What do our TEFL students say about TtMadrid?

What do our TEFL students say about TtMadrid?

At the end of every TEFL course, we ask our students for anonymous feedback so that we continuously learn from and listen to our students. Here is a selection from every course…

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Summer 2019

August 2019 TEFL Graduation photo“I really enjoyed the connections between the students in the course.  The teaching practices themselves were invaluable experience, very useful for real world. The course has enabled me to be successful in the market.”


“I learned a lot of practical skills for teaching that I will carry with me. I loved the other students- all extremely bright and caring. It was fun and rewarding to make so much progress. The teaching kids inputs were especially helpful. Additional shout out to Molly for being so helpful, approachable, understanding and kind.”


“The support of the TtMadrid team was wonderful. I never felt like anyone was unapproachable. I specifically enjoyed how communal the experience felt. I very much enjoyed the challenge that the course presented. It built confidence in me even more that I could be a teacher despite minimal prior experience doing so.”


“The trainers were very supportive. They were always there to help and listen. The course is very well-planned and everything is organized. I really love the atmosphere that was created during the lessons.”


“I liked the structure of the course. It is very well organized. The teachers were well prepared and overall the ambience at TtMadrid is very positive and motivating. It gave me a real-world teaching experience and it’s very important. All the trainers are perfect at what they do.”


“I’ve done some kind of TEFL course somewhere else but honestly TtMadrid has done a great job. The method works very well with any subject. You have got a good and professional team.”


“My personal highlight of the course was how much fun we had. Each lesson was carried out in a way that interactive and there were always plenty of games. What I loved the most is that the teachers/ trainers modeled the class exactly like the lesson plan that we were taught to make.”


“The thing I liked the most was being thrown into teaching right away. It was tough to do but in the retrospect it was the best way to learn and to identify areas that need to be improved. The staff were all very patient and helpful in all aspects, including both class related advice and general life advice. I felt that staff genuinely wanted us to succeed and were extremely supportive, which made the experience great.”


“I think my highlight of the course was teaching my first lesson ever! I have really enjoyed teaching and learning.  Another highlight is meeting some amazing people who I well stay in contact with for life.”


“I loved the experience of socializing and making new friends, the fun classes and the constant laughter, the competitiveness of some parts during the course. The games!”


“I thought everything was well organized and all inputs were relevant. The best part was building strong rapport between the trainers and my peers.”


“A personal highlight for the course is the great people I have met and amazing friends that I have made.”


“Loved all the teaching practices! It allowed me to overcome fears of talking in front of people. The whole program actually helps achieve my dream especially among Philippines. This is a great opportunity to break the labor norms of being into a domestic help and instead support having a great career/opportunity in Spain.”


“I enjoyed the process of teaching and enjoy learning about the structure and the class as that is useful for so many things in life. Staff were so lovely and helpful.”


“Teaching is fantastic and I have felt supported by staff and students the whole time. I really feel like I have learnt a lot and grown as a person in lots of ways. I feel confident going out into in working world with continued additional support. I really enjoyed the full group exercises and more physical activities. You can tell how hard the staff work and it really pays off.”


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March 2019

March Course 2019
“The TEFL course has been very intensive and gruelling, but its been an incredible experience. A chance to meet amazing people from around the world and learn from fantastic trainers. I feel confident about going out into the world and teaching English well!”


“Before joining this course, I had my doubts about it, but the course outdid my expectations in every way”


“TtMadrid was an amazing adventure. The teachers were wonderful and always there to help whenever you needed advice. This course will change your life! You learn so much, so fast!”


“Challenging but so fun and incredibly rewarding!”


“Doing the TEFL-course at TtMadrid is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made so far!”


“An awesome experience that’ll push you.. But you’ll come out with a new family!”


“TtMadrid is a comprehensive and effective program that will truly change your life for the better if you put in the work”


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January and February 2019

Jan and Feb Course 2019
“Fantastic course! Well structured and thorough. The trainers are experienced and extremely helpful. Fantastic way to make friends from all over the world. They have a great open-door policy, which means you can drop in anytime if you need help! Thank you TTMadrid!”


