TEFL Changed my lifeName: Alina

Nationality: Romanian

Studies: Degree in Philology, English and Arabic and Master’s Degree in Intercultural Communication

Years in Madrid: 3

 TtMadrid Course: September 2015

I was already teaching back home in Romania and I really wanted to take things to the next level, travel and explore other cultures and languages. I knew some Spanish so I decided that Madrid would be the ideal place to start my new life with.

After finishing my TEFL course, I worked as a kindergarten teacher, in companies and as a head teacher at an academy, before joining the team at TtMadrid.

Being able to make it here in Madrid on my own, find a stable job, meet the high standards of my employers and have a great quality of life has been one of the greatest gifts that the TEFL course has given me. In addition, TEFL led me to meet the most incredible man, so what more could I ask for? I am in an excellent period of my life and I’m enjoying every day of my life to the max!

Some of the things I have learnt from this experience… Never say no to new opportunities, to meeting new people, to change and to being out of your comfort zone.

What do you love most about Madrid?

Lovely people, amazing food culture, perfect weather, safe and multicultural city … I mean the list is never-ending.

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