At TtMadrid, we work tirelessly to support projects and initiatives to help reduce our carbon footprint and recycle. One thing that we have struggled with over the years is reducing the amount of paper we use during our course due to the amount of information our trainees require during their four-week TEFL course.

As of summer 2019, we are introducing a learning platform that will enable us to almost eliminate paper from our course materials and projects. We have been testing this platform for months and will continue to update, adjust and develop it to keep improving our student’s experience.

What do we still need to use paper for?

We still carry out our exams on paper (for obvious reasons) and the portfolio and materials that students will need to show academies when interviewing for jobs in the future will also need to remain on paper (for now!).

Our phonology seminars include transcribing words phonetically and we will need to keep this by hand.

What other ways does TtMadrid reduce its carbon footprint?

As well as reducing the amount of paper we use,  we actively recycle and encourage our students to do the same with separate, labeled trash cans at the school. We provide free filtered water for students throughout the day – this means that students can fill up water bottles and avoids the need to buy plastic bottles of water during the warm Madrid days.

For more information on recycling in Spain, see more on our blog. Let us know if you have other ideas for reducing your carbon footprint.

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