What is a TEFL Certificate Course?

A reputable, accredited TEFL course is a 4-weeks (full-time) which trains students to teach English as a foreign language. An internationally accredited TEFL course usually has a minimum of 120 hours contact time with your trainers, 6 observed teaching practices and is accredited by an external education body. With all these ingredients, your certificate will be valid around the world – which of course ours is! We are accredited by IATQuO, a UK-based body that is dedicated to ensuring that rigorous standards are kept for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and we produce hundreds of the best English teachers in Spain every year!

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Are there jobs to teach English as a Foreign language in Spain?

Yes! Currently, there is a huge demand for English teachers in Madrid and Spain. During the global financial crisis, jobs were more difficult to come by and so English was made a priority when looking for candidates. This has caused the number of Spaniards looking to improve their level of Spanish to rise massively and provides plenty of jobs for the hundreds of English teachers that come to Spain to teach ESL every year.

TtMadrid has long-standing relationships with over 300 English academies, agencies and businesses to ensure that there is plenty of work for TtMadrid graduates. We work tirelessly to make sure you have a wealth of opportunities once you have successfully completed our TEFL course and help you make informed choices about which jobs to take. ALL of our graduates are guaranteed to get work on successful completion of our course.

Want to know more about finding work to teach English in Madrid? Our TEFL academy is with your every step of the way and helps you find work to suit your interests and needs. Here is more information about what you can expect from working as an English teacher in Spain.

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Is our TEFL accredited?

Yes! Making sure that your TEFL course is accredited means that that you are sure to sign up for one that meets the highest of standards and you can use your qualification at any point and is valid worldwide! We are accredited by IATQuO (The International Association of TESOL Qualifying Organisations – www.iatquo.com). The quality control of our accredited TEFL course is rigorous. We are inspected by a representative of IATQuO every year and we have a thorough moderation process at the end of each course, carried out by an external examiner.  We also have anonymous internal feedback forms for students to fill out – you can see here what our TEFL students say about us.

In order to teach English in Madrid and Spain, you will be ahead of the pack with a TEFL from TtMadrid.

What will my day-to-day life look like?

Your life will be whatever you make it as everyone has different experiences. You may be moving for love and want to settle down for a ‘normal’ life that living in the same city brings; you may have one year to see and experience everything and travelling every weekend is part of that dream; you may have achieved a decent level in your career, looked out of the window (if you had one!) and thought, it is now or never and you are looking for a new career and a change of pace. Whatever your reason is, your day-to-day life will be real and you will be able to spot the tourist a mile off–and it won’t be you! Take a look at a funny view of life as a teacher from one of our TtMadrid graduates. You can also see stories of what our graduates have been up to and their motivation for coming to Spain to teach English here.

Why move to Madrid?

Madrid is the sun-soaked capital of Spain, with fantastic weather, countless public holidays and the laid-back Spanish lifestyle. Studying your TEFL in Madrid will enable you will be able to learn Spanish and find out more about the culture and traditions of Spain. With work in abundance for English teachers, Madrid is the ideal place to go if you are looking to live in Europe for a new experience, have a base to travel the world from, or even as somewhere to call home. Find out more about why Madrid is the best place in Spain to teach English, including places to visit near Madrid. We have spent more than 11 years working with students coming from all over the world to start their adventure in Madrid so there’s nothing we don’t know!

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Finding out more about our TEFL program

Our website is full of information to help you make an informed choice about moving to Spain and studying a TEFL abroad. Here are some of the sections we suggest you read to find out more:

  • Depending on whether you are an EU passport holder or not will determine the type of TEFL course you take so look here for an overview of our courses.
  • It is always a little scary to make a new start in a different country, so get to know us a little better in our Meet the Team section.

TEFL Abroad Course ManagerFinally, this is Helen. She is a graduate of TtMadrid, has been teaching in Madrid for many years and is our Program Manager. She is here to help you every step of the way. Fill out our enquiry form to ask her any questions and/or to request our course booklet.

Watch our video!

We hope this short video can give you a feel for our TEFL course and teaching English in Spain. At TtMadrid, we have spent over 11 years training English teachers at our international TEFL academy and we are here to offer you the experience of a lifetime and give you all the tools you need to live and work in Madrid. Come and join the adventure and our international family.