TEFL Course Application Process

TEFL Process

What are the application criteria for our TEFL course in Madrid?

To apply for the course you must meet the following criteria:

  • 21 years old*
  • Native or bilingual English speaker
  • Degree or equivalent work experience (you will be required to demonstrate this)*

*some exceptions made in special cases.

  • Step 1: Get in touch

    Email Kelsea ([email protected]) and she will send you a booklet and all the information you will need to make an informed decision. Please let her know if you are European or non-European as we have two different programs – one that includes a student visa, as well as a TEFL, and one without. Alternatively, you can fill out an inquiry form (below!). This is the perfect time to bombard us with questions, so don’t be shy!

  • Step 2: Apply for your TEFL Program

    Once you know more about us, We’ll send you an application form to fill out so we know more about you and can give you the best possible advice about your TEFL in Madrid, Spain. There is no commitment involved when submitting this.

  • Step 3: Complete your interview

    When you have completed your application form, We’ll go over it and then email you to arrange a time for a telephone or Skype interview. This is an excellent opportunity for us to get a better understanding of your motivation for taking the course and for you to ask us any questions you might have about it or about all the intricacies of moving to Madrid.

  • Step 4: Pay your deposit

    We will let you know if you have been accepted on our TEFL Program and you will need to pay a deposit of €300 (or 800€ for those on the programs that include University visas), to secure your place. We will send you your welcome letter and welcome pack. This has lots of information about the course—what you will need to bring, when you will need to be here, etc.

  • Step 5: Get your visa

    If you’re a non-EU resident, once your deposit is paid, you’ll receive all the information you’ll need to secure your visa. You should make sure to pay attention to all the deadlines laid out in our informative emails.

  • Step 6: Get packed!

    Your visa is ready and you’re raring to go! Get packed using our handy guide and get ready to start your new adventure in Madrid!

TEFL Course Application - TtMadrid
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