Certificate In Spanish Culture And Advanced TEFL (Non-EU)

PRICE: €3,600
Advanced TEFL Course I

Certificate in Spanish Culture and Advanced TEFL (non-EU)

This program includes an accredited 180-hour TEFL course in Madrid, an Advanced TEFL Course, a 1-year University student visa and paid teaching placement.

We have spent nearly 20 years welcoming people from all over the world to our TEFL school in Madrid and helping them embark on their new life as English teachers in Madrid.

This University Study Abroad Program (Título Propio de Certificate in Spanish Culture and Advanced TEFL) is perfect for those that want to teach English in Madrid, Spain, immerse themselves in the Spanish culture and learn Spanish, as well as earning two TEFL qualifications that are valid worldwide. This is for non-EU candidates that will require a visa to live and work in Spain.

The University Europea del Atlantico has chosen to work with TtMadrid and LAE Madrid (our sister Spanish school) because of our extensive experience in offering highly valued courses in the teacher trainer and language sector.

What is included in the Advanced TEFL Course price?

  • Live, study and work legally in Spain
  • Option to renew visa for a second year
  • Flexible, multi-module online course
  • Final Graded Project
  • Guaranteed paid work placements
  • Support with all paperwork for paid work placements
  • Exclusive access to our contacts of employers
  • Regular alerts of available placements
  • Help with Visa Paperwork
  • Resources to help you find accommodation
  • Support opening bank account
  • Student card for local discounts
  • Access to the school, library and resources
  • Support from staff before, during and after course
Start your adventure today!

Your year course includes an accredited TEFL certificate, and advanced TEFL Certificate, a ton of Spanish classes and the ability to get paid work placements as part of your course.

You start off with our hybrid TEFL Course (online and on-site in Madrid), where you will gain the skills to teach English as a Foreign Language.

Next, you will have 4 weeks of Spanish and cultural classes at LAE Madrid, our Spanish school which is an Instituto Cervantes-accredited school.

The rest of the year, you will enjoy Spanish classes in the evening so you can really improve your Spanish while working as an English teacher in Madrid.

Your Advanced TEFL Certificate course begins after your Spanish course and is online so that you can combine it with your teaching placements.

Level 5, accredited hybrid TEFL course

Our flexible hybrid TEFL course provides you with a Level 5 Qualification in just two weeks on-site at our school in Madrid, with an interactive online preparation course accessible as soon as you sign up. After the two-week intensive program on-site in Madrid, you’ll be fully prepared to start working as an English teacher anywhere in the world.

Our on-site practical course is efficient and intensive so you make the most of your time with us

With homework most nights, it is hard work and is very intensive but we will support you throughout the whole course. We have checks and balances during the 2 weeks to make sure you are on track for success.

The most important thing to know is that we are 100% focused on making your time with us worthwhile and fulfilling so that you learn what you need to step into a classroom and start this phase of your new career.

Check out this page to see more on what is covered during our TEFL course

Before you arrive in Spain

Once you are accepted onto the course, you’ll begin your TEFL adventure immediately! You’ll have access to our online classroom and can start working through the 65 hours online that you’ll need to complete before you start your on-site training. We’ll help you with everything, you’ll need in Spain, from accommodation options to what to pack! If you need to apply for a visa, we’ll prepare your documentation and walk you step by step through the process. If you come to Madrid before your course date, please pop in and say hi so we can give you a tour and you can meet the team!

Now to Madrid…

The course runs from Monday to Friday over two consecutive weeks and your first day will include a welcome lunch to help you get to know the trainers and fellow trainees. The two-week, in-person training and support includes guided lesson planning sessions, six observed teaching practices (with real students), feedback with points on how to improve, and further theoretical sessions to consolidate topics like teaching methodologies and cover new areas, like phonology and materials preparation.

During your time with us, our mission is to fully prepare you for the reality of teaching English. Not only do you come away with an internationally recognized Level 5 TEFL certificate, but you’ll also have the confidence to walk into any classroom and deliver a high-quality English class.

Spanish classes
Spanish Culture and Advanced TEFL

It’s Intensive!

With homework most nights, it is hard work and is very intensive but we will support you throughout the whole course. We have checks and balances during the four weeks to make sure you are on track for success.

