Terms and Conditions

TtMadrid TEFL Course in Madrid Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions


By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to the following:

  1. The application that I have completed above is true to the best of my knowledge. I have fully disclosed all relevant information that may affect my ability to complete the course. I understand that failure to do so may result in my place being withdrawn and TtMadrid accept no responsibility for failure of the course if I have not fully disclosed all relevant information.
  2. I hereby state that the personal information I have provided on the TtMadrid course application form is true and accurate and does not misrepresent me in any way to TtMadrid. I also state that the written material in answer to the essay questions required for acceptance onto the TtMadrid TEFL course is my own work.
  3. I have disclosed all information relating to criminal proceedings that I have been involved in or are currently involved in.
  4. I have disclosed all medical conditions that could affect my ability to complete the course or fully attend and I have stated any condition which could affect the other trainees on the course. I have also disclosed any learning impairments or special learning requirements which could have an impact on my ability to study on my application form.
  5. Failure to declare such medical conditions could result in TtMadrid withdrawing my offer of acceptance. Should TtMadrid withdraw the offer of acceptance, any money I have already given to TtMadrid will be subject to the Cancellation clause as set out in this agreement.
  6. If I am forced to terminate the course for reasons relating to an undeclared criminal or medical issue I will be disqualified and I will not be entitled to a refund of any monies paid and will not be entitled to a transfer to another course.
  7. I agree that in an emergency, TtMadrid has permission to contact my emergency contact details. I confirm that these details are correct and up-to-date and I will notify TtMadrid of any changes to these details.
  8. I understand that my place on the course is not guaranteed until I have paid a deposit of 300€ for the TEFL-only course and 800€ for the Spanish, Teaching and Cultural Immersion Program. My deposit is non-refundable should I withdraw from the course except if my visa is denied and I provide the denial letter to TtMadrid.
  9. If I withdraw from the course with 29 days notice or more, I will receive a refund of the course fees less the deposit. In addition, I will be liable for any bank charges that are incurred.
  10. If I withdraw from the course with less than 28 days notice then I will not receive a refund. I will however be able to transfer my course fees (less the deposit) over to another course, subject to availability and never for an August and September course. To join another course I will be required to pay an additional deposit of 300€.
  11. I agree to pay the second payment of my course fees no later than 30 days before the start date of my course and the final payment the first week of the course. Failure to do so may result in a loss of deposit and my place being given up to another student.
  12. The sum total of promotional or other discounts, on the occasions when they are being offered, cannot exceed 100€. Online or other discounts are not cumulative.
  13. I agree to attend all timetabled hours and to arrive promptly for each class. Failure to do so could result in failure of the course. TtMadrid agree to take special circumstances into consideration when a valid medical certificate or proof of absence is presented but are only eligible to re-offer classes missed when availability exists on another course (subject to clause 15).
  14. I agree to conduct myself in a professional and respectful manner whilst attending the TtMadrid course both to my trainers and my peers and any other person associated with TtMadrid. Failure to do so will result in my dismissal from the course and the loss of my course fees.
  15. Should I fail the course, TtMadrid agree to give me the fair opportunity to retake the course and/or elements as agreed with the designated IATQuO moderator at no additional cost (save for a 100€ moderation fee, should I have to re-sit moderation). This offer is subject to fulfilment of clause 13 and I must have demonstrated that I have completed adequate self study time as recommended by the trainers throughout the course. If sufficient proof can be provided, and subject to a final decision from the accrediting body I will be given only one more opportunity to complete the course or further course elements. Should I fail again I will not be entitled to retake or receive a refund.
  16. I agree to take out, at my own expense, health and/or travel insurance that will provide all coverage required in the event of illness, accident, or death. I will ensure that the insurance I take out will cover me against all medical expenses (including emergency evacuation), and all costs for making necessary arrangements in the case of my death. I also agree to purchase supplementary insurance on my own, as may be necessary in order to secure my entry, extended stay, and general well being or as may be required by the law of the country in which I will reside.
  17. TtMadrid is not responsible for: any aspect of my health (physical or mental), injury or death at any time prior to, during, or after completion of the course.
  18. I agree to allow TtMadrid to use comments I make in my end of course evaluation, in any form of publicity.
  19. Additional course benefits are subject to change without notification based on yearly CPI increases and market changes.
  20. All materials supplied during my TEFL and/or Spanish courses are subject to copyright law and cannot be used for commercial purposes without express permission of TtMadrid
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