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TtMadrid was started by a team of qualified TEFL teachers and TEFL trainers with extensive experience in the field in 2006. We are dedicated to providing quality TEFL teacher training, ensuring our trainees have full support and guidance both during their TEFL course here in Madrid, Spain and after the course.

Over the year’s our company has grown to include our Instituto Cervantes Spanish schools and we became a satellite university in 2019. This was a major step in our education journey. To find out more about our group of companies and the education programs we offer, go to www.blcspain.com.

Our TEFL course in Madrid is geared towards providing trainees with practical teaching experience within an internationally recognized pedagogical framework. Our primary focus is to give teacher trainees an edge when seeking TEFL work in Spain and elsewhere, and the confidence to feel at ease in the workplace. Working abroad and teaching English can be both challenging and rewarding. We give our trainees all the tools they need to become successful TEFL teachers.

The content of our TEFL course is unique. As well as meeting all the requirements set out by our Accrediting body, our program recognizes the importance of business skills. In our experience, this emphasis means that our trainees are well placed to get the best and most well-paid teaching jobs whilst working in Madrid, Spain and elsewhere in the world.

Throughout the program, our trainees are supported and encouraged during every stage. You won’t be disappointed with any element of your course. Whatever your reasons for wanting to do a TEFL course, Spain is a great destination and we will help you achieve your dreams and ambitions.

We truly have an international team, with over 13 countries represented!

To find out more about our courses and receive our information booklets, fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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The TtMadrid Family

Join Our TtMadrid Family

TtMadrid Family - The leading TEFL Course in MadridMoving to Spain and leaving your family and friends behind can be a bit daunting so we make sure you’ll have a strong support network upon your arrival in Madrid. TtMadrid graduates tend to be very close for a number of reasons.

First of all, TtMadrid provides intensive support for your transition to Madrid.  As a result of this, and the intensive nature of the course, trainees form strong relationships during the course with each other and with a large number of graduates who constantly stop by the school for coffee, resources, and advice.

We also put together various social events all year to help you get out there and get to know Madrid and fellow wanderlusters. We also have the newest grads take out the new trainees for tapas and cañas to provide them with interesting tips for their new lives in Madrid. When you become a grad, it’ll be your turn to plan something nice for the incoming group. We really do make it impossible to not meet people!

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Follow TtMadrid on InstagramWant to meet people before you arrive or get some impartial advice about our course? Why not chat to our graduates on Facebook. Facebook has become a very easy way for us to communicate with you both pre- and post-course.

If you would like to talk to our graduates and meet others who are coming on your course you can join our newbies group (search for TtMadrid Newbies). We also have a Facebook page where we keep you posted on the latest social events, teaching tips, photos, websites for planning classes, Tt gossip, opportunities, etc. We make sure that whatever we see, you get to see it as well!

Last but not least . . . don’t forget to check our blog periodically. We constantly upload articles about everything you need to know about life in Madrid.


Modern & Well equiped Facilities

Our school is located in the center of Madrid, with shops, banks, supermarkets and the metro really close by. The school is modern, spacious and equipped with everything you might need while doing your TEFL course. We have a library with lots of books for you to plan your lessons, as well as a beautiful resource room where you can use our computers or bring your own laptop if you prefer. There’s always a place for you to get comfortable and work! We also have a fast and high tech industrial printer and photocopier so there is no hanging around waiting for your materials to print.

In addition to this, we have eleven classrooms with natural sunlight that were recently redecorated and are equipped with computers and speakers so that you can use technology while teaching if you want. We even have an interactive whiteboard—one of the most modern ESL classroom resources! More academies and schools are starting to use them so we want to make sure our trainees become familiar with using this new technology. All trainees will have an opportunity to teach using this whiteboard.

We all know that the course is tough, so coffee is essential! You can make coffee and tea whenever you like in our kitchen. It’s got everything you could possibly need: a coffee machine, a fridge, plates, and a microwave. Everything is there for you to use and enjoy whilst on your breaks.

Since we know that resting is almost as important as studying, we designed chill-out areas for you to spend your free time in. It’s the perfect atmosphere for you to recharge batteries and rest when needed.

If you’re ever in Madrid, come visit us! We will be happy to have a cup of coffee (or tea) and give you a tour of the school.


Come visit us! We will be happy to give you a cup of coffee (or tea) and a tour.