“This is an excellent course. The trainers are experts and will get you ready for teaching here in Madrid and around the world. The training was very thorough and will leave you feeling confident and ready to teach the world! You will also make some amazing friends from all around the world”


“What an incredible experience! The course is extremely well planned, and is very fun and interactive. I can’t believe how much I learnt in 4 weeks and would recommend this course to people from all walks of life! We received an incredible amount of support and I am very grateful to the team for such an amazing experience”



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November 2018

November Course 2018
“The course is edifying with a lot of attention to nitty-gritty- Throughly enjoyed it!! Thanks, TtMadrid!:)”


“Bringh it on! It’s gonna be the shortest/longest month of your life!”


“The course made me feel really confident in myself and my ability, and I will be leaving TEFL feeling completely able and ready to teach outside of the course. The environment that is created is really encouraging. I don’t think anyone felt like we were tought anything that we wouldn’t be able to put into practice.”


“TtMadrid is more than a school. It is like a family!”


“Increadible experiance, an outstanding training course to get you prepared for your new career, surrounded by some unbelievable people; students and trainers.”


“When I started this course, I wasn’t sure I even could teach English. By the time I finished, not only have I gotten my first teaching experiance, I know I have a fundation to keep teaching.”


“You will be amazed at how much you will advance in such a short space of time!”


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October 2018

October Course 2018
“This course is great! I feel prepared and ready to teach and made some amazing friends”


“Taking this TEFL course has been a life changing experiance. I have worked very hard and also learned an immense amount of skilla that will definitely help me in my future teaching career.”


“Thank you for expanding my horizons”


“TtMadrid is the bee’s knees!”


“A superb introduction to teaching and life in Madrid in general. A huge thank you to all of the wonderful staff.”


“Best TEFL Program in Madrid”


“I had such a great experiance at TtMadrid. I’ve made so many friends and have overcome my anxiety of teching. This has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made.”


“The TEFL course at TtMadrid was a challenging, but very rewarding experiance that enabled me with the necessaty skills to lounch a successful career in the teaching-English market.”


“I couldn’t have done it without TtMadrid!”

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September 2018

September Course 2018
“Very intence, had a few breakdowns, but all worth it in the end.”


“TtMadrid provides a positive atmosphere to reach a challenging goal. At the end of the 4 weeks the rigorous training, knowledge, and practical feedback from the trainers equip you to enter the English-teaching market feeling qualified and confident.”


“Thank you TtMadrid team for the great experiance and amazing support in my journey to become a TEFL teacher. The course is super organized and the four weeks prepared me to go out and confidently teach English.”


“The 4 weeks definitely felt like 3 minutes. Three intence, fun, and enjoyable minutes, that I will remember for a long time!”


“If you’re even thinking about it – just do it! You won’t regret it!”


“Enthusiasm for teaching is abundant at TtMadrid, the trainers excelled at making each day fun in a plethora of ways!”


“One of the most amazing and rewording experiances ever. The teachers are all great and support you the entire way. The course itself is super intense so be prepares do work hard! It’s a very well organized course ant it’s crazy how you take a journey from being a complete beginner to feeling a confident and well prepared teacher. If you are thinking of doing a TEFL Course TtMadrid is the way to go. Thanks for everything, guys!”

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August 2018

August Course 2018
The TtMadrid TEFL course really boosted my confidence and helped me prepare for teaching in the real world. I would recommend TtMadrid to anyone wanting to teach English, whether you have experience or not!”


“My personal highlights were the organization and transparency of the course. This program is like a well-oiled machine; everything ran so smoothly. We always knew what was expected from us. Another highlight was the trainers. They are always kind, helpful, and patient. I feel extremely prepared to enter the TEFL-market.”


“Trust the process! The entire TtMadrid staff knows exactly what they are doing, be patient and trust them to guide you towards becoming the best teacher you can be! And enjoy it!”


“The TtMadrid course was well-structured, fun and interactive. I’ve met some amazing people (both trainers and trainees alike!) and it’s been an experience that I’ll never forget!”


“Teach English in Madrid, it’s what the cool kids do:). TtMadrid prepares you extremely well for the job market in Madrid, giving you the skills and knowledge to teach a variety of different classes and levels.”


