Visiting Madrid: 6 Essential Tips to prepare your trip

The best time to go to Madrid1. The best time to go to Madrid


It’s crucial when planning a trip to Madrid, that you consider the weather and pack accordingly. Although the city is renowned for its hot, sunny summers, the temperature between October and May is quite cool. Sweaters and even coats are definitely advisable to stay warm.


Don’t be fooled by locals in shorts and t-shirts in May if you are from a country with milder temperatures Temperatures range from 8-9 degrees in the morning to 18-22 degrees during the day and drop again to 10-11 degrees at night.


Summer in Madrid starts in June and lasts until the end of August, with temperatures averaging 34 degrees Celsius. Most of the city escapes the heat and travels to coastal towns where they can relax and enjoy the warm weather and others opt for the mountains to chill in the cooler weather.

Exploring the EU from Spain2. Exploring the EU from Spain


As part of the European Union, Spain is very well-connected and offers easy access to other European countries. Be sure to take advantage of this proximity by visiting neighboring nations for low prices. 

Both planes and trains are affordable means of transport, and trips and tickets can be bought on Vueling, Google Flights, or Edreams, among other options.


France, for example, is a great place to visit, with amazing monuments to see, plenty of activities to do, and some of the best food you will try. The capital, Paris, is a bucket list destination for most, so grab yourself an affordable plane ticket, and check it off yours…France’s southern cities such as Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, and Bordeaux are accessible from Madrid via train, so check out sites such as and for prices and offers.

Italy borders France and is another beautiful country worth visiting while in Europe. It boasts ancient, historical monuments such as the “Torre di Pisa”, or the “The Colosseum”, fun activities, and world-famous food that rivals what France has to offer. Amongst its most famous and visited cities are Rome, Milan, Venice, and Florence.


Portugal, to the southwest of Spain, is known for its beautiful 16th and 19th-century architecture and beautiful beaches. It’s the perfect destination for a summer vacation of relaxing and sightseeing while enjoying a glass of their famous Porto wine in Porto. Lisbon and Funchal are popular tourist destinations too.

3. Getting Around Madrid: Metro, Buses, and TaxisGetting Around Madrid: Metro, Buses, and Taxis


Upon arriving in Madrid, you’ll be blown away by one of the world’s most efficient metro systems. If you are under the age of 26, you can enjoy unlimited metro and bus rides throughout the city for just €8 per month!!


The metro runs from 6 am to 1:30 am, so it can be useful to have ride-hailing apps such as Uber, Bolt, or alternative taxi services to hand for any late-night journeys.

If you are planning on living in Madrid and therefore thinking of renting or buying a car, you need to take into account that an initiative by the Spanish government to reduce air pollution only allows cars with 1 of 4  badges (B, C, ECO, and ZERO) to enter the city center. For personal use, your car must be eligible for either the ZERO or ECO badge, as both B and C badges concern public transportation vehicles such as Taxi, Uber, or buses.

First Steps in the City4. First Steps in the City


For accommodation, you have various options, including hotels for shorter stays or Airbnb for a more personalized experience. Websites like Idealista or Spotahome offer a wide range of rooms, apartments, or houses to rent in Madrid. Prices can be quite expensive in the city center, so if you’re on a tight budget, it might be worth exploring what’s available on the outskirts. 


Once settled, dedicate some time to essential tasks that will enhance your stay in Madrid. Acquiring a local SIM card with sufficient mobile data is essential in this digital age. Visit phone plan providers like Orange or Vodafone to obtain a prepaid SIM card or consider a subscription for longer stays.


Familiarize yourself with the user-friendly metro system, utilizing Google Maps or GPS services for easy navigation, as well as the official metromadrid app.


Getting a metro card will give you the freedom to explore every corner of the city and will save you a lot of money in the long run.. Remember to make an appointment in one of the Madrid metro offices in advance to obtain the card as soon as possible. 


While English is widely understood, making an effort to speak Spanish is appreciated and allows for a much richer experience in Madrid. 


LAE Madrid offers immersive Spanish courses which include cultural activities giving you the perfect kick-start to your Spanish adventure and a great way to meet fellow newbies in Madrid. Check out their courses to find one that works for you, and embark on your Spanish journey today!

Cost of living5. Cost of Living


In comparison to North American countries or Australia where the wages are higher, Madrid offers a relatively affordable cost of living.


Rent for apartments typically ranges from 700 to 900 euros, depending on the size and location. Utilities will amount to about 170 to 200 euros per month, including water, electricity, internet, and a phone plan.


Basic grocery expenses can be as low as 50 euros per week but you should expect to pay a little more if you like to splurge on better-quality items.

While a cheap meal consisting of a sandwich and a drink costs around 5 euros,fast food options average around 12 euros, and a restaurant meal can be around 30 euros.

Vibrant Nightlife6. Vibrant Nightlife


Madrid’s nightlife is renowned worldwide, offering unforgettable experiences. As to be expected in Spain, the nightlife starts late, with parties typically kicking off at around 11 pm and lasting until 4 am. It’s not uncommon either for people to party until 6, 7 or even 8 am! With nightclubs opening later, people usually start the night chatting in a bar before hitting the club for a boogie. Madrid’s social scene provides ample opportunities to meet new people and expand your network.


Madrid is steeped in history and culture so embrace the endless possibilities Madrid has to offer, immerse yourself in the stunning architecture, vibrant streets, and friendly locals. 


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