Teaching English as Foreign Language is a great profession for moms in Madrid that want to mix a flexible timetable with a challenging career. It can often be difficult to go back to the long hours and stressful environment of pre-baby careers, yet parents, especially moms, crave the need for both financial and emotional independence.

At TtMadrid we have seen plenty of new parents coming through our doors. For many, it could have been years since they had to focus on just themselves and responsibilities outside the home. For some, after trying to return to their old career, they realize that they need to dedicate themselves to a more family-friendly profession. English teaching can be the ideal career choice for those looking to juggle family responsibilities and professional goals.

Here is why TEFL could be exactly what you’re looking for in a profession:

Flexible timetable

Parents often struggle to commit to the standard 9-5 timetable and need something that can fit in around their children’s schedule – later starts or early finishes are nearly impossible while trying to develop professionally. As an English teacher in Madrid, you are your own boss. You can decide your timetable; when, where and for how many hours you work per day.

Professional satisfaction

From pronunciation coaching to business communication classes with CEOs; teaching English does not always mean repeating verb tenses to kids. Teaching English as a Foreign Language can become a long-term career, with excellent progression and diversity. Find out more about professional opportunities for teaching English in Madrid.

Great connections

You will have tons of friends and contacts that are looking for English classes for themselves or their children. Once they find out that you’re working as an English teacher, you’ll be bombarded with requests for classes.

You’re in demand!

Students, academies and schools often feel that parents make the best English teachers. Why? They think that parents tend to be more mature, more reliable, more responsible and take teaching more seriously. They often have a car, as well, and live outside the center so are able to take classes in areas that are less popular among other teachers.

Teach from anywhere at anytime

With the increase in online learning, it’s now super easy to start teaching online. There are plenty of companies that offer classes through Skype or FaceTime, so you can teach from your living room, or even while you’re on holiday.

Want to know more about our TEFL course as a parent? TtMadrid offers flexible, part-time TEFL courses that could be just what you’re looking for – enquire now for more information.