Have you started traveling and now can’t stop? Welcome to our world! Wanderlust is defined as a strong desire to travel and, once you’ve got it, it is difficult to shake. But then… why would you want to? Embrace your itchy feet and make the most of it!

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In this post we recommend 7 travel apps and websites that will help you save money and time when traveling, making it even easier for you to explore the world while living in Spain:


This app connects you with other travelers to share a car and the costs of the trip. You can either offer to drive your car or be the passenger. Everyone gets reviewed after their trip by their companions, so you can read opinions on the people you’ll be sharing a car with.


It allows you to choose from 30,000 hostels and cheap hotels in more than 170 countries. The places are ordered by location, price and user evaluations. The best part, the tool is completely free!


It helps you plan the best route in public transport in more that 400 cities around the world. The app includes maps, schedules, waiting time and an alert system that lets you know if there are any delays.

Talk talk Bnb

This is a collaborative platform that creates connections between travelers and hosts and allows you to find a place to stay in exchange for your language skills.


By downloading this app you will be able to order a taxi knowing in advance how long it is going to take until the driver picks you up and how much it is going to cost to reach your destiny. Usually, there is a coupon discount of 10€ you can find on the internet for the first trip you take with them.

Ryanair, Vueling, Iberia Express and Easyjet

These are some of the cheapest airlines to travel around Europe. They are constantly coming up with offers and, believe it or not, you could even end up traveling to another country for 1 euro!

Do you know any other apps that will help travelers while exploring the world? Share them with us! Follow us on our Facebook and leave a comment.