TEFL Course Testimonials

Here are just a few of our graduates’ TEFL course testimonials. All our graduates are happy to be in email contact with those wanting more ‘inside’ information about the course and living and working in Spain. Please email us at helen@lets.education and we will forward your email.

Our TEFL course and TEFL in Spain

Below, some of our past graduates give their views on our TEFL course, Madrid and life as TEFL teachers in Spain

Ted, TEFL course in SpainName: Ted Anderson
Age: 28
Nationality: American

Three cheers for TtMadrid! I had originally skipped across the pond to Madrid from the grand ole (pun intended) USA for a nice relaxing break between careers or graduate school. After returning to sunny Florida and missing everything about Madrid and its Madrileños I spoke to a good friend of mine who lives in Madrid in search of a way to extend my next visit to Spain. He suggested teaching English and the academy where he had received his TEFL certificate. The academy he referred me to was none other than TtMadrid. He had nothing but positive things to say about the course, Natasha and the staff. My friend put me in touch with Natasha and the rest was history. Natasha walked me through all of the different possibilities in order to execute my plan and I boarded a plane Madrid bound within a couple of months.

The course at TtMadrid was top-notch and better than advertised. It was intense but purpose driven and the entire staff is knowledgeable, professional, witty, fun and most importantly caring. It was apparent they are there to expand your knowledge of the English language and groom you into a first-rate professor. They provide you with a great learning environment in a great location with all of the necessary tools and technology. The staff brought me from dunce to the Dr. Douglas “Doogie” Howser of English (If you don’t know Doogie Howser shame on you). The best part is that once you complete the course you are and feel like a lifetime member of the TtMadrid family. They assist you in every step of acclimating to a new country and continue to assist you with whatever your needs are well beyond your graduation. I owe all of my current successes in the teaching field to the knowledge, tips, and contacts provided by TtMadrid. A Real Good academy that produces English professors for the Real World in Real Madrid (couldn’t resist). Two American thumbs up. . . .way up!

Lucinda, TEFL course in SpainName: Lucinda Howells
Age: 29
Nationality: British

I can not recommend TtMadrid highly enough. From the moment I contacted them, until now, and I’m sure for quite a while longer, they have been nothing but supportive, encouraging and highly motivated to get me through the course and help thereafter. The course is intensive, but this only contributes to the great sense of achievement you feel at the end, not to mention the further endorsement of yours and the team’s effort when you find yourself with a job so soon after. Through Natasha, John, Megan & Lisette’s boundless energy and tutelage, I guarantee your expectations will be more than exceeded. And what better city to be in—Madrid, endless blue skies, sunshine-y days and plenty of culture, nightlife, and day trip excursions to keep you busy over your 3-day weekends!

Ale, TEFL course in SpainName: Alexandra Johansen
Age: 24
Nationality: American

Moving to Spain was the best decision of my life. After graduating from college, I knew that I wanted to do something that would enrich my understanding and appreciation for another culture, and having been to Spain in 2010, I knew I had to come back to live after I graduated. I was referred to TtMadrid by a friend, and what a fabulous friend he is!

I just completed the course at the end of August and already have a full-time (and well-paying!) job as an English teacher in the city, thanks to Natasha’s interview days.

The team at TtMadrid is truly incredible and no stone is left unturned when it comes to the process of integrating into Spanish life when you are a student at TtMadrid. Lisette is so helpful with preparation for moving to Madrid. From helping with the visa process for non-EU citizens to sending tons of emails to help you find housing at a good location in the city. Then, once the course starts, John and Megan do an incredible job diligently working through grammar and teaching points that are necessary and relevant to the current teaching market. And finally, Natasha takes care of all of the students (of course throughout the course), but more importantly, as the course comes to a close. She has contacts with all of the important English Academies and in-company teaching agencies—she utilizes these contacts to the benefit of the TtMadrid students and the employers alike. During the days following the end of the course, we had interview days set up, where we met with potential employers at the actual TtMadrid school. It was during these interviews that I found how strong the need for English teachers in Madrid really is. I found my employer during my first interview day, and start on 20 September!

