The weather is finally starting to turn autumnal in Madrid and it’s time to look forward to chilly mornings and beautiful fall colors. It’s the perfect time of year to see Spain without the intense heat of summer or the crispness of a winter day.

In this post, we will review some of the perfect places to enjoy Spain in the fall:

Fiestas in Zaragoza

Did you know that the 12 of October is the day of Virgen del Pilar? That’s right! To celebrate, Zaragoza starts partying on the 8th of the month and offers all kinds of activities: concerts, sports matches, exhibitions, puppet shows, etc. Is there a better way of getting to know a city than by being part of its traditional celebrations? Mark it on your calendar!

Food and wine in Pamplona

If you haven’t visited Pamplona yet then you should definitely add it to your list and this is the ideal time to go! On the 7 and the 16th of October, Pamplona celebrates “La Semana de la Cazuelica y el Vino de Navarra”. During these days, people serve some of the most typical dishes and wine and you can try them all!


Best places to visit in Spain in fall Sevilla-min

Everyone says that this Andalusian city is one of the most beautiful in Spain, but its main problem is that during the summer it is unbearable because of the heat! If you want to visit the Alcazar, the Cathedral, the Plaza or any of its beautiful landscapes, Autumn is the perfect moment to do it!

Film Festivals

Every November Spain hosts numerous festivals and movie events, becoming a reference point for all film enthusiasts. You can find festivals all over Spain, like Alcalá de Henares (3-10 December, Alcine film festival:, Gijón (17-25 November, Festival internacional de cine de Gijòn: and Bilbao (10-17 November, Festival of documentary and short film:


This island is one of the most popular ones to visit during the summer, but if you want to avoid incredibly expensive hotels and crowded places, maybe it is better for you to go during this season. You’ll get to enjoy the beaches and the nice weather, but without all the craziness that the summer brings.

But… how about Madrid? What does the capital city offer during autumn? Keep on reading and find out about its activities.

Open House Madrid

If you are a huge fan of architecture, then don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! In September and October, over 70 landmarks in Madrid open their doors for free so that you can go and visit them. A great way of discovering the city!



Have you always wanted to be part of this German celebration? Well, good news! You don’t have to travel there in order to do it. In September/October Madrid hosts its own Oktoberfest, with craft beers and lots of German sausages. Make sure you make a reservation though since every year more and more people attend and you don’t want to be left out!

Get into nature!

November is the perfect time to visit the countryside as it’s the season of setas (mushrooms)! Easily accessible from Madrid, there are many places you can go to pick some of the best mushrooms around.  Here you can find all the information you will need (in Spanish) about picking mushrooms near Madrid.


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