About TtMadrid and our TEFL Courses

TtMadrid was started by a team of qualified TEFL teachers and TEFL trainers with extensive experience in the field. We are dedicated to providing quality TEFL teacher training, ensuring our trainees have full support and guidance both during their TEFL course here in Madrid, Spain and after the course.

4 week accredited TEFLOur TEFL course in Madrid is geared towards providing trainees with practical teaching experience within an internationally recognized pedagogical framework. Our primary focus is to give teacher trainees an edge when seeking TEFL work in Spain and elsewhere, and the confidence to feel at ease in the workplace. Working abroad and teaching English can be both challenging and rewarding. We give our trainees all the tools they need to become successful TEFL teachers.

The content of our TEFL course is unique. As well as meeting all the requirements set out by our Accrediting Body, our program recognizes the importance of business skills. In our experience, this emphasis means that our trainees are well placed to get the best and most well-paid teaching jobs whilst working in Madrid, Spain and elsewhere in the world.

Throughout the program, our trainees are supported and encouraged during every stage. You won’t be disappointed with any element of your course. Whatever your reasons for wanting to do a TEFL course, Spain is a great destination and we will help you achieve your dreams and ambitions.

We truly have an international team, with over 13 countries represented!

To find out more about our courses and receive our information booklets, fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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