My experience of Living in Madrid

Experience in Madrid - RahulThe best thing about Madrid by far is how hospitable the people here are! I visited Madrid for the first time in 2014 while doing a Euro trip and was surprised by how at home I felt. There are plenty of cities with beautiful architecture and delicious gastronomy, as well as fantastic nightlife but what sets Madrid apart is that it has all of this and super friendly people.

Coming from any big city in India you feel the array of cultural similarities that the Spanish people share with us. They are very social, love to talk a lot, are passionate about food and always up for a celebration. Another advantage is that you won’t miss the Indian festivals as there is a close-knit Indian community in Madrid; I celebrated Holi three times in 2017 just to give you an idea! Apart from my family and friends, the thing I miss the most about India is the spicy Indian food. So do learn to cook well before you start your journey and pack in a lot of spices, although there are plenty of Indian restaurants run by Indians in the capital.

My experience in Madrid doing TEFL

Leaving everything back home and moving to a new country is not an easy task. I was working in India’s best online travel company when I decided to quit my job and move to Madrid to start teaching English. I am proud to say that I made a great choice with TtMadrid, they have made this transition seem very easy and worth the effort. They have an amazing support system to help you with the visa process. Once you are in Madrid they walk you through all the initial paperwork and formalities. The TEFL course has been designed by professionals who have taught for years and have incorporated their experience and techniques into the curriculum. You feel the quality when you are doing the course and see yourself transform during the practice sessions. Another mark of their quality is that most of the TEFL teachers you would meet in Madrid have graduated from TtMadrid. The support continues after the TEFL course finishes as they send out your CV to numerous academies they have contact with and give you a lot of tips for interviews. Natasha, the owner is very approachable and helpful. She has an amazing team of professionals and an equally amazing work culture that gives out a very positive vibe whenever you are at the academy. If you are thinking of coming to Spain I would vouch for TtMadrid to minimize the risk factor and have a smooth transition.

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My experience in Madrid learning Spanish

Rahul's Experience in MadridLAE Madrid (TtMadrid’s partner Spanish academy) has been vital to my journey in Spain! Learning Spanish quickly is the most important thing when you want to integrate and enjoy your life in Madrid. The teachers at LAE are very efficient at doing just that. Within one year I have reached an intermediate level and can easily have conversations.

Their methodology is very effective as they use a lot of games and audiovisuals to impart their knowledge and your mind learns a lot more while you are having fun.

The best thing I learnt at LAE is to start thinking in Spanish and not to translate my sentences from English. I would recommend LAE Madrid to anyone who wants to have a strong foundation in Spanish and learn while they enjoy the language.


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