I can’t believe we’re already on Week 3 od TtMadrid’s TEFL course!

Day 11

I had my second teaching lesson today and taught a C1 class. It went really well and I’m happy with the feedback. I have two more teaching lessons this week, one of which has a rough outline and the other I need to look up some information first. Our group project is due next Monday, but luckily my group has been on top of that. So, at the moment I feel good about the workload and feel on track with everything. I think once I get something nailed down for my third lesson on Thursday I’ll feel even better. It’s nice that part of our class schedule includes time to work on lesson planning and meeting with a teacher to get some feedback and know we’re writing those up correctly.

Day 12

I was feeling pretty confident in phonetics but it got a lot harder today talking about intonations and writing (with the phonetic symbols) how we say things versus how we think we say them. For example, a lot of us in class say “It’s no joke” as ” ‘snow joke.” If that makes sense. If not, come take this course! haha 😀

Day 13

Today was the first day I felt a bit behind on things because I have three teaching lessons this week and tomorrow is the first class that I need to prepare original materials for. (Plus, one of my roommates is moving out so I’ve been having to help out with showing people around.) However, I finally got a schematic together, met with one of our teachers and felt a lot better about it. I’ve just finished working on it today, so I feel back on track. We meet tomorrow with one of our advisers for a check in on our group project and also for our individual assignments. Let’s go!