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  • What is TEFL?

    TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It involves teaching English to non-native speakers, typically in a country where English isn’t the primary language. TEFL courses equip individuals with the skills and methodologies required to effectively teach English to students of different ages and backgrounds. Learn more about what is TEFL. 

  • Who is a TEFL Course for?

    A TEFL course is ideal for anyone interested in teaching English abroad, including recent graduates, individuals seeking a career change, or those wanting an international experience during a gap year. It’s also beneficial for current teachers looking to expand their qualifications and teaching capabilities. Visit our YouTube channel to listen to our latest TEFL graduates’ experiences.

  • What will I learn in a TEFL Course?

    In a TEFL course, you’ll learn essential teaching skills such as lesson planning, classroom management, teaching grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary, and adapting to different learning styles. The course also covers practical aspects of teaching, like creating engaging activities and using teaching aids effectively. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to find out what’s included in our TEFL Course.

  • What are the TEFL Course requirements at TtMadrid?

    To enroll in our TEFL course at TtMadrid, applicants must meet the following criteria:

    1. Visa Requirements: Non-European applicants require a student visa to study and work with us. We offer a comprehensive one-year program designed to assist with this process.

    2. Educational Background: A university degree is necessary. This typically implies our students are over the age of 21-22.

    3. English Proficiency: A minimum C1 level in English is required. This high proficiency ensures our graduates are competitive and successful in the job market, as this level of fluency is often a prerequisite for English teaching positions.

    Our goal is to ensure all our graduates are well-prepared and highly qualified for teaching opportunities post-completion of our TEFL course. Check out more details in our application page.

  • Do I get a TEFL certificate on completion of the course?

    Yes. Our accrediting body, TQUK, provides a certificate upon successful completion of the course. Each has a unique number so agencies and schools can check they are genuine. On request, we also write detailed references that are tailored to each individual trainee stating what you have achieved during the course and what your personal strengths are. As it is accredited, your TEFL certificate is valid not just in Spain but throughout the world.

  • Is the TEFL certificate internationally recognized?

    Yes, our TEFL certificate holds international recognition, but it’s important to understand what this entails:

    1. Accreditation: Our Level 5 TEFL course is accredited through TQUK. Any Level 5 course is recognized by the UK government and listed on the Ofqual registry.
    2. Global Standard: TEFL originated in the UK, and a Level 5 qualification is considered the gold standard worldwide.

    Choosing a Level 5 course ensures your certification is respected and valued globally, regardless of where your teaching career takes you.

  • Do I need a TEFL Course If I'm already a teacher?

    Yes, even if you’re an experienced teacher in other subjects. Teaching English as a foreign language has unique challenges:

    1. Grammar Expertise: Many native speakers are unfamiliar with the intricacies of English grammar required for TEFL.
    2. Specialized Skills: TEFL teaching involves specific skills like phonology, language assessment, and exam preparation.
    3. Personal Growth: Our TEFL course offers valuable self-reflection and development opportunities, even for seasoned educators.

    Regardless of your background, our TEFL course equips you with the specialized skills needed for effective English language teaching.

  • Why do I need to learn business English?

    A large amount of the TEFL work that is available in Spain—and indeed, in most countries—comes from in-company classes. Whilst you are not required to teach only business English, many of your students will ask for some business English during the course. This may be telephone English, attending meetings, or small talk. We study these elements in-depth during the course to make sure you are as prepared as possible for all the job opportunities that are available. The more experience you have teaching both general and business English, the more employable you are.

    Don’t forget however that we run some inputs on teaching children so that you have some knowledge in that area too. We can also arrange for you to go to a local academy to observe children’s classes to get a better feel for it. Learn more in our page about Types of TEFL Teaching Jobs in Spain.

  • Will you help me find an English teaching job?

    We will not only help you find a teaching job, we guarantee you job interviews with the top agencies in Madrid. We have helped all our trainees find work through our network of agencies and with the help of our premium CV service that connects you with over 300 teaching agencies and academies. You are also welcome to use the resources at the school once you finish your course. We will help you plan those first few important lessons and you are able to use the computers to send off your CVs and application forms. If you are not planning on staying in Madrid or Spain, we have a wealth of knowledge about teaching around the world and will tailor our advice to suit your personal ambitions and give you all the contacts and information you need. Learn more in our page about Finding work in Madrid with TtMadrid.

  • How much teaching practice will I receive on the course?

    As part of our accreditation, we are obliged to offer 6 observed teaching practices; however, you will also take part in many other types of teaching during the course, such as working one-2-one with a student, conducting a telephone class and peer teaching. All your teaching practices are observed by one of our experienced trainers. After each class, you will meet together to discuss how the class went and look at areas for development. You will also be given written feedback so you can focus your next class on the right areas.

  • What is included in the price of the TEFL course?

    As well as the 180-hour course, your course fees include the following additional benefits with a market value of 150€:

    – Tuition for a 180-hour course and an accredited TEFL certificate

    – 4-week evening Spanish course (3 hrs per week) at LAE Madrid

    – Guaranteed job interviews with the top agencies in Madrid

    – Our premium CV/resume service that connects you with over 300 agencies

    – Career advise, including our interviewing skills workshop

    – Welcome lunch and farewell party

    – Internet and wifi access

    – All course materials

    – Lifetime job support regardless of where you are in the world!

    – Use of facilities post-course

    – Support with organizing your legal paperwork on arrival

    – Organizing bank accounts, mobiles, etc.

    – Student card to take advantage of the discounts in the neighborhood

    Check out our TEFL Courses and prices.

  • Do I need to speak the language of my students?

