Rural escapes close to Madrid

Most beautiful rural escapes close to Madrid

Even though we all love living in Madrid, sometimes getting away from the city for the weekend is a great way of disconnecting from our routine and recharging batteries. But… where can we go? In this post we will tell ...
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Thanksgiving plans in Madrid

Thanksgiving in Madrid: plans for 2018

Thanksgiving is one of the most important celebrations in the United States and in Canada. It is the day in which people gather together and celebrate all the things they have to be thankful for, usually eating Turkey and pumpkin ...
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TEFL course in Spain with Helen

TEFL Changed my life – Helen

Tired of living to work instead of working to live? Helen tells us all about how the TEFL course in Spain changed her life for the better. This is a great way of living a life where you can do ...
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TEFL Changed my life with Spencer Ross

TEFL Changed my life – Spencer Ross

Teaching English as a foreign language is a great way of exploring the world, meeting new people and improving your language skills. Read about how TEFL changed Spencer’s life! Name: Spencer Ross Nationality: American Studies: Marketing/Advertising Years in Madrid: 2 TtMadrid Course: August 2016 ...
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TEFL course to start your carrer

TEFL Changed my life – Nicky Vonk

Are you the adventurous type? Sitting on a desk for 8h every day is definitely not for everyone. Read about how the  TEFL course helped Nicky achieve the quality of life she always wanted! Name: Nicky Nationality: Dutch Studies: Degree ...
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TEFL Changed My Life

TEFL Changed my life- Dianne

The TEFL course is changing the lives of people from all around the globe! Now, we have Dianne who experienced a total life change after deciding to come over to Madrid to do  the TEFL. Name: Dianne Nationality: Connecticut, but ...
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