The TEFL course is changing the lives of people from all around the globe!

Now, we have Dianne who experienced a total life change after deciding to come over to Madrid to do  the TEFL.

Name: Dianne

Nationality: Connecticut, but grew up in Maryland, USA

Studies: BA in English and a BS in Sociology/Criminal Justice,

MAT in Secondary English and an MA in Literature (African American literature specifically)

Years in Madrid: 1

TtMadrid Course: August 2017

After getting bitten by the travelling bug when visiting Rome, I decided I wanted to do a TEFL and live and work abroad. After a family holiday to Madrid, I knew that it was the perfect destination for me to live out my dream.

Living in Madrid has enabled me to travel all over Europe and discover so many beautiful places. The city is well-connected, and it’s so cheap to hop on a plane or train and spend the weekend in a new place.

Within Spain I have been to Toledo, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Segovia, Valencia, Granada, Salamanca, plus several small, quaint towns.  In Europe I have visited Venice, London, and Amsterdam, and this summer alone will go on vacation to Italy, London, and Croatia.

I have been on a journey of self-discovery since I arrived, and I’ve discovered that I am much more resilient than I ever imagined. I believe it takes a certain type of person to pack up your life, and move to a foreign country where you speak very little of the language.

This is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life; Madrid is now my home and I’m planning to be here for the long-run.

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