“I would recommend TtMadrid to any stranger on the street! This course teaches you so much about yourself and you meet the most amazing people along the way! The course is intense, but you are supported throughout with kind, approachable, knowledgeable, and goofy trainers, along with some excellent support from the staff too!”


“My experience at TtMadrid was more than I could have ever expected. It was one of the most organized institutions I have been part of which set the students up for success. But beyond all of that, the trainers were what really made this experience. They were knowledgeable, accessible, helpful, energetic, genuine and kind. They made every single day here enjoyable and made the transition to life in Madrid as smooth as and as easy as possible. ”


“4 week intensive course needs a modifier for the word intensive. However, it has been the most rewarding experience and has made me such a better teacher. It was worth every second!”


“The TtMadrid team are professional and confident with their methods of enabling prospective teachers wanting to move to Madrid with the information and patience to answer all the important questions.”


“I never thought that in just 4 weeks I would feel as confident and prepared as I do now to teach English as a foreign language. All the practice and work has really been such a great benefit!”


“Can make you go mad, yet in the end you are glad.”


“Great experience, well worth the money, come and enjoy a foreign country!”


“A tough, intense course! But the teachers are amazing! This will help you to get through it, and always with a smile. Thanks to Alina, Molly, Nicole, Rory, Hector and everyone for all your help!”


“It is a new life experience, with friendly, prepared trainers that help you get the final result.”


“I was quite nervous to start the course but felt totally supported throughout. I’ve learnt so much and I am so glad that I took the course, and I met loads of like-minded people.”

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June 2018

June Course 2018

“Intensive, a bit overwhelming but one of the best things you can do. You could discover a whole new side of youself.”


“TtMadrid is the gateway to making your dreams come true and fulfilling your need for adventure!”


“This school is most definitely legit! If you have any reservations about investing your money in a TEFL language school in another country, like I did, just know that you’ll be in good hands and very well prepared to teach after going to TtMadrid”


“Coming to TtMadrid was definitely a great choice. Amazing classes, great, supportive trainers and help provided every step of the process. I would reccommend TtMadrid 100% to anyone thinking of becoming a TELF teacher”


“Outstanding class. The trainers are extremely professional and absolutely wonderful people. This course is by no means easy but it will definitely set you on the right path to becoming a confident and certified English teacher. The location of the class is perfect, being both safe and lively. Having the chance to work on teaching practices was a great way to put theory to the test  before we even graduate. 110% would do it again!”


“If you are hesitant about signing up, you absolutely shouldn’t be. Take the course because you will not regret it. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences live ever had.”

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May 2018

May Course 2018

“We are here for you. Our doors are always open. Before, during and after the course. We’re your support system here in Madrid.”


“This course was focussed, well organised, and built me up to feel confident to teach. The enviroment friendly, and so are the amazing staff. Everyone in the building radiates positivily. Thanks TtMadrid!”


“I’ll be honest, I was dubious that I’d be fully prepared to teach English after only 4 weeks, but the methodology was so effective and the trainers were so helpful, my doubts are gone!”


“The staff at TtMadrid have given all of us an experience that is highly educational, very supportive and full of the small gestures and helping hands that turn a service into something deeply human.”


“It’s wonderful, a bit like a boot camp for teaching, but with really nice drill sargents. You will make a bond with the staff, your classmates and yor students!”

“The trainers ay TtMadrid showed genuine care for each student involved in the program and made sure everyone left the course with enough confidence to teach English everywhere in the world!”


“The trainers are great plus, they are truly invested in helping you be the best teacher you can possibly be.”

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March 2018

March Course 2018
“Great learning experiance, TtMadrid are at the top of their game as fas as teacher training is concerned.”


“A great jumping point to your career as an English teacher.”


“Amazing experiance! It couldn’t be better! I recommend TtMadrid. They are very professional.”


“My experience at TtMadrid has been excellent from start to finish. The trainers were high quality and it was challenging but also great fun!”


“The teachers were well suited to teach, and made it very fun and interactive! Well worth the time and money”


“A well-rounded experiance. An excellent, fun and easy way to become a professional English teacher in no time. Great stuff, trainers and facilities.”


“Rewarding and sarisfying, I recommend it.”


