When you think about Spain, teaching English is definitely not the first thing that comes to mind. For me, these two things were always inseparable so naturally my path led me to Madrid a couple of months ago and now I’m a TtMadrid grad.

 As a non-native speaker coming from a small country called Croatia, English has become my passport, which allowed me and  continues to allow me to travel around the world and experience different cultures and people.

 The course here at Tt was something that excited me and something I dreaded at the same time. I dreaded an intensive course  where I would have to do grammar and various classes for four long weeks, because I recently got out of university, where all  of that was mandatory for 5 years. The thing that excited me was the unexpected aspect of it; new people, new school, new  friends and new experiences.

As anticipated, my colleagues were mostly natives who came here for a good time, to travel and make friends, to experience Europe in all its glory. The course definitely was intensive, and we all felt it the very first week. I never thought a day could last that long. As the first week finally came to an end, the remaining 3 weeks went by rather fast. I have spent on average around 7 to 8 hours a day with this amazing group of individuals, which solidified our friendship and provided me with a lifetime of anecdotes and interesting stories to tell… and some to keep private!

 Something that I feel I should definitely emphasize is the efficiency of the course. As a person who always sees the glass as half  empty, I was skeptical at best as to how I was going to be able to learn how to teach in just four short weeks when I did not  succeed in doing that in the 2 years of my Master’s studies back home. The method adopted by the course is something that  clearly required a lot of planning and trial and error. However, the trainers did an impeccable job with all of us, no matter how  (in)experienced we were, what our background or our mother tongue was. They were always at hand to help if we felt stuck or  lost, they shepherded us through one month of agony and happiness, laziness and despair to the final day when all our CVs  were sent out and calls for interviews started to pour in.

The quality of the course is something that is recognized not just by potential employers here in Madrid, but also by an extensive network of alumni. I must say that whomever I met during my stay in Madrid, this time around or last time I was here, never had a single complaint about TtMadrid. The will to improve and be the best is something that TtMadrid has in common with all of us. We all chose it because of its reputation and in the end got much more than our money’s worth. In the end, whether your wish is to get a certificate to teach English, live in Europe and travel around or just have a blast I would definitely suggest TtMadrid to you.