TEFL Graduate Experiences

Obviously our graduates are fabulous and adventurous people and many enjoy writing and sharing their experiences about teaching, travelling, culture etc. Have a read of their blogs to inspire you on your adventure!


English teacher blogDescription: The English Mentor who gives adults something to think about after class besides homework.

Link: http://teacherjaymee.blogspot.com.es/

No Hablo Espa├▒ol

English teacher blogDescription: The chronicles of an American girl moving to Madrid to teach English and travel Europe.

Link: http://dinanooh.wordpress.com/

Medra Madrid

English Teacher BlogDescription: For the creative. The inspired. The independent. For anyone who loves music. Who finds themselves dancing in basement venues on a Tuesday night. For those who appreciate street art, shop second-hand bookstores, and frequent outdoor markets. To support local artists in their creative endeavors. To help┬áMadrid’s local talent thrive.

Link: http://medramadrid.wordpress.com

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