“TtMadrid is a revolving door of new friends and experiences, it has everything you need for a comfortable and smooth transition towards moving to another country! Love Love Love it!!! Thanks for everything! Very-very appreciated! Keep up the amazing work!!”

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January 2018

January Course 2018

“It’s an intensive course, so be prepared to do a lot of hard work, but because of the instructor’s passion to make sure that everyone does their best, it is definetly worth the hard work.”


“Great class and instructors. It’s 4 difficult weeks, but you make great friends and are really prepared to teach when you’re done!”


“If you’re worried about coming, don’t, JUST COME!


“If you have any hesitation about your TEFL course, come to TtMadrid! They’ve already have it all covered!”


“The schwa, fuffdiping, some Romanian and a new family for life!”


“The best preparation for living in Spain is TtMadrid!”

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November 2017

November Course 2017

“Exceptional trainers – Like no other.”


“TtMadrid is the best in the game!”


“Great friends, great teaching, great fun!”


“Really great course! Everyone at TtMadrid is fantastic. I’ve enjoyed every minute.”


“Definitely worth doing the TEFL at TtMadrid.”


“Best thing to do for yourself. Sooo good!”


“This is an intense course that leaves one with a feeling of confidence.”


“Great course and I feel fully prepared to teach full-time.”


“Trainers are wonderful – positive and approachable, they have the patience of saints!”


“The grammar teaching is second to none. As difficult as I found it initially, the learning will be invaluable for both my writing and future teaching. Thank you TtMadrid!”


“The course was a really wonderful experience that taught me a lot about teaching.”


“Great teachers, a challenging course, and I’d definitely do it again!”


“This course is worth every single cent I spent on it.”


“This course, although very challenging at times, really prepared me to teach. I feel confident in my ability to teach English because of the wonderful trainers here. “


“That ends one of my best experiences I’ve ever had. TtMadrid’s Trainers are well-prepared, so much useful information and feedback, technical, moral and professional support. I was able to learn and use different teaching techniques, great classroom environment, materials available, and school was open for us even on Saturdays. Definitely recommended!!!”


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September 2017

September Course 2017
“If you’re considering getting TEFL certified, you MUST go through TtMadrid! The trainers and stuff will work their magic and have you prepared for the market in this intense, but rewording 4 week course.”


“Amazing course! Do not try to be an English teacher without it :)”


“TtMadrid has an awesome team! What an amazing experience. Can’t believe how much I’ve learned and experienced in a month!”


“I can only echo the brilliant reviews I read which influenced me to apply to TtMadrid. Excellent, supportive staff, intensive but very worthwhile, great facilities, etc.”


“The happiest place where you can make friends for life and develop skills for life.”


“I would recommend this course to anyone with the slightest interest in teaching. It will undoubtedly ignite your passion!”


“I think TtMadrid is an example of one of those rare situations where it really is as good as it seems. The staff are professional, helpful, and go above and beyond. Recommend 100%!”


“TEFL course at TtMadrid is a different world :). I’ll definitely definitely, definitely miss it!”


“If you’re considering it, do it! The TtMadrid team work magic as far as helping you to become an incredible teacher and providing you with support while you’re discovering a new culture. I’m confident I’ll remember this experience for the rest of my life.”


“The trainers always willing to help and keeping energy up as much as possible. They are always encouraging and giving constant feedback to apply to the real world, excellent examples of what we all aspire to become. The general support and community feeling in the group and inside the school walls, it was everyone lifting each other up rather than a competition and group work and sharing ideas allowed us all to bond and learn from each other.”


“I’m happy to have my TEFL Certificate but I’m really sad the experience is over already.”


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August 2017

August Course 2017

“I’ll always be grateful that I chose TtMadrid for my TEFL. I feel confident and supported heading out into the marketplace knowing that I got solid training from experienced teachers who’ve seen it all.”


“The trainers at TtMadrid are extremely knowledgeable, supportive and creative. They know how to make even a dry input fun. I’ve developed so much as a teacher over the past four weeks and feel confident and ready to teach!”


“Do this course! You won’t regret it!”


“This course has pushed me to be the best teacher I can be. I feel fully prepared to teach English and I can honestly say that I am extremely excited to do so.”


“This course is brilliant!”


