Moving to Spain

Moving to Spain – Make your transition as easy as possible

Moving to a new city can be both exciting and scary. Double that when you’re moving into a new culture with a different language. While moving to Spain can seem daunting at first, you can sleep easy knowing TtMadrid will make your transition to Madrid as easy as possible. As all our graduates can guarantee, integrating into a new society is much easier with a support structure around you.

Let’s break it down. What do you need to get you started in Madrid?


Job Interview English TeacherAll our graduates get work, it’s as simple as that, and we will make sure the same is true for you. At the end of the course, we do a resume/CV preparation workshop and review your CV until we are all 100% satisfied it is as ‘teaching agency’ friendly as possible. Throughout the course we constantly talk about the types of jobs that are available and we do a job workshop. This will explain how different jobs work from teaching children to adults, privately, in academy, in company, and within school programs. We discuss good and bad offers and how to accept jobs that make the most of your time and money. We then have a Q&A session so that you can ask as many questions as you want.

In the final week, your CV goes out to over 300 schools, academies and agencies; and then your phone starts ringing. If you go for an interview and need help deciding if the offer is right for you, then you can get in touch with us and we can offer you advice. The majority of the time you will be offered a range of different jobs and it is hard to choose. We ALWAYS have the time to talk through the options with you. We can’t make up your mind for you but we can give you our opinions.

Every day we send out a Jobs Alert via email. Most of the teaching agencies and schools we work with use this free service, where they send their job information to us and we send it out to all our graduates. If you have that slot free, you get in contact and go for an interview. Most of the time there are 5 or 6 jobs in each email.

ALL of our graduates get work because we make sure you are the best-prepared TEFL teachers in Madrid (and we have the contacts to ensure you’re first on the pile of CVs that come in for each position!).


You will get an instant social network from your course and past graduates. By doing a course in the country you want to teach in, you will meet new friends on your course. Graduates are also constantly popping into the school to prepare for their classes, get advice, or just catch up. They always have time to have a chat and give you a bit of moral support.

A bank account

We can give you all the advice you need to open a bank account, we can even recommend friendly, English-speaking banks!


TEFL Course Madrid SpainMadrid has one of the best and cheapest transport systems in Europe and we will teach you how to use it and advise you on how to get a monthly ticket which will save you a fortune.


There are certain numbers and documentation that you will need to get after your arrival. We will make the appointments for you and give you the paperwork and make sure you know how to go about it all.

With all these things taken care of, what’s stopping you from Moving to Spain?

So take the plunge, we guarantee you won’t regret it. Think of the excitement you’ll feel once you’re settled and wake up one morning, saying to yourself, “I live in Spain!”.

What do our graduates say?

Troy and I want to express our extreme gratitude towards everyone there that has helped out in our transition from the US to Madrid. As you are aware, and reminded on a monthly basis, it is a very scary experience moving to Spain from the comforts of home to a life that is completely unknown and foreign to even imagine. Of course, we all have our own mental or fairytale versions as to what it may be like to live and work in Madrid, but all of you have allowed that transition for us a success.

With over 30 email correspondences before we actually left the states I felt confident in TtMadrid. Although we had not firmed up a place to stay, I knew that once we arrived we shouldn’t have any problems with locating and acquiring a living situation that was acceptable to our needs, not only as a couple, but as a gay couple. Coming from the US and dealing with the negativity of our relationship we are very protective of our lifestyle and very private about it. We didn’t want shared living, and TtMadrid was able to find us exactly what we wanted and in the locality we were interested in—a private two-bedroom apartment that is just minutes from the school and the business district. We wanted an extra room for visitors, and that is what we received. We are very pleased that it took less than one week to do everything necessary to move in.

Granted, our first week after moving to Spain was a whirlwind of jetlag, setting up bank accounts, acquiring our cell phones, signing an apartment lease, and getting used to the foreign way of life. We are so glad we took some time ahead of the course starting to get these things done. Not that it can’t be done during the school time, but having many years of experience as a business management professional, I like things to progress through a certain process, especially when they can be under my control.

The things that Troy and I are most pleased and surprised with was to the extent that the employees there at TtMadrid went to make sure we were taken care of. Of course your website states that you will assist with moving to Spain, but TtMadrid went far above our expectations. Rae took us to the bank and to the cellular store to purchase and set up cellular accounts. She translated everything for us and helped us to make educated decisions based on her experiences and what our future goals are. Senida took us to the apartment to initially view it, and yet again, she took us to the apartment at the time of lease signing for translation purposes, as the landlord doesn’t speak or write any English.

Of course it is amazing to be able to pull information and advice from all the employees with so many years of experience from within this field and having their own personal experiences with moving to Madrid—you can’t go wrong with TtMadrid. The customer service is way beyond what was expected, and very much appreciated.

Thanks again,
Brian Paul & Troy