It is time to celebrate Lazy Day by doing just that, absolutely nothing. So relax and let us give you the perfect lazy day activity to do with your ESL students today.

Did you know that self-confident people tend to be less lazy than people who are unconfident about themselves? According to Psychology today (print out article for each student and read), a person with self confidence is often thinking of what the outcomes of his or her actions might be if s/he decides to get tasks done and therefore is more capable to overcome natural laziness. For the rest of who have a harder time to get things done is not mostly because of their laziness, but because they have not found anything they are interested in doing.

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The overall concept of laziness can be perceived different in the eyes of different people depending on the culture and background of a person. For example, ancient ancestors believed that they had to conserve energy to compete for resources or fight an enemy. If a person would waste their energy on something inefficient, it would be perceived as jeopardizing their survival energy. Interesting right?

Once, you’ve read the article in class, speak about the concept of being lazy and differentiate how it was perceived by our ancestors. Here are some questions you might want to discuss:

What are the perceptions of being lazy in your culture?

Would you ever get tired of being lazy?

What are some phrases you can call a person who enjoys being lazy?

Lazy day is a great day for you to treat yourself with a massage or catch up on your sleep.  Having some ¨me time¨ for yourself can benefit your body to restore some energy for future work days. Sit down and relax while you sing along to the famous Lazy Song by Bruno Mars to get you ready to NOT do anything.