“Leave your salty life and come to TtMadrid for a sweet experience.”


“A place where you can feel as if you fit in no matter how quirky you are.”


“I can’t have asked for a more enjoyable experience. Not only did I have fun, but I feel ready to go anywhere in the world and teach.”


“Brilliant! Brilliant! I loved the course and was lucky enough to learn with amazing humans”


“After my TEFL course at TtMadrid I feel very well prepared to teach English in Spain. I am much more confident in my teaching skills now, and I can’t wait to start working.”


“Undoubtedly one of the best TEFL courses in Spain, if not THE best! Worth every penny in every aspect. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and always entices you to give your best shot. I can’t but recommend it to any aspiring teachers out there.”


“Amazing!!! Easily some of my best memories. Loved it! Add spice to your life!”


“Totally worth every penny. They help you with everything you need to move to Madrid and start a teaching career.”


“Most profesional staff ever.”


“TEFL is a very fun way to learn the material and I think it really prepared me to go teach. The staff are so nice and extremely helpful!”


“One of the best experiences I had in a learning environment. The stuff keep things fun while teaching us a whole world of information.”


“A perfect mix of hard work and fun times.”


“The TtMadrid TEFL course was the most intense, exhausting and rewarding thing that I have done since graduating from 3 years of law school. The training and support that I received was the best and I wouldn’t change anything.”


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May 2017

May Course 2017
“You will learn, have fun and have confidence to teach. Don’t miss it!!!”


“Hard work and intensive but 100% worthwhile. I feel fully prepared to go out and teach.”


“Discovery of a new profession is something incredible but learning about yourself through it all is the most amazing experience possible. Push your own limit.”


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April 2017

April Course

“It was magically TEFLicious!”


“Fantastic trainers! No words :)”


“Hands down the best TEFL course in Madrid!”


“There’s no doubt that this course can make anyone into an English teacher. The course is extremely organized and every member of the staff and trainers are incredibly kind and supportive. Although there were difficult moments, it was enjoyable.”


“Well worth doing. You’ll make great friends and learn so much about teaching.”


“The TEFL course at TtMadrid has been incredibly intense and hard work but also so rewarding and good fun. The staff are brilliant, excellent teachers and have a great sense of fun! I’d highly recommend anyone to do their TEFL here!”


“I didn’t realise that a 4 week intensive course could be so fun! I’ve come out of it feeling really prepared for teaching general, business and primary English. The trainers are so lovely and friendly. I would definitely recommend TtMadrid to anyone thinking about teaching English.”


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March 2017

MARCH grads
“I don’t want it to end! I’ve had so much fun. Learned so much and met loads of lovely people during the course. Yes, it’s hard work but so worth it. GO TtMadrid!”


“Hands down , the best 4 weeks in a classroom I’ve ever spent! If my entire education had been taught like at TtMadrid, maybe I’d be a rocket scientist by now.”


“Learning made fun using the methods they teach. Would recommend to anyone looking at teaching English abroad! Gracias!”


“Intensive but enjoyable, the instructors made class fun and I feel very well prepared to teach in any environment. I feel prepared not just to be a teacher but to be an excellent teacher. I loved all of the instructors. They made even grammar class fun.”


“TEFL at TtMadrid provides a new perspective of teaching and learning the English language. It taught me how to teach English in new and fun ways. The program is out-of-the-box!”


“TtMadrid was an amazing experience. It was difficult but absolutely worth it.”


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January 2017

Janurary Group
“I have gone from knowing nothing about teaching to becoming a confident teacher in four weeks. Amazing! Great work, TtMadrid.”


“TtMadrid changed this from a work experience to a life experience, truly something I’ll speak about for years to come.”


“Thanks to TtMadrid, I have found my passion for teaching!”


“The Teacher Training program at TtMadrid is incredibly well organized and structured, but with room for your own creativity and development as a teacher- The trainers are very experienced and knowledgeable in their field and they prepare you well for your teaching career.”


“TtMadrid TEFL course was an intense time that stretched and challenged me, both academically and in terms of practical teaching skills. It was also an enjoyable time and the goal of completing the course was an achievable one. I now feel prepared to face the world of English teaching.”