I do not have enough good things to say about TtMadrid and the great team of people who work there. My younger sister is even thinking of doing the course once she graduates from college, too! I highly recommend anyone who is thinking of trying something new and exciting with their life to go through the TEFL course at TtMadrid . . . you won’t regret it.

Dan, TEFL course in SpainName: Danielle Prentince
Age: 23
Nationality: American

I often refer anyone interested in TEFL courses to TtMadrid, and liken their establishment to a “home away from home.” From experience, I know that TtMadrid really looks out for their own and acts like a family–constantly offering support, helping their students sort out the legal paperwork encountered when applying for visas, and providing a strong foundation from which friendships and professional relationships can blossom. For me, they are what gave me a sense of community in Madrid, and even now one year later I still feel involved. As far as a TEFL certificate from TtMadrid goes, you couldn’t do better if you tried. Almost every single employer I have had or interviewed with in Madrid has expressed a deep respect for those who graduate from the TtMadrid TEFL program. Doors open with a certificate in hand from TtMadrid. . . . Don’t hesitate to sign up for this course, you won’t regret it!

Paulo, TEFL course in SpainName: Paulo Simao
Age: 31
Nationality: Australian and Portuguese

Relocating to Madrid from Australia was a daunting decision but one that I’m glad I made with the help of TtMadrid.

Right from the first Skype interview, it’s apparent that the instructors take a personal interest in each and every student. They are always on hand to tackle any questions relating to teaching, housing and everything in between.

The course, meanwhile, is one of the hardest but most rewarding things I have ever done. Content-wise, it covers everything from essential teaching and grammar principles, to exam preparation, job hunting and residency requirements . . . and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s also 6 hours of proper teacher training and group projects to complete during an absolutely jam-packed month that will (at times) test your desire to become a fully-fledged TEFL teacher.

But, in light of the intensity, the best I can say about the course is that once it’s over you will feel confident enough in yourself to take on the real world. It’s not just a certificate and a handshake. I also met some great people, including all the trainers and made a circle of friends that I still stay in touch with regularly.

Also, if you’re worried about the job market, you needn’t be. Madrid is bursting at the seams with opportunities for budding English teachers. In some ways the crisis has just heightened the demand as Spaniards look for ways to up-skill and make themselves more employable. On this note, Natasha and the trainers did an excellent job lining up interviews with several reputable agencies/academies on the very day of our graduation. Basically, most of us had a job before we even started looking!

In closing—

I’m writing this review 6 months after having taken the course and due to Tt’s ongoing support and training, I’m still living the dream of an English teacher here in Madrid.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing and sometimes your income can yo-yo based on holidays, seasons, etc. but on the whole I’m still very pleased with my decision and I fully plan to stay on for the rest of the working year.

Gina, TEFL course in SpainName: Gina Cooper
Age: 32
Nationality: American
Educational Background: Bachelors of Business Administration, Professional Sales
Work history: International Human Resources
What you are doing now?
I am providing in-company and private academy English classes in Madrid, studying Spanish, and exploring the Spanish culture while trying to make sense of it all.

Fortunately for me, I stumbled and literally stumbled across TtMadrid (Tt) after interviewing several other TEFL programs in various countries. At the time Madrid was not even a consideration; however, after reviewing Tt’s program Madrid became a top contender and eventually my choice. With having an extensive background in international human resources and being very knowledgeable about the aspects international movements and expatriates need, I had very specific criteria in my selection process. Tt impressed me tremendously with their professionalism, level of engagement, comprehensive cultural immersion program, support through the selection and academy acceptance process, and their abundance of relevant information available on the web. I always had the sense that they knew what they were doing which spoke volumes to me. Turned out . . . I was right.

