If you are an animal lover, then you’ll definitely love Madrid! This city makes it easy for animal owners to enjoy themselves without leaving their pets behind. Every day there are more and more bars and restaurants that allow you to go with your dog as long as you’ve got a leash on them and they are constantly supervised. In the following post, we will tell you about some pet-friendly places in Madrid that you need to visit if you want to grab a drink and take your best furry friend with you!

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Pet-friendly Places in Madrid - Cafe FederalFederal Café

Located in Plaza de Las Comendadoras in Barrio de Conde Duque, Federal Café not only welcomes dogs, but it is the perfect place to go for brunch at any time in the morning. As in any pet-friendly place, before you go in make sure you know the rules so that your dog and you have a great time without any incidents. Enjoy it and be sure to try out their brunch!:)


Pet-friendly Places in Madrid - La infinitoLa infinito

It opens every day from 10:00 until 20:00. La infinito is located in Calle Tres Peces 22, Lavapiés, and here you will be able to enjoy different types of tapas and wine without having to leave your pet at home! The neighborhood is full of fun things to do, so maybe you can go for a walk with your pet and finish the tour in this cozy space.


Pet-friendly Places in Madrid - El Perro y la GalletaEl Perro y la Galleta

Definitely, one of our favorites, this restaurant’s owners love dogs so much that they even decided to put them in their name and interior decoration! It is a beautiful and cool spot next to Retiro and here you will be able to enjoy an awesome menu that includes tacos, salads or cod, among many others, while your dog feels totally at home!


Pet-friendly Places in Madrid - La conservaBar La Conserva

Located near our school, in Calle Marqués de Zafra, you will find this small but cozy bar in which pets are as welcome as you are. Because it is a small place, you need to make sure that you keep your pet supervised at all times. Great food, great service, great prices… can you ask for anything else? You might also want to make a reservation just in-case.


Pet-friendly Places in Madrid - PerrachicaPerrachica

It is one of the trendiest places in Madrid and it is located near Metro Quevedo. Perrachica is the perfect spot for a fancy lunch or dinner out and your pet will be more than welcome. Bear in mind though that this place requires a reservation and when you call, make sure you let them know that you are going with your pet.


Do you know any other pet-friendly places in Madrid? Share them with us! We are looking forward to making fun plans with our pets! Follow us on Facebook and leave your suggestion or comment.