If you’re thinking about living abroad or studying abroad then you’re probably excited and nervous about what you might face. It’s a big decision and if you have just arrived to Spain or are planning on moving abroad soon, then this post is for you. We have put together 5 advantages of living abroad for a year. Keep on reading (and then choose a country and go live it yourself!)

Living abroad1. Starting from scratch

A new country means a new, fresh start. Have you been dreaming of starting from scratch? Then now is your chance! Moving abroad means being able to change careers and do something you’ve never done before (teach English, for example), meet new people, try new hobbies and just be whoever you want to be!


2. Learning a new language

If you are the type of person who loves challenges, then this one will be your favorite one! There is nothing more rewarding than learning a new language and see on a daily basis how your skills are improving. Living abroad will give you the chance to get immersed in a completely different culture and become fluent in a second language.

Living and studing abroad3. Building multicultural relationships

Do you want to widen your horizons and experience a new culture? This is your chance! A year abroad will encourage you to mingle with locals, learn their customs, go to non-touristic places with them and enjoy just hanging out, etc… not to mention that you will be making friends for life.

4. Building your CV

Your CV is not only about your work accomplishments or the degree you obtained at university, but it also reflects who you are and your experiences. A life experience such as living abroad implies that you are an open-minded, adventurous person and that you probably adapt very well to different situations. Make sure you add this life-changing experience to your CV the next time you go job hunting!

Living abroad for a year5. Becoming more resilient

So far, we have only mentioned great things about moving abroad, but not everything is as simple as it sounds. Sometimes you will miss home. Sometimes you will have to deal with phone companies without being able to fluently communicate. Sometimes you won’t like your housemate… but this all makes you stronger and more resilient, which is an invaluable lesson in itself!

Are you ready to move abroad and discover everything another country and its people have to offer? Don’t wait any longer. We can assure you it is going to be an exceptional experience in every aspect of your life. If you need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. Follow us on Facebook or send us an email.