“The TEFL course at TtMadrid far exceeded my expectations. The trainers were all knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Value for money! I recommend doing this course.”


“The most intense but rewarding four weeks of my life!”


“TtMadrid is one of the best reasons to visit Madrid!”



“TtMadrid is, hands down, the absolute best place to get your TEFL. The team thought of every last detail that affects teacher trainees and provides abundant and effective support and advice throughout the whole process.”


“TtMadrid has 100% prepared us to be excellent teachers. Although it was difficult, it was a truly memorable and social experience.”


“The entire staff is incredibly supportive. They make you feel welcome and inspire you to learn.”


“The most intense and fun week of my life. I feel more ready to teach in the real world. Thanks Tt!”


“I came to Madrid with zero teaching experience and I feel like I’m walking away with years of experience under my belt.”


“The trainers for this course were amazing. I was so impressed by how hard they worked and the level of energy they were able to maintain.”


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November  2016


November Course 2016
“TtMadrid is a professional, effective TEFL program but they are so much more. Besides leaving the program highly trained and qualified, you also leave feeling supported. It’s almost like having a family away from home who really cares about you. I´m grateful to have found TtMadrid and thank them for all the hard work and great vibes they put into the course.”


“Although TtMadrid was an extremely intense course, it was nothing short of an amazing and rewarding experience. Thank you to Laura and the trainers for supporting me and pushing me – I would not have gotten through this without you guys. #blessed”


“This will be the craziest, busiest, but oddly fun 4 weeks of your existence.”


“Excellent TEFL course. Covers all the basics and goes beyond them to offer the best training possible.”


“I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better TEFL experience. From the professionalism and organization of the program all the way down to the little details that made TtMadrid feel like my home away from home for the past month, I was extremely pleased with the program.”


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September 2016

September Course
“It was an intense but amazing experience – I learned so much in a month! I am so glad I chose TtMadrid, the support system of the school (before, during and after the course) is absolutely exceptional. I cannot praise you guys enough… well done! Fantastic! Perfect :)”


“The course is fabulous, a very intense 4 weeks but also a really fun 4 weeks with some amazing people.”


“The TEFL course was hard work but very rewarding in the end. I feel ready to get out there and teach. You´ll meet so many new people and an amazing staff. Just do it!”


“Thoroughly enjoyable experience with great trainers and great people.”


“Moving to a new country that you know very little about & no one living there is an exhilarating & nerve-racking experience. TtMadrid made the entire process easier & became instant Family! I wouldn´t trade this experience in for anything.”


“You think you’re just getting your TEFL, but you don’t realize that you are also getting the opportunity to meet some of the most wonderful people in the world!”


“This is the best decision I´ve ever made! Even though the course is challenging and time-consuming, the people are so wonderful it´s all completely worth it.”

“I love the PPP methodology! The staff here is supportive, knowledgeable and great fun to work with!”


“TtMadrid helped me to feel confident and extremely prepare and excited to enter the teaching world. I couldn´t have don’t it without them!”


“I really appreciated my time here. It was hard work but it was well worth it. I had a blast and learned so much!”


May 2016

May Course 2016
“TtMadrid provides their students with a comprehensive teacher-training program that efficiently combines a hands-on, practical approach to teaching English with the necessary theory and knowledge to properly prepare oneself for the educational job market.”

January 2016

“TtMadrid has made starting out in a new country infinitely better. They give you the support and assistance you need, so you can come prepared and ready to learn. I love the teachers and the friends I’ve made. TtMadrid is the biggest influence for me staying in Madrid. I feel like I have support and a little family here now.”


“TtMadrid was the perfect choice for me! I feel very prepared to take on the TEFL world in Madrid and made amazing friends. I already feel like Madrid is my new home :)”


“TtMadrid is a fun, vibrant and friendly environment which leads to successfully completing the course and becoming qualified in Madrid.”


“I really felt like there was so much support from the entire team which has been amazing. Everyone is super lovely and I’ve really enjoyed the course – even if it was jam-packed.”


“A fun & intense course that prepares you for the “real-world”.”


“My experience at TtMadrid was awesome! It was a lot of hard work, but also so much fun. I met some amazing new friends and I can’t imagine having a better TEFL education anywhere else.”