Online learning has positively changed the TEFL market post COVID 19 and it seems like this trend is here to stay.  Online learning is convenient for students and gives teachers access to students from across the world and they can literally teach from anywhere! Many teachers first begin teaching English precisely because they are interested in traveling. Often, this also means you´ll be able to set your schedule and the type of classes you want to teach. Of course, there are major differences between online learning and face-to-face learning; however, our TEFL course has considered all of this in order to make sure teachers who graduate from our program are fully prepared and confident to teach both ways.


Real World Experience

Without a doubt, the best and most important part of the course is the 6 teaching practices trainees are required to complete. These lessons are 55 minutes each and are taught to real language learners; young learners or adults, general or business English, and one-to-one or group classes, it all depends on your preferences and interests.

We prepare you to create and execute your own dynamic materials– from textbooks, by providing topics, and finally, based on whatever most interests you. We encourage you to teach a grammar class, a vocabulary class, and even a phonetics class within your 6 lessons so that you have as much experience as possible in applying all types of learning content online.

You also get the chance to observe an additional 6 classes of teaching practices. This means that you´ll learn from your peers (and them from you) as you encounter new challenges together. This is an essential aspect of teaching practices as it leaves you with an even better understanding of how classes will be and to see different teaching styles.

We know from experience that the first class is always the hardest one, but we are always here and ready to make the lives of our trainees easier. Before you start teaching your own classes, we want to ensure that you are ready and feel confident using online platforms. That’s why we schedule 15-minute individual sessions with all trainees, to play around with all the features and practice sharing screens and materials, connecting with students, and camera and mic controls.

Teaching Kids

Online classes are also beneficial for busy children, or for young learners who’s parents might have busy scheduels.  We´ve broken down our kids classes to best reflect the market, offering the option to teach Teens (13-18), Upper Primary (8-12), and Little Kids (5-8).

We´ve also made sure that each of the inputs we cover includes all the necessary changes for a young learners’ class. This includes learning about exams for young learners, classroom management, teaching skills, soft skills, and example lessons with kids and teens in addition to our lessons, which are entirely dedicated to kids.

Adapted Material

We are constantly making sure that the content of our course is as reflective of the current teaching world and that it is effective when it comes to preparing our trainees for both in-person and online English classes. This is why we constantly adapt and update it. We provide a complete digital library for our students to use and take into consideration all types of circumstances you might be put into while teaching and how best to address them. We also prepare you for interviews online, including CV revision and preparation for how the job application process goes with major companies.


Keeping it Fun

Finally, what has always been extremely important to us is making sure that any type of learning experience you have at our school is positive, engaging, and fun. We believe that when our teachers have an amazing experience during the course, they are more likely to be excellent as teachers. This is why we are constantly trying to bring smiles and fun to the class. Availability and support is also extremely important aspect of the course, this is why we are available for support sessions every day, before or after class starts. Our goal is to ensure that your introduction to the world of ESL is as enjoyable as possible and we do our best to help you become the best teacher you can be.

If you want to chat about the current TEFL job market and your options, reach out to Kelsea, our Program Coordinator (via our website or [email protected]). She knows all there is to know about TEFL and will be able to help you decide if the course or even just teaching English, in general, is for you.