What You Will Learn

Lesson Planning

Lesson PlanningWe teach you the skills needed to plan, prepare and execute professional lesson plans so your lessons run on time, are interesting and meet the objectives of both you and the students. Your lesson plans are graded and make up part of your Teacher Practice Journal.

Classroom Management

Whilst you may be teaching the CEO of a major multinational, there will be no doubt who the teacher is and who the student is. This module helps you gain the confidence and techniques to manage your class effectively.

Materials and Resources

Many teachers use the same materials year in, year out, which is both uninspiring and demotivating for the students. Finding up-to-date and interesting material in books, newspapers and websites, as well as designing your own materials and creating games, is essential to keeping your students captivated. Teaching business English can be even more of a challenge and we will put you on the right track by providing you with a wide range of materials and skills, to keep your teaching material portfolio up-to-date.

Learning and Teaching styles

English teachersThere is no single formula for teaching and there is certainly no single formula for learning. Different students learn in different ways and it is the teacher’s job to tap into the needs of their students.

Using the most up-to-date research in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), we will look at how to identify a learner’s style and how to adapt your teaching style accordingly. Given that many of your classes will be groups, comprising of every learning style, we will teach you how to adapt your material and style to meet the demands of multi-style learning.

The Business Modules

As many of our students have never worked in business before, they often feel they lack the skills, vocabulary, and knowledge to teach the business student. We will help prepare you for this. We will explore the typical settings found in the business environment and explore how cultural differences play a part. You will observe a business class as well as have the opportunity to teach one for yourself.

One-to-one Teaching

As well as being asked to teach group classes, you will also be asked to teach one-to-one classes. Many of the resources you will find in books and on the internet suit groups, but we will show you how to adapt your material and style to meet the different objectives of one-to-one teaching. Many senior executives take this type of class in order to meet specific objectives such as a new project with an English-speaking company, a job promotion, or because it is expected within the company. We will teach you how to identify their motivation and needs and how to teach them effectively.

Telephone Teaching

This is the new phenomenon that is sweeping Europe! With business people finding it increasingly difficult to attend group classes due to their busy schedules, many are turning to telephone classes. You call the student at a pre-arranged time and work through agreed themes and topics. These are fun and interesting but you need different skills and materials in order to teach this type of class. All of our trainers are experienced telephone teachers who have designed and prepared extensive lessons and role plays. We will pass on our knowledge to you, and best of all, you don’t even have to get out of bed to teach these classes!

Intensive Courses

TEFL course MadridAs English teaching becomes more and more essential, companies are requesting specific courses such as presentations, negotiating, secretarial skills, etc. in order to meet the demands of their business. Courses can last from 4 hours to 2 weeks depending on the needs of the learner. Again, the skills you will need to prepare and execute these lessons are very different to the other types of groups and classes. You will be required to design an intensive course as part of your overall evaluation. We will guide you through this process so that whatever the objectives of the company, you can tailor a course to fit their requirements.

The Skills Course

This is a core element of the course where we teach you the practicalities of teaching Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills. As each element requires a different approach and methodology, we break down each skill in order to guide you step by step on how to teach them.


This is the module that students fear most when they first arrive. However, after studying all the elements of grammar throughout the course, they leave feeling comfortable teaching any grammar point with confidence. This module is the most extensive as it is the backbone of teaching English. We offer extra support for any students who find this module a little challenging to make sure they fully understand all the elements.


The phonetic alphabet is an important tool to learning for any student as it helps them with pronunciation of a language such as English that is fraught with confusions such as ‘ate’ and ‘eight’ and ‘meet’ and ‘meat’. Through the pre-course tasks you will be well on your way to understanding this before we even begin the course.

Orientation and Support

TEFL Course MadridWhether you are planning to stay in Madrid to work, return home, or go to another country to teach English, we will help you work out the best career path for you. We will spend time with you to work out the next stage to ensure your teaching career gets off to a flying start.

If you are planning on working in Spain, we will give you all the information you need, from housing and taxes, to finding a doctor. We also have fantastic contacts with some of the best paying teaching agencies in Madrid. If you are planning to go to work in other countries, we have a wide range of information, resources and contacts.

We also offer full support after the course and you can come back with any queries, questions or just to tell us how you’re doing—we are always pleased to keep in contact with our former students and offer them whatever guidance and support they may need.

Unknown Natural Language (UNL)

In order for you to understand the needs of a foreign language student, you will be required to learn Russian or Croatian for the first week as your unknown natural language module. This gives you an understanding of what it feels like to learn a new language. You will complete a journal about your thoughts and feelings and identify the skills and styles that the teacher is using to help you learn the language. This really is a fun element of the course and without exception, students find this an invaluable experience.

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