A few weeks back we’ve talked about some of the best TEFL books to teach grammar and vocabulary. Now it the time has come to give some attention to the TEFL textbooks. There are lots of those on the market, and you may feel a little bit lost where to begin and what textbook is good for what skills, below are some of the best and up to date books currently on the market.

Stand Out

This is a great book, coming in six levels, and focusing on real-life topics and themes that lend themselves to the National Geographic for its footage. Each section has short episodes that reinforce the themes and vocabulary in each unit. The book also does a great job of linking to the online workbook, meaning it’s easy for the teacher to blend technology with the textbook in the classroom.

TEFL Textbooks - Cutting Edge & English FileCutting Edge & English File

These textbooks are arguably the most popular in the Spanish ESL market. The main write of Cutting Edge, Peter Moor, was an ESL teacher in Madrid for over a decade, and you can really tell when using the book how geared it is towards the Spanish student learning English. English File is also edited specifically for the Spanish market in mind (the outline of the Iberian Peninsula clearly outlined on the front of the book!). Both of these books are in their third edition and have done a great job of keeping up with current trends. Your students are guaranteed to love either!

TEFL Textbooks - HeadwayHeadway                                         

This is a classic amongst the TEFL textbooks and has been running for over 30 years and is now up to its fifth edition; an impressive feat for an ESL textbook. Arguably a little more grammar heavy than its above, the book has really proven that it can keep up with the times and its publisher, Oxford University Press, has created an impressive online platform to offer teacher support. As it’s such a well-established book, some students may be reluctant to use it as they may think they’ve seen all the material in the past, but the books have been updated massively so you shouldn´t have a problem with this in the classroom!

TEFL Textbooks - National Geographic Kids ReadersNational Geographic Kids Readers

When it comes to young learners, this collection (comprising of 4 publications) really is unbeatable. National Geographic has achieved the feat of blending history and amazing photography, keeping children engaged throughout while learning English. This one is an absolute must for children!


Stay tuned for the final part of our Best TEFL Books series that’s coming soon!