waiting for donations and we are working hard to come up with campaigns and events that will inspire people to give away their unused stationery and educational supplies to achieve immediate changes in children-in-need’s education.

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