The best way to experience a city that never sleeps is with a group of friends who never sleep 😉 All of our graduates form great relationships during their TEFL course but after a few months most branch out and meet some locals as well. That is when you’ll start getting invited to dinner – at midnight! There are pub crawls, language exchanges (Intercambio), football games, dance clubs, themed nights, parties after work, and events specifically for foreigners. The list is never-ending…! If you want to enjoy the cultural experiences that Madrid has to offer, don’t miss the free cinema sessions, visits to the Matadero de Madrid (a cultural center that used to be the slaughterhouse), reading events, going to Veranos de la Villa for theatre and music, street art, and the museums. We could name 1,000 more activities and still have room for more!

Madrid also has a simple, accessible transportation system. The metro opens at &:05 am and closes at 2:00 am. Buses cover every part of the city and there are also night buses called “buhos”, so you never have to leave the party before it’s over! If you love the outdoors, the city has recently started a bike renting service that can be found throughout Madrid, which allows you to enjoy the beauty of the city and the wonderful sunny weather at your own pace. The ‘Sierra de Madrid’ (the mountain range) is easily accessible by public transport with lots of hiking trails. Check out all the places you can visit using our transport card! 

Our ideal weekend in Madrid:

Friday ‘Fiesta’

Tapas (bite-size Spanish food) is the perfect way to kick off your weekend at one of the beautiful markets, such as San Miguel, San Antón, or the newest trendy market, San Ildefonso, which is ideal for anyone who enjoys the hustle and bustle of the city and the combination of modern and traditional. For those who are on a tighter budget, or those who prefer something more traditional, we highly recommend checking out the more typical, smaller bars spread throughout the ‘barrios’ (neighborhoods) of Madrid. Homemade food is a key feature of these places. Go to a large busy street, turn right then left, and another right and you will be right in the middle of a ‘barrio’ with local places all around you!

After tapas, it’s the ideal time to go home and take a Spanish siesta to prepare for dinner with friends at around 10 pm.  Most restaurants don’t open until 9 pm so it is normal to have a late-night, lazy dinner over the weekend. If you’ve got the energy, and fancy dancing off some of the food, there are hundreds of clubs and discos to explore until the very early hours of the morning, but you shouldn’t show up before 2 am or they will be empty. To end the night right, stop in for churros and chocolate on your way home, a delicious treat after a big night out.

Saturday ‘Social’

Saturday morning (or afternoon, if you had a late night) is a great time for brunch. Some of the top brunch places in the city for you to try are Carmencita Bar, La Verbena, Federal, and Roll Madrid. Be sure to delve into the rich culture of Madrid by visiting one of the world-renowned museums El Prado or Reina Sofía, and check out a cabaret, play, or zarzuela (Spanish opera) with amazing discounts that you can find on Átrapalo. Check out a comedy or improv show at the BeerStation, or experience a live music gig at La Riviera.

Sunday ‘Siesta’

Sunday is a lazy day for family and friends.  We recommend going for a walk in the morning in the “Madrid de las Austrias” area, visiting one of the many museums in Madrid, or simply having a picnic in Retiro Park.  Later, meet up with friends for lunch in La Latina, one of the most stylish neighborhoods with some of the best bars in Madrid. Top off your Sunday at dinner in the multicultural neighborhood of Lavapiés, where you can taste all types of cheap and tasty ethnic foods and watch an authentic flamenco show at El Juglar.

How to have fun in Madrid

Every day is an adventure in Madrid. It’s a city full of surprises, contrast, and variety. We’re sure that once you explore and become familiar with this magnificent city, you’ll never want to leave!

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