Arriving to Madrid and entering the TEFL course was exciting, nerve-wracking, and interestingly enough . . . very and I mean very humbling. Admittedly for me, I didn’t have the slightest concern about completing the TEFL course or getting a job which was shocking to my friends in the US. I always thought it was going to be a “piece of cake.” Well, that changed. And quickly. To be fair the Tt staff had always referred to the TEFL certification process as an intensive one. I now understand. It is very intensive, especially when you don’t have your basic needs with your personal life sorted out as a result of moving to another country. It made for a long, exhausting, interesting, and yet rewarding month. The Tt staff are fantastic and continued to challenge, encourage, and support all the students through this journey. They are dynamic educators, their energy was fantastic and their belief in the process and the students contributed to our confidence levels. More simply put. . . .they are just awesome people.

It has been a few months since completing the course but I still feel connected to Tt. They remain involved in your personal needs and support you in ways beyond what you can imagine.

If you are looking for a first class TEFL Program, I can recommend Tt beyond a shadow of a doubt. You will not be disappointed.

Oliver, TEFL course in SpainName: Oliver Hamilton
Age: 25
Nationality: British

It was because of a friend’s recommendation that I decided to do my TEFL course at TtMadrid, and having done the course, I can see why he spoke so highly about it. Natasha, Tem, John, and all the other staff are incredibly welcoming, friendly, and importantly, have a vast amount of EFL teaching experience. Moving to Spain and starting a job in which I had no previous experience was obviously a daunting prospect, but the support from Tt Madrid has been fantastic. The course certainly had its tough parts, but someone was always on hand to help in any way they could.

After looking at the pre-course grammar materials and the phonetic chart and wondering how the hell I was going to learn any of it, I’m amazed at how much I really did learn in those 4 weeks. I’m even contemplating giving my new classes some phonology lessons! And as for work, the contacts that the school has with the job market mean that you won’t struggle for work once you’ve completed the course. After sending out CVs to employers, Natasha is there to keep you up to date on all job offers and to offer guidance on almost anything, and all of the school’s resources are also available to you after graduation.

Finally, just as important as the course itself are the friends you make during it. Particularly after moving to a new city and knowing very few people here, it was great to be able to build a new friendship group from what was a fantastic group of people. And because the school often arranges more social events with previous graduates as well as new students, there’s always more people to meet and plenty to enjoy. I cannot recommend it enough!

Chris and, TEFL course in SpainNames: Chris and Fabi (USA graduates, Spanish, Teaching and Cultural Immersion Program)

Just a few years out of college, my wife and I had been working in the Washington, DC area for the past several years in a corporate environment, when we started looking for an opportunity to live abroad, travel, and perfect our Spanish.

We heard about TtMadrid through a few friends that gave us glowing endorsements, and from the start we could understand why. Natasha and her team not only helped answer all of our questions and address all of our concerns, but they also gave all kinds of advice on how to obtain our visas, housing, travel, and even bank accounts and setting up our phones.

The course itself was a blast, but it was just as thorough as it was fun. It was well paced, with a great mix of theory, grammar, phonetics, and practice-teaching to make sure we all felt confident and prepared to teach professionally at the end of four weeks. And we made a lot of great friends in the group, as well.

Best of all, after the class is over, we have a great network for jobs right off the bat. The TtMadrid team helps set up job interviews, create CVs, and even shows you how to maintain a balanced schedule (so you have enough time to travel on the weekends!).

Overall, we’re more than thrilled with our decision and are quite grateful to the team at TtMadrid.

Fabi and Chris

Courtney, TEFL course in SpainName: Courtney Beaudoin

and it begins . . .

