Work opportunities in Spain

Teach English in Spain with TtMadrid’s TEFL course

At TtMadrid, we have spent 17 years getting the best contacts in the ESL industry in Spain. One of the biggest concerns you might have when moving to a foreign country is trying to secure work. Well, stop worrying and start packing, as TtMadrid’s job support program is second to none.

All our graduates have full support when it comes to finding work, including guaranteed interviews with the top agencies in Madrid and our premium CV/resume service that connects you with over 300 agencies, schools, and academies. This has ensured all our graduates have found jobs within days of finishing the course. It’s as simple as that: once you finish the course you will have plenty of classes to choose from and we will help you make the right choices for you!


Work for English teachers in Madrid is at an all-time high!  The need to know English has increased dramatically. This means that the amount of work for English teachers has skyrocketed. Most jobs require a good level of English – businesses need employees who can do business in the international business language and parents want to give their children the best head start possible with private or academy-based English classes.

Top TEFL agencies with job opportunities in Madrid

TEFL Jobs World
‘TEFL Jobs World’ offers useful information and country-specific guides written by experienced TEFL teachers. This includes a section on Spain.
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The Language Corner
‘The Language Corner’ have schools based in the east of Madrid, in Ciudad Lineal. This is very convenient for teachers and students alike as it’s only a 15 minute metro ride from Sol. Many of our students have gone to work there after completing their course with TtMadrid.
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Chalmore Language Solutions
Based in the city centre of Madrid, Chalmore has contracts to teach English at some of the biggest companies in Madrid.
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The English Training Company
The English Training Company provides focused and practical English training for companies and professionals, including Business English and General English.

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English4future is located in Alcorcón and Móstoles (a 20 minutes ride from Príncipe Pío). It offers all types of courses: adults, teens, kids, Cambridge preparation, extracurricular classes in schools, one-to-one, and business English. TtMadrid has collaborated with English4future for years.

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LANGUAGE CENTRE AND TRAVEL (LCTIDIOMAS) is an established academy with 30 years of experience teaching young and adult students alike. Located near Puerta de Toledo and Pirámides.

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Midleton School
Midleton is an English Language academy based in Getafe. They offer online classes and some school-based classes. They´re always interested in newly qualified teachers from TtMadrid with an interest in further experience and development.

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Profesor Inglés
‘Profesor Inglés’ is a simple tool for you to attract students via an individual profile. It’s as simple as uploading your CV! Don’t forget to mention your TEFL certified with TtMadrid!
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This English training consultancy combines NLP and accelerated learning techniques to give students the best chance of success. They offer great support and have a high-tech lesson planning tool that teachers are raving about.
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English Plus
Located in Goya, English Plus offers in-center, in-company, in-school, and in-home classes to their students.
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Pembroke Educational Consultants is a professional agency that offer classes in excellent locations throughout the center of Madrid. They have a conveniently located office with valuable resources for their teachers.

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La Casita de Inglés
La Casita de Inglés is a play-based English learning center with 10 locations throughout Madrid. It’s primarily an after school program, teaching English to children in small groups through games, arts & crafts, singing and dancing, theatre, yoga and baking!

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American Language Academy
American Language Academy is located in central Madrid. Most of its students are adult professionals so it is perfect for TtMadrid graduates who are looking to work with adults! Full-time and part-time positions are available year-round.

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