New life new career Teach English and discover a world of opportunity

New life, new career: Teach English and discover a world of opportunity

At some point in everyone’s life you get that moment when you wonder if you need a change. You might dream about travelling, expanding your horizons, learning about other cultures and getting out of your comfort zone, experience new things ...
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How to write a resume that’ll guarantee you get the job!

Writing a resume/CV is never an easy task but it can be tough to know if you’re on the right track. Should I put this information? Should I take this out? What goes first? To help you write a resume ...
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ESL Teacher Starter Kit

Have you recently started working as an ESL teacher or planning on getting started soon? Don’t worry! We are here to make sure you have everything you need to start off on the right foot! Download Your FREE Ultimate Guide ...
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Five Reasons to Spend Christmas in Madrid

Christmas is a time when the cities are prettier, there are lights everywhere and people enjoy geting together with family and friends. Christmas in Madrid is well known for having festive activities and being one of the top destinations in ...
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Christmas markets in Madrid 2016

This year the trend is all about being cool, hip and creative when it comes to Christmas markets in Madrid. Of course, you can still find the traditional markets in Plaza Mayor, Plaza de España and Plaza Benavente, but now ...
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Why moving abroad is the best decision you’ll ever make

Imagine having 12 weeks every single year when you’re free to do whatever you want. What would you do with all that time? Would you travel and visit the places you’ve always dreamed of seeing? Would you spend days on ...
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