The most important thing to know is that we are 100% focused on making your time with us worthwhile and fulfilling so that you learn what you need to step into a classroom and start this phase of your new career.

Check out this page to see more on what is covered during our TEFL course.


After your TEFL Course

Your Advanced Teaching Certificate

With your program, you’ll receive an Advanced Certificate in TEFL through the Universidad Europea del Atlántico and receive extensive training throughout your year’s program. These Ongoing Professional Development courses include online teaching, teaching business English and also teaching Young Learners.

Learn Spanish and immerse yourself in the culture

Your Spanish courses are taken with Instituto Cervantes-accredited Spanish academy, LAE Madrid, the leading Spanish school in Madrid. Your course will include 4 weeks of intensive Spanish classes (20 hours per week, plus cultural activities) and Spanish classes in the evening for the rest of the year. We designed the course this way so that you are able to give your Spanish a big push to begin your time in Spain, and then continue to study while you’re working throughout the rest of your year.

Our Certificate in Spanish Culture and Advanced TEFL Program is perfect if:

  • You’re a non-European passport holder.
  • You want to stay in Spain for longer than 90 days.
  • You don’t have a visa to work in Spain.

You do not need to have any previous experience teaching English, or speak Spanish, to do this course.

Your visa is given through our university partner (University Europea del Atlantico) and you will be able to work teaching English once you have completed your four-week TEFL certificate course while completing the Spanish and Advanced TEFL part of your program.

Paid teaching in Madrid with our TEFL program and visa

We are the only TEFL program in Spain that can offer you legal, straightforward, paid work placements with your visa, where you can work as many hours as you like, anywhere you like. Our program gives you absolute flexibility to decide what type of teaching is right for you.

We will support you throughout the process, as well as advising you about the market and specific companies. Finding a work placement could not be easier – our support team puts you in touch with over 300 agencies and academies so that you can build the perfect timetable, and our reputation for training the best quality English teachers means that you’ll be top of the list when it comes to job offers. 100% of the qualified teachers who have joined this program have found paid teaching work here in Madrid. We have an extensive network to organize these placements, regardless of your preference to work with children, adults, business or general English.

We help you with all of the paperwork for your paid work placements and keep in touch throughout your program.

*You will receive daily alerts for as long as you would like with the top jobs in the market!*

The price of this TEFL program is €3,600* (spread over 3 payments)

  • €800 deposit (to secure your place)
  • €1200 before your visa application
  • €1600 four weeks before your start date

* go to www.xe.com for up-to-date exchange rates

Diploma in Academic Management in ESL.

For those that want to continue their studies after the initial year on the Spanish Culture and Advanced Certificate in TEFL Program, the Diploma in Academic Management in ESL is designed to enable TEFL teachers to take their career to the next level.  Based on extensive research and feedback from over 50 academies in Madrid, it covers training in all areas required to be an effective Director of Studies.

Language Academies, unlike larger educational institutions, have very small teams and a DOS is expected to be involved in training, observations, sales, marketing, HR and pedagogical support for both clients and staff. Our training team constitutes professionals in all areas relevant to the role, including Directors of Studies and HR management within the educational sector. The skills gained through this program will equip our students to take on the role with professionalism, ethics and sound pedagogical frameworks.

Start your adventure today!

Ask us for more detailed info.

We know all there is to know about visas, TEFL courses, and Spain. We’ve helped hundreds of students through the visa process so we know exactly how it works. Once you get here you need to have a couple of appointments to finish off the process and we guide you through those too. Even opening a bank account is easy as the manager of the local branch comes to meet you during the first week of the course to get you sorted!

So what is the next step on this TEFL adventure?

  • Email us and we’ll send you an application form to fill out.
  • We’ll then organize a Skype interview with you so you can go through any outstanding questions and see if this adventure is the right one for you.
  • You will receive our acceptance email (or a reason why you’ve not been accepted onto the course) and you will reserve your place with an €800 deposit.
  • This is the perfect time to break the news to friends and family (we find that having tissues and chocolate at the ready helps)!
  • Start packing for your adventure!

Check out our blog about living and working in Madrid, as well as lots on Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

We've trained hundreds of English Teachers!

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