    No. The TEFL methodology has been designed to ensure that you do not need to speak the language of your students. You will learn all the skills and techniques needed to communicate without the use of a common language. During the course, you will actually observe a class in a language completely unknown to yourself so that you can experience firsthand how many of your students will feel, and how you can get your point across to them.

  • Is Madrid/Spain expensive?

    Madrid is a capital city and is therefore more expensive than other cities in Spain. However, the cost of living in Spain and Madrid is still very reasonable—especially for food, drink, and travel compared to other capital cities in Europe. On a teaching salary, you will have enough money to rent a nice shared apartment, take Spanish classes, go out and eat and drink with friends on a regular basis. You are not going to be a millionaire teaching English, but you will work 4 days a week and have enough money to travel and live life to the fullest. Read our Ultimate Guide to Teach English in Spain.

  • What should I expect to earn as a TEFL teacher in Spain?

    Most teachers work between 20 to 25 hours per week (Monday to Thursday). On average you should expect to be paid between 15-20 euros per hour with a TEFL Certificate qualification, approximately 9 euros without. Accommodation is approximately 500 euros for a room in a shared apartment. The monthly metro ticket is around 55 euros per month.

    If finances are a concern, email Charlie ([email protected]) and ask her to send you our fact file on ‘Financial Planning’ or sign up to receive our complete guide here.

  • What should I bring with me to Spain?

    English_teachers_TEFL_Madrid_SpainWith suitcase allowances becoming stricter and stricter, you should pack wisely. Madrid is very hot during the summer, so light clothing is essential, but it gets very cold during the winter and you will need a coat and warm clothing. You do need to remember that you will be teaching in companies. Men should bring some smart trousers and shirts and women should bring trousers or skirts plus tops that have sleeves. You will also be required to wear smart/dress shoes (not trainers/sneakers) for in-company classes. There isn’t really anything you can’t buy here. There are American, Australian, British, Chinese, and Japanese food stores, as well as international and second-hand bookshops and everything else available in Madrid.

    However, for those coming from the States, please bring Natasha some peanut butter M&Ms (she will be very grateful!) ;).

  • Do you help me get a job?

    We certainly do. We work with over 300 teaching agencies in Spain that are waiting to receive your CV/resume once you have finished our course. We organize interviews for you with some of the best agencies and make sure you are prepared for them with our interviewing skills workshop. There has also been an increase in the private class market as many business professionals want to update their English skills to get that promotion or get ready for an interview.

    We pass on all our knowledge that we have learnt through years of working in the industry in order for you to secure the best positions. There has to be effort on your side, of course. Looking the part, following up with the interviews and posting your ads online and in your local community will make sure that your get plenty of work.

  • I don’t speak Spanish—will that be a problem?

    TEFL Course Questions

    Most of our students have little or no Spanish when they first come to Madrid. But Spain is a friendly place so come with an open mind and the desire to learn Spanish and the locals will take you into their hearts.

    We also have one month of free Spanish classes after the course so you can get going with our Sister School LAE Madrid. It has classes at all levels so there will be a group that is right for you.

  • Can I do the course if I don’t have a degree?

    As a general rule, we prefer you to have a degree but we deal with each person on a case-by-case basis. We fully understand that life and work experience, in many cases, more than makes up for a degree – so don’t be put off, contact Charlie ([email protected]) and she will arrange for you to have a chat with us so we can get to know you.

  • How is the TEFL Hybrid Course Structured? How long does it take?

    Our hybrid TEFL course is thoughtfully designed to accommodate busy schedules and visa processes:

    1. Online and In-Person: The course starts with a flexible 12-week online component, followed by an intensive two-week in-person session in Madrid.
    2. Flexible Pace: The online part is manageable alongside full-time jobs, requiring about 4-5 hours per week.
    3. Ongoing Support: We provide regular progress checks and opportunities for virtual co-working.

    The course culminates with in-person training in Madrid, where you’ll experience practical teaching and immerse yourself in Spanish culture.

Why you can trust our TEFL certificate...

  • Does an independent body come to the school to moderate every single course?

    Yes, of course! How else can you be reassured that the course you’re doing is in accordance with industry standards?

  • Would you be able to put me in touch with some of your graduates in order to get their feedback on your course?

    All our graduates are happy to be put in touch with you. Our graduates are our greatest asset and can provide honest and unbiased answers to your questions.

  • What is the maximum number of students you will allow on a course?

    Our maximum is 16

  • Do you provide ongoing support and advice after the course finishes?

    As a graduate of our school, you will be a member of a large family and will receive help and support as long as you want and need it. Our graduates are always come to the school to prepare their lessons, photocopy our resources or just have a chat. Our school is vibrant with activity – there is never a dull moment at TtMadrid.

  • Do you do specialist courses in Young Learners and Business?

    We do business English units and Young Learners units as a standard part of our course. We need you to be prepared as possible for the local market. If you are not sure whether teaching young learners is your thing, you can visit a local school that we work with to get a sense of what YL would be like. By having both skills you can start teaching both adults and children when you graduate thus not narrowing your TEFL employment options. We also offer 3 Advanced TEFL certificates that are offered twice a year throughout the year (Young Learners, Business, NLP & Accelerated Learning).

  • What relationship do you have with the teaching academies that will employ me?

    We have an excellent relationship with the academies that will employ you. We are very honest about your performance on our course. We want to see that you are prepared to work hard and make steady progress. Our reputation has been built on the quality of our graduates. It is why we can guarantee work. The academies hire our teachers because they know that a pass on our course is a guarantee of excellence in teaching methodology and innovative lesson planning. We expect a lot from our graduates because they are our greatest ambassadors; we pride ourselves with the care and effort we put into training them.

Visit these pages for more information on our T&Cs and privacy policy.

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