How did I feel on day one? Terrified! The thought of potentially having a “grown up job” didn’t seem like something I was cut out for. I came into the school knowing that it was going to be a difficult month but I had no idea what I didn’t know. After the second day I thought I was going to be hooped and the concept of actually teaching became even more daunting. As the first week progressed I continued to feel more and more lost, even though I speak the language I was clueless to the fact that there was a reason we speak the way we do. Week two crept up and after spending far too many hours pre-paring a lesson plan I walked into the classroom and thought I was going to die. Every time I turned around I said to the WB “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” and each time it became faster and more frantic than the time before. Lesson one ended up not being as disastrous as I had anticipated and the grade (although not that important) gave me a little confidence as to what I am capable of. I went into each lesson there after a little more confident and a little more knowledgeable than the one before. I began being able to look at the worksheets and not see greek words but actually concepts that I was beginning to understand. I gained perspective as to why people make certain errors with speech and appropriate ways to correct them. The concept of teaching grammar became less horrific as my understanding of the ifs, ands, and buts in our language grows. I not only walked away from this course with an increased knowledge of English but also of myself. This course was a huge learning experience, I had nowhere to go but up and that is exactly what I did and for this I have to thank Natasha, Tem, and John. It was their incredible support, knowledge, persistence, pressure, friendship and understanding that helped me through this course. Although I can still improve greatly, I feel as though I have the foundation required to start building. I now look forward to my new path with anticipation and excitement instead of fear and concern. Thank you TtMadrid!

Michael, TEFL course in SpainName: Michael Leeward
Age: 38
Nationality: British

The laid back way: Well, where do I begin?

“I have relocated to Madrid from London, to be with my Spanish girlfriend. We have been together for over 3 years now & in that time, I have traveled back & forth for a “dirty weekend” at least once a month. So as you can imagine, I had no problems adapting to life in Madrid, when I made the big move in July. It really is the place to be. I do miss football & family back at home, but then there is always Easyjet.

My working background is in International Banking, which I did for about 15 years, but as I will start Spanish lessons tomorrow I had to find another vocation in life. My web searches continually led me to TEFL & Teaching English in Spain. It’s everywhere. So, “Why not give it a go?” I asked myself. And whilst looking for work & Spanish lessons, in Madrid I was introduced to TtMadrid & Natasha Kennedy.

Like many others, I believed that because English is my native language, it would be easy to teach. How wrong was I??? I went into my TtMadrid course expecting to learn just classroom skills, lesson plans & course structures and of course to obtain the TEFL Cert. 4 weeks later, I had learnt English again myself. Did you know there are 9 tenses in the English Language? I thought it was just ‘past’, ‘present’ & ‘future’. Well I’ll let you think about that.

Also TtMadrid have their own real Spanish students that come to classes to be taught by us, the wannabe teachers. This immediately puts you in the right frame of mind & prepares you for your new world outside of the course. (believe me, if you have never taught before, it is useful).

Anyway, now that I have finished the course, I am still learning & enjoying it at the same time. I’ve kept in touch with the other teachers from my course & we have all spoken about the aftercare that is given & available from Natasha & her team. “Hello Tem.” In fact, the teachers at TtMadrid continually told us that there is plenty of work out there and not to worry about finding a job. They couldn’t be more right. Whether you’re experienced or new to teaching like myself, there is work out there for us all. The Spanish have woken up from their siestas and realized that they need our mother tongue.

I thought I would have time to work on the weaknesses that I never knew I had, because I was not in a rush to start working. I’m a very confident person with a very very laid-back attitude. I’m glad I listened to the very patient TtMadrid group. “Just be yourself” and every interview that I’ve had (in very diverse ways might I add) have been rewarding and an experience in itself. Each agency/academy that I’ve been to has appreciated the honesty of being new to teaching and some have actually asked for a “demo” lesson. Using a technique observed from the course, during a recent interview, actually got me a very good teaching job with a small academy in the center and I am currently working for 2 different agencies & 2 small academies.

All I can say, is thanks to the fantastic four (you can choose your own characters): Natasha, Tem, John & Megan. You guys are the most patient group of people that I’ve met in a very long time.

Natalie, TEFL course in SpainName: Natalie Webster
Age: 28
Nationality: Scottish
Educational Background: BA Hons International Business and Modern Languages
Work history: Financial Sales
What you are doing now?
Now I am teaching English as a foreign language 23 hours a week in Madrid and loving it.

