Chueca is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Madrid, especially amongst the LBGT and LBGT-friendly community, and is renowned for its bars and clubs.

To help you celebrate Pride, we’ve chosen some of the best restaurants in Chueca, so that you can charge your batteries before walking and dancing around the city. Keep on reading!


La Hummuseria

If you are into healthy food, then this gastro bar located in Calle Hernán Cortés, 8 is the perfect place for you. Owned by two Israelis, this place offers amazing salads and different types of hummus. A great choice if you feel like eating authentic international food that’s a great price and fantastic quality.


/ M

This restaurant has reinvented Peruvian street food, mixing traditional flavours from this country with Asian typical ingredients. Here you’ll be able to enjoy everything from Ceviche to noodles with seafood. Don’t forget to order a Pisco Sour, a typical Peruvian drink and finish you meal with a tres leches chocolate dessert.


San Wich

Have you ever tried Chilean cousine? If not then now is your chance! San Wich is a Chilean restaurant located near the Plaza de Chueca and here you will find a wide variety of sandwiches, for example with meat, avocado, tomato and mayonnaise, or empanadas. If you want to drink a cocktail before going out, order a Piscola. You won’t regret it.



If you are looking for something exotic, then this definitely is your place. Their offer has oriental and Latin influence that ranges from gyosas to pizza and vegetarian carpaccio, but you can also find several types of tapas. Not only do they serve lunch and dinner, but they also have a great American breakfast.

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