Are you looking for an exciting adventure and a new place to call home? You’re not the only one. Millions of visitors flock to Spain every year to take a break from their day to day lives to enjoy the quality of life in Spain be it for a short holiday or a permanent move. The quality of life in Spain is one of the best so it’s easy to see why people love it as much as they do. So keep reading to find out the top 5 benefits of living in Spain.


1. Madrid is one of the sunniest cities in Europe Madrid is one of the sunniest cities in Europe

When you think of Spain the first thing that will come to your mind is sunshine. This is certainly the case when it comes to Madrid as the Spanish capital gets on average over 350 days of sunshine every year making it one of the sunniest capitals in Europe sharing its place with Athens in Greece.

The weather in Madrid tends to be more seasonal. We get cold winters with short days and Summers that are dry and hot. The weather in Madrid is perfect if you have an outdoors life either that be hiking around Casa de Campo or sitting out on your favourite terrace.

Summer in Madrid is amazing and there’s nothing like hitting the outdoor pool for a few laps after you’ve finished work and cooling off after with an ice-cold beer. We should know. It’s our weekly routine on a Friday once Summer comes!


2. Spain has one of the best public transport systems Spain has one of the best transport systems

Madrid is a modern metropolitan city with a population of nearly 3,6 million people. It is one of the best cities to live in due to its location and accessibility. Their metro system is one of the best I have been on and for €20,00 for an unlimited monthly ticket, you can’t go wrong.

Madrid is also well connected having an airport that carries passengers across the globe as well as Atocha train station that connects Madrid to the rest of Spain and beyond. Nowadays €15,00 train tickets to Barcelona are easy to come by.

Due to its location in Southern Europe Madrid is a great city to be based in as it makes travelling on the weekends so accessible. It’s all made too easy too with a Ryanair sale. Further fueling the love-hate relationship we have with Europe’s budget airline.


3. The traditional Spanish food is delicious Traditional Spanish Food is Delicious

No matter where in the world you are, you’re bound to have heard about how delicious the food is in Spain. Tapas food has spread across the globe and nearly every major city has some variation of a tapas bar. The best thing about the food in Spain is that every region in the country has their traditional dish.

For example, the famous Paella which is made up of seafood and rice comes from Valencia. Cocido, which is a Spanish style stew comes from Madrid. Gazpacho, a cold soup made of tomatoes, olive oil and garlic which is from the south of Spain in a region called Andalucía.

You’ll find these popular dishes no matter where you go in Spain, but each region will have their way to cook them. If you don’t come to Spain for any other reason, come for the food alone.


4. The Spanish lifestyle is one of the best in the world The Spanish lifestyle is one of the best in the world

The lifestyle in Spain is very different from places like the USA, UK, Australia and even the rest of Europe. The Spanish have a very laid-back lifestyle. When you think of Spain one of the first things that will come to mind is the word ‘Siesta’. A siesta is a nap that is taken after lunch to gather energy for the rest of the day. Although siestas are becoming less traditional in the bigger cities like Madrid and Barcelona. It is still a custom that is respected by many Spaniards around the country.

One thing that shocked me about the lifestyle in Spain when I first moved here is how late they eat. Spaniards will never eat lunch before 14:00 and most days they don’t sit down for dinner until at least 21:00. They will typically have something small for breakfast like a coffee and a muffin, a big lunch which sometimes can consist of a three-course meal (no wonder the siesta is so important) and then a small meal at dinner time. It’s best not to leave the three-course meal until 21:00. I learned very quickly when I moved here first.

One of the best things about Madrid is the active lifestyle. It’s the perfect city for those that love the outdoors and families too. There is an abundance of parks, sports centres, hiking trails and swimming pools to enjoy during the hot summer months. In Madrid there is on average about 300 days of sunshine a year, this means that you can enjoy all these outdoor activities practically all year round. There may be no beach in Madrid but the abundance of facilities around the city makes up for it in my opinion.

Spain has everything you could want! Head to Costa Blanca to enjoy the sandy beaches and blue skies or you can head down south to the area of Sierra Navarra to hit the ski slopes! If the sandy beaches or the snow-capped mountains don’t do it for you, don’t worry. You can head north to the Picos de Europa National Park where hikers can find a simply stunning walking trail. Whatever you’re into, Spain has it.


5. Spain has the best nightlife in Europe Spain has the best nightlife in Europe

If you like to party, then Spain is the place for you. Seriously. Spaniards know how to party, and in Spain, you can find a nightlife like no other. Late-night bars and clubs are abundant across Spain and in typical Spanish style, you guessed it, the party doesn’t start until late into the night.

If you head to a club before 23:00 you may just be the only person there. Most clubs in Spain stay open until at least 04:00 with some even closing at 06:00 and if you know the right places to go you can follow the party into Sunday! A very different scene from my home city of Dublin where the bouncers are trying to clear everyone off the dance floor at 02:30.


Finding a job in Spain

Making the move to a new country can be such a daunting experience but with so many positives like the ones we’ve listed above, it makes that move so much easier. Moving to a new country will help you develop and grow as well as make new friends and experience new things. If there is one thing that we’d say about moving to Spain, it’s that you should have done it sooner!

Finding a new job in a new country can sometimes be overwhelming. Check out the different opportunities that are available in Madrid here. Teaching English is one of the best jobs you can have because it allows you to have flexibility over the hours you work and it is a super rewarding job.

In just four weeks you can become a globally accredited teacher with us and step out into the working world in Spain with peace of mind that our team are behind you all the way. Take a look at the courses we offer, which all include Spanish lessons (just in case DuoLingo isn’t cutting it). Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with all of our latest blogs and news.