Ongoing Professional Development Training (OPD)

English Teachers TEFL CourseTtMadrid doesn’t just train teachers to start their career as an English teacher, we are also passionate about continuous learning and ongoing professional development. To help you to continue to progress as a teacher, we have a range of ongoing professional development courses all focusing on different areas.

These are held throughout the year on Friday afternoons. The trainers are both TtMadrid trainers and external trainers who have extensive experience in the ESL teaching market.

Price per module: Free for TtMadrid grads on the current visa program, 30€ for all other TtMadrid graduates and 40€ for non-TtMadrid teachers.

The OPD courses are included in the Spanish, Teaching and Cultural Immersion Program and the LifeStyle Visa Program. All TtMadrid graduates are welcome, as well as non-Tt teachers!

Time: Fridays 15:30-18:30

To sign up click here or email Helen at


 Date  Course
21 April Business Communication Skills            

  • A great course on how to teach business communication skills to your students
  • This will include telephone, email, formal/informal etc
  • If you have limited business experience, this is the perfect course so give you the confidence, tools and materials to plan and execute professional classes with your business students
28 April Jolly Phonics

  • Introduction to teaching synthetic phonics (a system to teach children to read and write in English)
  • This is a winner with parents and fun for the kids
  • Highly recommended if you teach kids between 4 and 7 
5 May Teaching through Skype

  • The demand for Skype classes continues to rise as students demand more flexibility to study English
  • This course will help you to plan classes, create materials and generally feel more comfortable taking on these types of classes
  • A very practical course so you can deliver high quality classes to every type of student
19 May Phonetics

  • This OPD is a must for those serious about teaching English
  • Students of every level can benefit greatly from phonetics
  • It will helps your students to reduce their accent and be better understood
  • You will leave with the know-how and a host of activities to use in class
26 May Games and Activities for Kids

  • Keeping children motivated and engaged in the classroom is never an easy task but this course will give you the materials and knowledge to become a regular Mary Poppins!
  • This course is focused on primary aged children
  • You will leave the course with list of interactive games and activities to last throughout the year
2 June Getting your S**t Together

  • Being organized makes teaching stress-free and means you spend less time planning (the bit you don’t get paid for)
  • Our organizational guru will get you sorted with how to be more organized, utilize a recycling method for classes and generally feel more in control
  • If you are a stressed teacher, this really is an essential course for you
2 June Classroom Management for Kids

  • We know that classes with children can be very demanding, especially when you are teaching them after a long day at school
  • This course will help you to introduce classroom management technique so your classes are engaging and involve minimal prep. You will have a constant routine in the classroom to focus on teaching, rather than trying to control them!
16 June Summer camp preparation

  • Summer camps are a great way to make money in July and August; but are you really prepared for what you have signed up for?
  • With this course you will go prepared with a backpack of games, activities and creative ideas
  • This course gives you the low down, both good and bad, about what to expect and takes the stress out of those intense summer months.


What does it give you?

‘Before taking the workshop I was intimidated by the idea of creating an intensive course. Now I feel confident that I can put a great course together.’ 

‘Extremely helpful if you ever want to teach an intensive, but also a great way to look at materials from a new perspective.

‘This was really helpful not only from a teaching perspective but also from a personal one. I have a tons of ideas for classroom activities thanks to this course and can’t wait to try them out. – Kaitlyn Bacca

‘Lots of great material for teaching presentation skills’.

‘Take this class as it will certanly give you numerous lessons to teach your Spanish students’

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