Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Madrid

Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Madrid

Wondering how to enjoy a flexitarian/vegan or vegetarian diet while living in meat-mad Spain? The number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Madrid has considerably increased and the city is getting friendlier by the day towards vegetarians. In this post, we will tell you about our favorite ones so that you can start planning your next dinner out.

Santa y Pura

Located in La Latina, this restaurant is paradise for both vegetarians and vegans! Here you can find homemade pizzas, burgers and “tapas” made with fresh ingredients. Not only you can go for lunch or dinner with your friends, but you can also organize events, such as birthday parties, exhibitions, and meetings.

Address: Calle López Silva 4

Metro: La Latina

La Hummusería

If you are into chickpeas, pine nuts, and veggies, then this gastro bar is the perfect place for you! Owned by two Israelis, this place offers amazing salads and different types of hummus. A great alternative if you feel like having an informal and healthy meal. It’s also an ideal option for a lunch with friends as it’s so easy to share.

Address: Calle Hernán Cortés, 8

Metro: Chueca


The (younger) sister restaurant of La Hummusería, Falafeleria opened in 2018. The restaurant boasts homemade artisan fresh falafel, pita breads and hummus too. All of their ingredients are 100% fresh, no preservatives, no additives and are absolutely delicious. They offer a rnage of different pitas or you can also make your own. They also have some instagram worthy middle eastern bowls, homemade ice tea and lemonade and of course kombuca!

Address: C. de Rodríguez San Pedro, 25, 28015

Metro: San Bernardo

Address: C. de Sta. Bárbara, 4, 28004

Metro: Chueca

Address: Calle Santa Isabel 28, Madrid, 28012

Metro: Antón Martín


Starting out in a stall in a food market in Madrid which they quickly outgrew MadMadVegan is worth the hype for sure. Obviously they’re all about burgers but they also offer a variety of starters like tequeños, “chicken” nuggets and nachos. Their cajun fries and the mad tacos are definitely worth a mention too. If you are thinking of heading on the weekend it’s best to reserve a table as this place gets super packed and it’s easy to see why! You can check out their menu here and of course everything is 100% plant based!

Address: Calle Pelayo 19, 28004

Metro: Chueca

Address: Calle Lavapiés 16, 28012

Metro: Lavapiés


Surprised to see Burger King on this list? us too! However, Burger King has opened a temporary 100% vegetarian restaurant in Madrid. As part of a marketing campaign for their new vegetarian menu across Spain the global fast food chain has opened up a vegetarian only location which will be themed and decorated like a park. Check it out while you can!

Address: P.º del Prado, 26, 28014

Metro: Estación del Arte

Thunder Vegan Food

Another vegan burger spot that is super popular in Madrid is Thunder Vegan Food which their motto is “powered by plants”. This place offers the typical burgers which can be served with vegan fried chicken or their beyond meat alongside  their famous dirty fries and of course their tater tots. They also offer two set menus that offer a burger, fries and a drink! They also have some delicious deserts like Oreo brownies and of course the classic chocolate chip cookies.

Address: Calle Don Felipe, 4 28004

Metro: Tribunal

Masa Madre Vegan

This vegan bakery and take away which also offers catering services for all intolerances and allergies. They specialise in Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine using local products and of course everything is vegan too. Their menu includes an incredible variety from Kentucky cauliflower wings to homemade croquettes. Their 100% vegan pizzas are also a hit too including the chefs special, bbq and carbonara! If you are looking for somewhere new that has a lot of variety this place is definitely for you! They also offer a menu of the day from Monday to Friday from 12 – 3 which includes 2 plates and a desert for €9.00 or €8.50 if you bring your own Tupperware.

Address: Avda. Hispanidad 12, 28943

Metro: La Serna

Greek and Shop

Unlike the other restaurants Greek and Shop doesn’t solely sell vegan/vegetarian food but they have some mouth watering options. They offer everything from pitas to empanadas and of course gyros too. We also need to give a special mention to their deserts too. Based in Malasaña this place is a foodie hotspot so make sure you get yourself down there it is also great value for money too!

Address: Corre. Alta de San Pablo, 9, 28004 Madrid

Metro: Tribunal

Viva Burger

Yes! Another burger place. However this is slightly different and ever more mouth watering. They have the classics like mushrooms and blue cheese like the Arab burger which has falafel, orange, plums, walnuts and a peppermint sauce this burger will definitely stand out from the rest. They also offer some delicious salads, wraps and of course deserts for those that have that sweet tooth like us!

Address: Cost.ª de San Andrés, 16, 28005 Madrid

Metro: La Latina

Delish Vegan Doughnuts

Last but by no means least Delish Vegan Doughnuts! We saved the desert for last of course. This place is one that’s not to be missed especially when they have new flavours every month. With flavours like carrot cake, brownie bomb, snickers and peanut butter jelly this place is a show stopper! For those of you who don’t have a sweet tooth like me, they even offer some savoury options like garlic bread, cream cheese and pistachio cherry.

Address: C. Cristo, 3, 28015 Madrid

Metro: Noviciado

Address: Corre. Alta de San Pablo, 12, Local Derecho, 28004 Madrid

Metro: Tribunal


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