Going to Madrid and doing the TEFL course at TtMadrid was the best thing I ever did. I was sick of my boring sales job, doing the same thing day in, day out and wanted to do something more varied and challenging. I came across the Tt website and alter some careful consideration decided to do it! The course is great but the best thing about Tt is the constant support you receive afterwards. Even if you change countries the guys are always there for you and will help you in any way they can!

Paula, TEFL course in SpainName: Paula Clark
Age: 31
Nationality: British
Educational Background: After studying Leisure and Tourism at college, I went on to do a degree in Marketing and Operations Management at Lancaster University.
Work history: I have 9 years of business experience working within the IT industry in England. For most of this time I was working in marketing roles. I was also responsible for setting up a sales and graduate program in which I was first introduced into the world of training!
What you are doing now?
I’m now working a 25-hour week, Monday to Thursday, which incorporates one-to-one classes with both business professionals and those who require social English; and in-company classes for Caja Madrid, Yahoo and MonSanto. The group classes range from 3 people to 8 people per class.

If you are looking for a very professional school within a friendly atmosphere, that provides endless support and guidance, then this is the course for you. TtMadrid provide advice and are always willing to help with every situation. They make the transition of moving from one career to a whole new one and adjusting to another culture and life in Madrid as smooth as possible.

In terms of the actual content of the course, it is a full schedule, yes, it is hard work in terms of content and coursework, but extremely educational. The added benefit is that it is one of a few accredited courses in Madrid so not only will you have a TEFL accreditation, you will have an official accredited qualification that you can use anywhere in the world.

I currently live in the center of Madrid, where I am sharing a flat with an English girl. There is an endless supply of accommodation with both native and non-native flatmates to choose from. Life in Madrid is good, it’s not too much of a chore to get used to the endless nightlife, cafés and sampling all the tapas and local wines!

UPDATE: After a bit of a break from teaching (with a proper 9-5 job in Madrid (and hating it)—I have been back in teaching for the last two years. I run my own in-house program with Nokia and I love it. My students are fantastic and I attend meetings to help with any English issues that might arise and when time allows, I help with course development for new projects—it just keeps getting better!

Lindale, TEFL course in SpainName: Lindale Banks
Age: 38
Nationality: American
Educational Background: English Writing, Missouri Western State University
Work history: 5 Years University of Kansas in Research Compliance, 2 Years Broadcasting, 20+ As a writer.
What you are doing now?
Working in Companies such as General Electric, Endesa, Arkema, Repsol, Caja Madrid and many more.

My TEFL Experience has been great. It has given me the chance to meet so many exciting people from all over the world. It always brings me joy to see the students learning and their faces shining when they see me. My experiences here in Madrid have also enhanced my skills as a writer. I am sure I have broken down many barriers and stereotypes being African-American and teaching abroad. I feel quite proud to be a teacher and have gotten my TEFL at TtMadrid.

Chris, TEFL course in SpainName: Chris Ferrer
Age: 23
Nationality: British

I undertook the Tt TEFL course in November 2009. I came to Madrid fresh out of university and stayed there teaching until June 2010 and I can honestly say that it was one of the best things that I have done.

Teaching was not something that I wanted to do in the long term so for me what is great about the course is that it did not tie me down to anything. The skills that I learnt and developed at Tt have all been transferable and I still use them on a day-to-day basis, for example, presentational skills for when I am presenting a pitch/proposal to my clients or even elicitation for when I am trying to gain information from them. All the experience that I gained was flexible and significantly increased my employability. For instance, I have always been a confident person, but Natasha and Tem really taught me how to channel my confidence in effective ways (along with everything else that they taught me . . .) and the support that I received before, during and after the course was really unparalleled! Tt really does what it says on the tin . . .

Overall my time at TtMadrid allowed me to develop my skills and ripen my potential. I strongly believe that my experience both at Tt and in Madrid was one of the main reasons that I have now got the graduate job that I wanted.

I would strongly recommend it to anyone—even those who in the long run, do not necessarily want to pursue a career in teaching.

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