Featured Hector

TEFL Changed my life! Hector’s story

Name: Hector Nationality: Spanish (Tenerife) Studies: Degree in Translation and Interpreting English. Master’s in Teaching Spanish and other modern languages as a Foreign Language Years in Madrid: 4 years TtMadrid Course: Hector is Director of Studies for TtMadrid I worked ...
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TEFL Changed my life - Alina

TEFL Changed my life – Alinas Story

Name: Alina Nationality: Romanian Studies: Degree in Philology, English and Arabic and Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication Years in Madrid: 3  TtMadrid Course: September 2015 I was already teaching back home in Romania and I really wanted to take things ...
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Can I teach business English?

Can I teach Business English?

Many ESL teachers are interested in expanding the types of classes they give but are quickly disheartened with the idea to teach Business English or Finance English as they don’t feel like they know enough about the topic. However, speaking ...
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Books to cause wanderlust

5 Books to cause wanderlust

If you’re counting the days until your next trip or looking for some inspiration about where to travel next, here we give you a list of fantastic books to cause wanderlust. The Alchemist: This classic by Paulo Coelho tells the ...
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Summer cinemas in Madrid

Summer cinemas in Madrid

Not everyone gets the chance to go to the beach during the summer. Fortunately, the capital city of Spain offers lots of plans during this season for those who are staying. In this blog post, we will tell you about ...
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Shared transport services in Madrid

Shared transport services in Madrid, Spain

Shared transport services in Madrid has become one of the most popular services in the past years: why buy a car if you can rent one and pay by the minute, hour or day? Why take the metro to work ...
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