About IATQuO, Our Accrediting Body


IATQuO is dedicated to providing external accreditation/validation and quality assurance services to TESOL /TEFL teacher training courses worldwide. It:

  • Ensures international standards
  • Reassures trainee teachers of the quality and standards of the course provider.

Accreditation by IATQuO guarantees you receive an internationally recognized TEFL certificate that will take you wherever you want to teach English in the world.

Our accreditation body is IATQuO. IATQuO was started by one of the most well-known people in the TEFL industry. Dr. Moller is a retired British Council Officer, a current full-time Chief Examiner for Trinity College and the 2003 Chair of Examiners for the London Tests of English.

IATQuO stands for the International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations. IATQuO it is deeply respected for its ethics as an independent body and its scrutiny of quality. IATQuO recently gave TtMadrid a score of 24 out of a possible 25 and is considered exceptional. Saying that, we’re not resting on our laurels, our aim will always be to get a perfect score! Our TEFL certificate is recognized internationally and our graduates have worked and are working all around the world.

We have external moderators that spend time with our trainees getting feedback on the course, they check the quality of our materials and resources and ensure that our assessment is fair and in accordance with industry standards. In addition to this, Dr. Moller himself visits our school frequently to spend a period of no less than three days assessing the entire school. He checks every single handout and lesson we give, he observes us teaching to ensure the quality of the tuition is of the highest standards and he comprehensively interviews everyone on our course. At the end of this rigorous process, he writes a very detailed report on the school’s performance.

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How does accreditation work?

As well as an exhaustive application process to have the course validated, IATQuO TEFL centers are also checked on a yearly basis. This is a 5-day visit from one of their appointed moderators. During this re-validation process they:

  • interview each member of staff to ensure they are qualified, up-to-date with their training and are happy in their current roles;
  • scrutinize each and every piece of paper that is given to our trainees to ensure it complies with TEFL best practice;
  • check the premises and resources to ensure the center is well-equipped;
  • compare the website to what is being done at the center to guarantee that the center lives up to their promises;
  • offer support and guidance to continuously improve the TEFL certificate course.

Why did TtMadrid choose IATQuO?

TtMadrid wanted a small, quality accreditation body that would support its continued development as teacher training specialists. We don’t treat our trainee like a number and we wanted the same personal and individual attention from our accrediting body. IATQuO offers a very personal touch and is always on hand to give advice whenever it is requested. We believe that it is through IATQuO’s support that we have such high graduate satisfaction.

We wanted a TEFL certificate that would be recognized regardless of where our teachers decided to roam in their teaching adventures. Our TEFL course is extremely well-regarded in the teaching community in Spain but we also have graduates teaching throughout the world. Each IATQuO TEFL certificate has a serial number related to that graduate so employers can check the validity of each certificate. This has been very important for our graduates, especially those in Asia which tend to have a stricter policy for recruiting TEFL teachers.

IATQuO regularly organizes conferences so that all the accredited centers can meet up and discuss the best practices, exchange ideas and support each other.

For fuller information about IATQuO, TEFL certificates, and accredited TEFL centers visit www.iatquo.com.

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