What do our TEFL students say about TtMadrid?

TEFL Students’ comments in our anonymous written course evaluations

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May 2017

“You will learn, have fun and have confidence to teach. Don’t miss it!!!”

“Hard work and intensive but 100% worthwhile. I feel fully prepared to go out and teach.”

“Discovery of a new profession is something incredible but learning about yourself through it all is the most amazing experience possible. Push your own limit.”


Check out TtMadrid’s TEFL course reviews on Google

April 2017

“It was magically TEFLicious!”

“Fantastic trainers! No words :)”

April Course“Hands down the best TEFL course in Madrid!”

“There’s no doubt that this course can make anyone into an English teacher. The course is extremely organized and every member of the staff and trainers are incredibly kind and supportive. Although there were difficult moments, it was enjoyable.”

“Well worth doing. You’ll make great friends and learn so much about teaching.”

“The TEFL course at TtMadrid has been incredibly intense and hard work but also so rewarding and good fun. The staff are brilliant, excellent teachers and have a great sense of fun! I’d highly recommend anyone to do their TEFL here!”

“I didn’t realise that a 4 week intensive course could be so fun! I’ve come out of it feeling really prepared for teaching general, business and primary English. The trainers are so lovely and friendly. I would definitely recommend TtMadrid to anyone thinking about teaching English.”


Check out TtMadrid’s TEFL course reviews on Google

March 2017

“I don’t want it to end! I’ve had so much fun. Learned so much and met loads of lovely people during the course. Yes, it’s hard work but so worth it. GO TtMadrid!”MARCH grads

“Hands down , the best 4 weeks in a classroom I’ve ever spent! If my entire education had been taught like at TtMadrid, maybe I’d be a rocket scientist by now.”

“Learning made fun using the methods they teach. Would recommend to anyone looking at teaching English abroad! Gracias!”

“Intensive but enjoyable, the instructors made class fun and I feel very well prepared to teach in any environment. I feel prepared not just to be a teacher but to be an excellent teacher. I loved all of the instructors. They made even grammar class fun.”

“TEFL at TtMadrid provides a new perspective of teaching and learning the English language. It taught me how to teach English in new and fun ways. The program is out-of-the-box!”

“TtMadrid was an amazing experience. It was difficult but absolutely worth it.”


Check out TtMadrid’s TEFL course reviews on Google

January 2017

“I have gone from knowing nothing about teaching to becoming a confident teacher in four weeks. Amazing! Great work, TtMadrid.”

“TtMadrid changed this from a work experience to a life experience, truly something I’ll speak about for years to come.”

“Thanks to TtMadrid, I have found my passion for teaching!”

“The Teacher Training program at TtMadrid is incredibly well organized and structured, but with room for your own creativity and development as a teacher- The trainers are very experienced and knowledgeable in their field and they prepare you well for your teaching career.”

“TtMadrid TEFL course was an intense time that stretched and challenged me, both academically and in terms of practical teaching skills. It was also an enjoyable time and the goal of completing the course was an achievable one. I now feel prepared to face the world of English teaching.”

“The TEFL course at TtMadrid far exceeded my expectations. The trainers were all knowledgeable, professional and helpful. Value for money! I recommend doing this course.”

“The most intense but rewarding four weeks of my life!”

“TtMadrid is one of the best reasons to visit Madrid!”

Janurary Group“TtMadrid is, hands down, the absolute best place to get your TEFL. The team thought of every last detail that affects teacher trainees and provides abundant and effective support and advice throughout the whole process.”

“TtMadrid has 100% prepared us to be excellent teachers. Although it was difficult, it was a truly memorable and social experience.”

“The entire staff is incredibly supportive. They make you feel welcome and inspire you to learn.”

“The most intense and fun week of my life. I feel more ready to teach in the real world. Thanks Tt!”

“I came to Madrid with zero teaching experience and I feel like I’m walking away with years of experience under my belt.”

“The trainers for this course were amazing. I was so impressed by how hard they worked and the level of energy they were able to maintain.”


Check out TtMadrid’s TEFL course reviews on Google

November  2016

“TtMadrid is a professional, effective TEFL program but they are so much more. Besides leaving the program highly trained and qualified, you also leave feeling supported. It’s almost like having a family away from home who really cares about you. I´m grateful to have found TtMadrid and thank them for all the hard work and great vibes they put into the course.”

“Although TtMadrid was an extremely intense course, it was nothing short of an amazing and rewarding experience. Thank you to Laura and the trainers for supporting me and pushing me – I would not have gotten through this without you guys. #blessed”

“This will be the craziest, busiest, but oddly fun 4 weeks of your existence.”

“Excellent TEFL course. Covers all the basics and goes beyond them to offer the best training possible.”

“I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better TEFL experience. From the professionalism and organization of the program all the way down to the little details that made TtMadrid feel like my home away from home for the past month, I was extremely pleased with the program.”


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September 2016

“It was an intense but amazing experience – I learned so much in a month! I am so glad I chose TtMadrid, the support system of the school (before, during and after the course) is absolutely exceptional. I cannot praise you guys enough… well done! Fantastic! Perfect :)”

“The course is fabulous, a very intense 4 weeks but also a really fun 4 weeks with some amazing people.”

“The TEFL course was hard work but very rewarding in the end. I feel ready to get out there and teach. You´ll meet so many new people and an amazing staff. Just do it!”

“Thoroughly enjoyable experience with great trainers and great people.”

“Moving to a new country that you know very little about & no one living there is an exhilarating & nerve-racking experience. TtMadrid made the entire process easier & became instant Family! I wouldn´t trade this experience in for anythSeptember Courseing.”

“You think you’re just getting your TEFL, but you don’t realize that you are also getting the opportunity to meet some of the most wonderful people in the world!”

“This is the best decision I´ve ever made! Even though the course is challenging and time-consuming, the people are so wonderful it´s all completely worth it.”

“I love the PPP methodology! The staff here is supportive, knowledgeable and great fun to work with!”

“TtMadrid helped me to feel confident and extremely prepare and excited to enter the teaching world. I couldn´t have don’t it without them!”

“I really appreciated my time here. It was hard work but it was well worth it. I had a blast and learned so much!”


May 2016

“TtMadrid provides their students with a comprehensive teacher-training program that efficiently combines a hands-on, practical approach to teaching English with the necessary theory and knowledge to properly prepare oneself for the educational job market.”

January 2016

“TtMadrid has made starting out in a new country infinitely better. They give you the support and assistance you need, so you can come prepared and ready to learn. I love the teachers and the friends I’ve made. TtMadrid is the biggest influence for me staying in Madrid. I feel like I have support and a little family here now.”

“TtMadrid was the perfect choice for me! I feel very prepared to take on the TEFL world in Madrid and made amazing friends. I already feel like Madrid is my new home :)”

“TtMadrid is a fun, vibrant and friendly environment which leads to successfully completing the course and becoming qualified in Madrid.”

“I really felt like there was so much support from the entire team which has been amazing. Everyone is super lovely and I’ve really enjoyed the course – even if it was jam-packed.”

“A fun & intense course that prepares you for the “real-world”.”

“My experience at TtMadrid was awesome! It was a lot of hard work, but also so much fun. I met some amazing new friends and I can’t imagine having a better TEFL education anywhere else.”

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